Allergic Girl Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies Food allergies affect nearly million people in the United States including in children under the age of three Allergic Girl offers the reader practical and helpful advice for identifying and

  • Title: Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies
  • Author: Sloane Miller
  • ISBN: 9780470630006
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Food allergies affect nearly 12 million people in the United States, including 1 in 17 children under the age of three Allergic Girl offers the reader practical and helpful advice for identifying and coping with food allergies Sloane Miller s anecdotal commentary about her own food allergy trials and tribulations teaches and directs readers how to live well with food allFood allergies affect nearly 12 million people in the United States, including 1 in 17 children under the age of three Allergic Girl offers the reader practical and helpful advice for identifying and coping with food allergies Sloane Miller s anecdotal commentary about her own food allergy trials and tribulations teaches and directs readers how to live well with food allergies.

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    One thought on “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies”

    1. This is a wonderful book about how to live a full life while dealing with food allergies. I don't personally have life-threatening food allergies, but some of my children do, and I appreciate Sloane Miller's reasoned approached. She presents a pretty serious subject with humor and an upbeat attitude. I also like her techniques for keeping herself safe, which show a lot of graciousness and understanding. Rather than being demanding and nasty (as many mothers seem to be while "advocating" for thei [...]

    2. She uses a lot of really good quotes from books, movies and TV in her book. Having PTSD because of severe allergic reactions, always carrying medicine and having to explain to people what to do in case of an emergency is foreign to me. She even mentions one woman with allergies who, when she discovers she has allergies, she is worried it will plunge her back into anorexia. Sloane encourages fun and honesty, and it seems like she dates a lot! She encourages one to be nice to servers, managers and [...]

    3. This book is fantastically detailed in helping people with food restrictions learn how to live in the scary world of watching what you eat. Having had food allergies my entire life, I appreciate how Sloane talks about both the little and the big challenges that someone with food restrictions experiences. This book is definitely applicable to those with any food restrictions, including celiac disease.

    4. I'd give this 3 stars as a memoir for those who don't have food allergies, and 5 as a practical handbook for those who do.

    5. This book is about many aspects of learning to cope with a chronic illness situation. It's not mainly about grieving the loss of health, but it has many valuable ideas to share to help with grieving loss or change - and these ideas could be applied to good use in other difficult life experiences, whether related to health problems or not. It's a resource if you have allergies, or if you are close to someone who has allergies. I was especially interested in the story she told about having a sever [...]

    6. This was a useful book to understand some of the anxiety that goes into managing food allergies. It helped me (a mom of a tree nut/sesame allergic 6-year-old) and I think it will be very useful for him to read when he grows up so that he can find ways to manage his allergies and participate in normal dating/eating/having fun behaviors. Thank you!

    7. I really enjoyed this book! The main things I took away from this was to never feel ashamed or embarrassed of your food allergies/intolerances and that you CAN enjoy a full life without missing out on experiences that revolve around food. She goes through practical ways to be assertive and get your needs met in lots of different situations and environments. To do this, she explains how to utilize people around you, your friends, family, restaurant workers, doctors as part of your team. Above all [...]

    8. This was an excellent resource for learning how to cope with food allergies and the social situations where they arise. It's written in such a way that the reader can relate to the writer, while still being able to gain the pertinent information. The tips seemed to be very well informed and from people who were used to dealing with severe allergies and their responses to them. It was also great that other anecdotes were included, as to broaden the exposure to different situations where the autho [...]

    9. I liked this book for what it was: helping a person with food allergies understand how to live with it. At times, I felt it was being repetitive, but I understand that Miller was trying to get her point across. Which is important, I realize. This might just feel that way since I've had my food issues for 4 years now, so I'm fairly used to everything she has suggested. She did have amusing stories that helped lighten the tone of the book, while emphasizing the importance of being one's advocate. [...]

    10. As someone who is fairly new to the food allergy thing, I appreciated this book. I loved Sloane's approach to living her life but staying safe, and a lot of her techniques will help me to do the same. Granted, hers are life threatening whereas mine are numerous but not lethal (yet), but she does a great job of teaching people how to advocate for their needs kindly, gently, and effectively. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with food allergies or with children with food allergies. I found the b [...]

    11. This book should be required reading for anyone who suffers from food allergies! As a licensed allergy coach and as someone who has severe food allergies, Sloane Miller really gets how challenging (and often times mortifying) it can be for someone who can't eat out or eat at someone's home or share a holiday meal without a lot of research, questions and anxiety. Miller's tips are practical and useful and she covers such topics as eating safely on business trips, at family functions and at colleg [...]

    12. Part self-help/how-to on food allergies, part memoir of a young woman with life threatening food allergies as she attempts to live a fairly normal everyday life. She definitely brought up a few things I'd never have really thought about; for example, kissing. You can't kiss a man who ate peanuts two or three hours ago if you have severe peanut allergies. Never would have crossed my mind, I guess.This was an interesting down-to-earth read, although it did feel a tad repetitive after a while.

    13. Somehow, this wasn't quite what I expected. Rather than a memoir or biography, most of the book is a how to guide for living with allergies. The advice is wonderful, very down to earth and easy to approach. The reading style is light and easy. But as said, it's more of a how to guide than anything else. I'll be passing it on to my food allergic daughter soon, to help her navigate her high school dating (don't tell my husband I said that) days.

    14. An excellent guide for living life to the fullest with severe food allergies. Sloane gives tips for everything from finding a good doctor to dating. She covers tips on getting started at college and has advice for what to do when a big celebration is coming up. I found this book inspiring and think it would be an excellent resource for anyone with food allergies or celiac disease, or is a parent of someone with food allergies.

    15. I so needed to read this book! And I highly recommended it to anyone living with anaphylaxis! Filled with practical advise and personal anecdotes, Sloane Miller gives the reader an inside look at what it is like to socialize, date, dine out, travel and live with life-threatening food allergies. The journey does not get easier but feeling empowered to 'live in and of the world' is what we all need to embrace.

    16. This caught my eye as a parent of a child with a severe food allergy. This was written for an adult audience on how to navigate life with a severe allergy. The author is passionate about the topic and seems spun and likable. I found the book a little repetitive.

    17. Good attitude toward living in the world with food allergies, but much of her advice and anecdotes doesn't translate to parents of children with multiple allergies. I appreciated her demonstration of assertiveness where her own health is concerned - something I'll be teaching my kids anyway.

    18. It's mostly coping advice and social strategies for people with allergies. It's not a memoir and it's not geared towards family members or friends. The book is quite good at its mission. I'm sure if I had severe food allergies, I would be very grateful for this book.

    19. An absolutely amazing tool for people to use for learning good techniques for getting others to understand about their food allergies. These techniques could also be great for explaining other medical conditions.

    20. For after the diagnosis, a good second step for people with food allergies or for their friends and families. It is about dealing with the realities and challenges of coping with food allergies and the hurdles ahead, with an emphasis on the emotional roller coaster that follows.

    21. A very good guide to navigating relationships (family and friends) while dealing with food allergies. For someone who has anaphylactic allergies, this book is essential, but it has a lot that applies to those with other types of food allergies.

    22. Highly recommend for anyone with aberrant food reactions, or for teachers, employers, health care workers, friends, family.

    23. Great tips for adults who suffer from food allergies/sensitivities - not so much for children with these issues.

    24. This author lives well with her allergies and is very specific about how to live and eat. A valuable book for anyone diagnosed with a food allergy.

    25. I liked her focus on the emotional aspect of allergies. Grieving for food loss and PTSD of emergency situations.

    26. This is a must-read for those with newly discovered food allergies. Very funny and intelligent! I love her blog and restaurant tips.

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