Vane Pursuit Edgar Award nominee Charlotte MacLeod returns to the adventures of Balaclava College botany professor Peter Shandy as he searches for disappearing antique weather vanes Another solid performance from

  • Title: Vane Pursuit
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780445407800
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edgar Award nominee Charlotte MacLeod returns to the adventures of Balaclava College botany professor Peter Shandy as he searches for disappearing antique weather vanes Another solid performance from MacLeod and the Shandy s Publishers Weekly.

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    One thought on “Vane Pursuit”

    1. Librarian Helen Shandy, rather than her husband Peter, proves the hero of Vane Pursuit, the seventh entry in this irresistible series. Helen and her beautiful, zaftig friend, Iduna Stott, head off to Maine to photograph one of the few remaining weather vanes crafted by a long-dead primitive folk artist from Balaclava County, Massachusetts. While Helen and Iduna are investigating in Maine, Peter and “demon reporter” Cronkite Swope work the case back home. With its clever plot, picturesque cha [...]

    2. Charlotte’s cerebral dialogue knocked “the cozy mystery” out of the park, stretched to its best possible incarnations. Re-circulated characters chat in a way that proves we know them well. There was no end to her mind-boggling creativity! Antique weathervanes, which Helen is documenting and knows to be worth thousands apiece, are stolen from Lumpkin County, Massachusetts to Maine. She no sooner photographs one, when a fire destroys the soap factory; killing a veteran workman. Reporter Cron [...]

    3. Vane Pursuit by Charlotte MacLeod is one of my loosely contrued academic mysteries. MacLeod has two sets of series characters: Professor Peter Shandy & his lovely librarian wife Helen and Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn. Both series are very literate and very funny and feature an eccentric cast of supporting characters.Peter Shandy teaches at the fictional Balaclava College and Helen is one of the college's librarians. They manage to get into all kinds of non-academic scrapes and Vane Pur [...]

    4. I love the Peter and Helen Shandy mysteries and this is no exception. The mystery is good but the real strength of all of Ms. MacLeod's books lies in her characters. They are so vivid and most of them quite eccentric. It makes her books fun to read.

    5. EnjoyedWritten with humor and many twists. Again another mystery which had little stories weaved in and out. The characters are very unique and just enough eccentricity to charm.

    6. This is my third book for the BoutofBooks readathon and the seventh book in the Peter Shandy mystery series by Charlotte MacLeod. The first book in the series was the very first book reviewed here and I've loved every one of them. I was actually thinking that this wouldn't be as wonderful as the others as there is very little mention and no sighting of my beloved President Svenson (vacationing with the family in Sweden) but I was happily mistaken. Charlotte MacLeod's Peter Shandy books are kind [...]

    7. This was my first look at a different Charlotte MacLeod series - the Peter Shandy sagas. I very much enjoyed this action-packed story with elements of mystery and romance, as well as the astonishing Ms. Binks - a character for the ages. Looking forward to more of this series and the delightful professorial couple featured in them.

    8. This novel is billed as a screwball mystery. I was intrigued by that and tried to imagine the main character Helen Shandy as Carole Lombard or Helen and husband Peter as "Nick and Nora Charles". Didn't work. This wasn't clever it was just silly. I went by the 50 page rule. Since I wasn't intrigued or amused by page 5o, I gave up.

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. MacLeod's plots are clever and her characters are well-developed and typically humorously eccentric.

    10. I first read this Peter Shandy mystery years ago and did not remember much about it; upon rereading I realize why - this is when I felt MacLeod jumped the shark with the series! Survivalists, antique thieves, an heiress living in an underground tunnel, and a dash of obscure Latin American history got to be a bit too much - plus, no President Svenson to add titanic bluster and comic relief! I think the next two books return to the beloved and familiar grounds of Balaclava College which will be a [...]

    11. This is supposed to be a Peter Shandy Mystery. (Peter is a professor who is married to Helen, a librarian.) However, I really think the protagonist is more his wife Helen than Peter himself. She seems to be more of the sleuth. Peter, when he finally begins to put two and two together, comes up with the answer but only after Helen has found all the pieces of the puzzle.I enjoyed the book despite that draw back. It was a nice fun read with each of them (Peter and Helen) getting into separate troub [...]

    12. #7 in the Peter Shandy mystery series.The weather vanes of the famous craftsman Praxiteles Lumpkin are one of the great cultural treasures of rural Massachusetts. Helen Shandy, librarian at Balaclava Agricultural College, is roaming the countryside, camera in hand, capturing images of these lovely copper sculptures, trying to give them the attention they deserve. But each time she takes a picture, the featured vane vanishes. Could there be a gang of breezy-minded burglars on her tail? The night [...]

    13. Much like the reference in the book itself, somewhat John Buchan-esque. In this thrilling volume we fine Peter Shandy and Cronkite Swope chased through the woods by a band of survivalists/militia members, and Helen Shandy and her friends kidnapped and thrown out to sea. Still a delightful romp of a story, very well paced and interesting the whole time. I even learned a little about the history of Paraguay. My one quibble is that there was no President Svenson, as he was off visiting in Sweden.Th [...]

    14. a Peter Shandy mystery--an older version of cosy--weird characters. Should say caricatures.In fact, the STUPIDEST book I've read in Years! Called a "screwball mystery," but the screwball is the publisher. Not badly written (dialogue, grammar, etc), but the most implausible scenarios--and names. Calling the Swope brothers Huntly, Brinkley, and Cronkite, for starters, she adds a villain named Roland Childe.I should have tossed it half-way, but I'm stubborn enough to finish even bad books--and this [...]

    15. Helen Shandy is roaming the Balaclava County countryside in search of antique weather vanes created by Praxiteles Lumpkin for a pamphlet to be issued by the area's historical society. Sadly one vane, atop the soap factory, is lost when the building burns. So Helen decides to travel to Sasquamahoc, Maine, the site of another priceless Praxiteles that may still be photographed for the pamphlet. Here Helen meets friends for a whale watching excursion only to have the boat hijacked by the arsonists [...]

    16. This story started out badly, all cozy and no mystery, but it picked up in the second half enough to claw its way up to nearly average. In general, I thought the author tried too hard to be cute and funny without paying much attention to the mystery. It still was not a very good book, but at least I managed to finish it.

    17. The action in this one was a bit more physical and less cerebral. At points it left me in a small state of shock. At first I thought Helen was going to be left out of the action, having gone to Maine, but thank heavens, Ms. MacLeod merely split the story telling between Helen in Maine and Peter in Massachusetts. The story and plot were great but I missed President Svenson.

    18. I can’t express how much I enjoy Charlotte MacLeod’s stories. She creates characters that invite you into their quiet life while they hunt for who did it. Her style makes me think of Georgette Heyer’s mysteries and Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries.

    19. This is another lighthearted mystery with Professor Peter Shandy of the Balaclava Agricultural College as the protagonist. This one begins in Massachusetts goes to coastal Maine and returns to Massachusetts. It's a nice read in a series.

    20. This mystery is light enough to have floated off the shelf, but the story seems to be only an excuse for portraying characters in their engaging, eccentric activities. The dialog is striking, just a quarter inch shy of being over the top.

    21. I think this is the best book in the whole series. I have read and re read this book since the day it was first released in paperback. I love the Peter Shandy mysteries. They still make me smile after all these years.

    22. Another amusing entry in the Peter Shandy series. The solution isn't as at all difficult to suss out, but the characters are so appealing and I love that as the books go along, MacLeod just sort of says screw it and throws in all sorts of outlandish and looney bits.

    23. Ein solider Krimi nach meinem Geschmack. Die Hauptdarsteller kannte ich in diesem Fall schon aus anderen Büchern der Autorin. Das ist schon fast so ewas wie Familie.

    24. have to admit, I prefer mscleod's "sarah & max" series. but this series is a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

    25. Excellent read, back story on the characteristic getting fleshed out. I like that I have to look up words. Nothing better than a challenging vocabulary in today's 4 letter word filled books.

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