The Dresden Files Collection The Dresden Files Collection Six novels in the New York Times bestselling series featuring Chicago professional wizard Harry Dresden one of the most enjoyable marriages of the fantasy and myst

  • Title: The Dresden Files Collection 7-12
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9781101499801
  • Page: 234
  • Format: ebook
  • The Dresden Files Collection 7 12 Six novels in the 1 New York Times bestselling series featuring Chicago professional wizard Harry Dresden, one of the most enjoyable marriages of the fantasy and mystery genres on the shelves Cinescape Dead Beat Proven Guilty White Night Small Favor Turn Coat Changes

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    One thought on “The Dresden Files Collection 7-12”

    1. This was just a great way to read The Dresden files. I recommend using an e-reader though; it's something like 2300 pages long. I really enjoyed being able to just tear through book after book, without having to make trips to the library or wait for books that are on hold.

    2. Ok, hooked on Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Finished 7 - 12 and boy am I pissed. There better be another one in the works, cause that is no way to end a story.

    3. enjoyed this read.what was best was being able to read the series in the collection one after another. sometimes I thought it was a bit wordy and to much explanation but all in all it was a good read part.I didn't have to skip around but was able to read them in order. Lots of action and adventure and a great super heros.

    4. Consolidating:07 Dead Beat - 3.7508 Proven Guilty - 3.7509 White Night - 3.7510 Small Favor - 3.7511 Turn Coat - 3.7512 Changes - 3.75--------------- 3.75

    5. Excellent This is a wonderful collection of the second set of six books in the ongoing Dresden Files series. A great value.

    6. Synopsis:Basically Harry Dresden is a professional wizard living in Chicago.I've listened to all of these books on audio. The greatest part of that - they're all done by James Marsters. If you're unaware of who that is, then shame on you. He played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel. He's a great actor, but wow - he sure is a great book reader. I can see him playing the perfect Harry Dresden if they ever make a movie, or a better TV Series. Yeah, okay so we'd totally have to fix how h [...]

    7. Note* This review is really on the entire series. i saw no need to copy and paste this 16+ times.I love Harry Dresden. I love. Bob. I love Mouse and Mister. I love OK I'll get to itKaren, Molly , Michael, Toot, the wolves, BUTTERS and Thomas!!! Alrightybe trying to list everyone I love was a silly idea but I feel like I live in the same neighborhood with these folks. To sum it all Harry is a wizard trying to make a living as a PI. On occasion things go all pear shaped and he with various associ [...]

    8. Continues in the spirit similar to that of the first book, but manages to do that without getting tiresome. There are some very sad moments, which isn't bad but a bit odd for a series that looks like it started out to be humorous, and the vampire lore is getting less and less consistent which begins to annoy, but Butcher still manages to twist your expectations sideways, so it's totally worth the read.

    9. I really didn't finish this. I had hoped to get Dresden 1-6 from the library but since that wasn't available I tried to read 7-12. The problem, for me, wasn't the writing, or even the story itself. I just can't read things that I have watched. I did enjoy the TV series so it is hard to leave that visual behind.

    10. I thoroughly enjoy this series (after managing to get through the very irritating character chauvinism in the first few books) and keep buying the ones that come out. The tough-as-nails smart guy wizard is always playing catch-up to the events in his life (or death, as the case may be). Great characters, twists and plots. Highly recommended.

    11. Really like these bundles. Jim Butcher books are super addictive, so it's nice when you can just go on to the next one without having to go pick it up. Also helps with the underlying plot, instead of reading like separate books.

    12. great seriesI just can't seem to be able to but the books down. Love the movie quotes added in. It's like reading a fantasy version of my own life.

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