Vic and Blood The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog Trade paperback collection color reprints

  • Title: Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog
  • Author: Harlan Ellison Richard Corben
  • ISBN: 9780743459037
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trade paperback collection, color reprints.

    • ô Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Harlan Ellison Richard Corben
      363 Harlan Ellison Richard Corben
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    One thought on “Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog”

    1. Znam znam to je Harlan i dobila je priča sve moguće i nemoguće nagrade. Vjerojatno je vremenski odmak u pitanju. Priča je vrlo oštra, jednosmjerna i šovinistička, brutalna i ostavljena na samo "id" čovječnosti. Kraj je odličan i zbog toga vrijedi pročitati, no gnjavila me sredina i taj neki zaplet Ali simpatično orginalna priča koja mi se svidjela, ali nije me izbacila iz cipela. Sviđa mi se fora komandosa s telepatijom i psima pomagačima (mislim totalno otkidam na pse i da mi že [...]

    2. A Boy and His Dog has long been one of my favorites, and I liked the film pretty well, too. This is a pretty good -if overly abbreviated- adaptation, along with two other very short stories set in the overall narrative. (It seems unlikely that Ellison will ever finish the final novel version he envisaged, which is a shame.) I was never a big Richard Corben fan, his muddy underground-komix style is a vibe that wears thin fast for me, but I enjoyed reading this one. Perhaps it helps to make clear [...]

    3. Would've rated higher but if I wasn't deeply disturbed by the story.Misogyny, rape, violence abound. Hard to stomach but I haven't read anything like it. It was quite a page-turner. Now excuse me while I puke.

    4. Man's best friend, through wasted lands, no matter what happens or the ones who could come between them. A sci-fi wasteland and the travels of a boy and his dog. A very sad story but Interesting read.

    5. Okay, here is what this book is: Harlan Ellison wrote a short piece of fiction that was supposed to be the beginning of a novel. (This was made into a movie, but I didn't see the movie, so that doesn't concern me at the moment.) Then he wrote a bit of a prologue to that. Then, when this particular edition of the book was in the works, he wrote another short piece, which is also supposed to be the beginning of the eventual novel. We'll see if he actually ever completes it. Although I really don't [...]

    6. I am a fan of the film ‘A Boy and his Dog’, which was adapted from the book, ‘Vic and Blood’. The book is slightly different from the film and in all honesty ~ better, especially the ending of the film which Harlan Ellison hated and I can see why. Blood the dog is telepathically connected to Vic, a young boy who survives with Blood’s help in the vast wasteland following numerous wars, Blood’s telepathy was inherited from an experiment on his ancestors, he is unable to do what dogs sh [...]

    7. While the story inspired a movie and could be credited with helping establish the whole post-apocalyptic desert roaming-beyond the end-black humor-no morality quest genre, A Boy And His Dog was not a story to enjoy. Told through the eyes of lone wanderer Vic, this tale of gratuitious violence, rape, sadism, masochism and collective masturbation is, at the end of the day - pointless. The characters inspire nothing but vague disinterest and when the story ends with a "shocking" twist, you are so, [...]

    8. A Boy and His Dog, was by far one of the strangest and most influential movies of my youth. The post-apocalyptic world where teenage gangs with psychic dogs fight in the nuclear wastelands for food by day, and spend the nights watching pornos in the burnt-out shells of movie theatres, while the middle class has moved underground into a 1950s negative utopia complete with clown make-up, oom-pah bands, and robot guards that try to steal Don Johnson's sperm really took hold of my imagination in the [...]

    9. I can acknowledge the strong voice, sardonic tone, vivid actions and so on, but the main character is an utter douche nozzle. Teen boys might love his ruthless sexual misogyny (rape and such), but as a father of a daughter, I just don't get it.

    10. I first heard of Vic and Blood the same way a lot of people did - through the movie that kept being played during the early '80's on the Cinemax channel. I was intrigued and appalled, and, while it wasn't my first taste of dystopia, it did make an impression - I wanted a Blood of my own. Telepathic, talking dogs? How cool. And I also noticed whose work the movie was based on - Harlan Ellison, he of the many Hugo awards, gently mocked by Isaac Asimov, teller of stories that alternately creeped me [...]

    11. A little bit torn on this one as it made me so queasy sometimes that it was hard to click a button that said "Liked it" or "Really liked it." But the stories were well-told, and the main characters/narrators (the stories are told first-person, with the narrators switching off) were engaging -- especially Blood, the dog.I'm not sure whether I'm going to read the novel that's excerpted here, "Blood's a Rover" (if it even is ever finished, which I guess it hasn't been yet). On the one hand I wanted [...]

    12. I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic stories. Mad Max, The Fallout series, The Road and many more. I just can't enough of a depiction of a world destroyed and where rules are a thing of the past.Here, I began to recognize the inspiration this novella had on the genre. George Miller (director of Mad Max series) has said himself that the film adaptation of this is was what inspired the concepts for Mad Max and the vision of a post-apocalyptic future.Granted it is brief after all. If you've ever play [...]

    13. As a foreword this one opens with the author's comment in giant caps "Vic never touched the meat" as in referring to something the movie adaptation did, that he personally finds awful blah blah blahOnly picked this up for the novella sections. The comic isn't very good looking, the illustrations that pop up in middle of the prose are fine tho! How does that even make sense?Eggsucker is technically a prequel, 'cept it was written 2nd and kinda isn't as goodRun, Spot, Run was yeah Giant Mutated S [...]

    14. This was positively frightening, shocking. I can only imagine reaction to the short story when it was first published. I can see how the story possibly influenced some of my favorite books. I can not believe I found this by chance. I had never heard of it, not the story or the movie, and I had no idea what to expect. I mean, the title is decieving. Highly, highly recommended but I'm not sure how someone who has read the story will feel about the art. I found it fitting, the darkness and tones se [...]

    15. Ahh, nothing like some vintage trope-setting post-apocalypse. With a mildly telepathic (?) dog, and a completely horrid human stain of a main character. Vic is a rapist asshole but the story wouldn't really be any fun otherwise! And somehow did not see that ending coming, which probly why it was so damn enjoyablePS: would have probly been more shocked if was 20 years younger and living at least 30 years ago. Just sayin'

    16. Holy crap, let me first say that of you're a fan of the Fallout games, this is a must read. Raiders, mutants, underground vaults all before Mad Max was made. The reason the dog in Fallout is named "Dogmeat" is because of this short story. It's a shame it will likely never see a conclusion though

    17. Short read. Could have been longer highlighting some more adventures of Vic and Blood. A lot of people react on the content's mysogyny, sex, and violence, but hello??? This was set in a dystopian post-war America--you can't possibly expect everyone to hold onto their morals when survival is at stake.

    18. the language grated a bit, great central idea, I'm probably glad that I can't communicate with my dog telepathically. shame it was such a short book, good twist at the end that I should of seen coming

    19. 'A Boy and His Dog' was recommended by a coworker. Although I own the 50 year Ellison anthology, this is the first of his work I've read. Interesting stuff. I skipped the poorly illustrated graphic novel adaptions in favor of the actual stories.

    20. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the future, a boy and his psychic dog try to survive the day-to-day. The story that helped inspire the game series "fallout" is a really fun read, the worst part is that it wasn't longer. A must read for any fan of post-apocalyptic survival!

    21. if you like a boy and his dog, dont read this. its supposed to be a continuation, but its a rewrite as well. i dont know if it was because people considered the story chauvinist, but he takes back everything i loved about the original story.

    22. yeesh. a bit brutal, wot?i'd never read this in any format, but am always a fan of mr. ellison. his introduction is alone worth the price of admission, as it were. i am now on a mission to locate the don-johnson's-first-role movie version, preferably on laser disc or beta. yeah, baaaby.

    23. Wow. Twisted. Are we supposed to like the story? We at the Take Me To Your Reader reviewed the book and film: listen in here!

    24. Very original and very disturbing turn of events in a post-apocalyptic world. The scenes are still vivid in my mind.

    25. I didn't even read the illustrated version. I have a copy of E-Reads version. I also have a nice introduction that kind of counteracts everyone's critiques of it all.

    26. Ah, Harlan Ellison. What is there to say? Enfant terrible of his genre. Now a really cranky old man. But he can write. God in Heaven, the man can write.

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