The Plain Old Man Sarah investigates the death of con artist Charlie Daventer on his bathroom floor when his title role acting replacement old cousin Fred insists murder was the cause Her Aunt Emma s theater troupe

  • Title: The Plain Old Man
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780002319966
  • Page: 332
  • Format: None
  • Sarah investigates the death of con artist Charlie Daventer on his bathroom floor, when his title role acting replacement, old cousin Fred, insists murder was the cause Her Aunt Emma s theater troupe is doing The Sorcerer, with Emma as Lady Sangazure Husband Max away in Finland, Sarah sorts clues herself.

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    One thought on “The Plain Old Man”

    1. I'm listening to The Plain Old Man by Charlotte MacLeod. I really liked her when I was younger, but now, and especially on audio, I find her writing annoying. I like the plot on this one - Sarah's aunt is putting on an amateur production of Gilbert and Sullivan when a painting is stolen and a cast member murdered - but enough with the interior monologue! Do something already! If it was a written book, I could skip forward, but with it being a tape, I don't know if I'm missing anything important. [...]

    2. I did enjoy this one a great deal. I think it was the combination of a good story along with Sarah's backstory, good characterization, and good ethics. Actually, the weakest part was the pro thieves. That almost seemed shoved in to make the mystery a mystery since it is part of a mystery series. However, the dirty old man got his rightful comeuppance; the bratty kids were actually incompetently trying to help their mother, who the dirty old man had been ignoring; and all loose ends were nicely t [...]

    3. I enjoyed this light-hearted, clever mystery much more upon re-reading this time, my third (or fourth!), hence I bumped the rating up from 3 stars to 4. It's always interesting to reread old favorites after several years to see how our feelings change; I've always enjoyed MacLeod's literate, sparkling dialogue and quirky characters, but sometimes tired of her "telling, not showing" style where characters go on and on with their internal monologue and analysis of the mystery and potential suspect [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book a lot, partly because I love Gilbert & Sullivan. Sarah's Aunt Emma is putting on The Sorcerer as her swan song, and since Max is in Europe, Sarah is staying with her to help. When a valuable painting of Emma's disappears and an old friend is murdered, Sarah has to do the detecting without the help of Max. As usual, there are several plot threads: the operetta; the dysfunctional family, all of whom are in the show (father is chasing a young woman in the caste, to the disma [...]

    5. One of the cleverer mysteries in this series . Sarah is off helping one of her favorite Kellings put on a Gilbert and Sullivan show, while Max is in Europe. A painting disappears, and Sarah tries to find it and solve the murder of one of the innumerable Kellings, while the show of course must go on. I disagree with some people's determination not to bring in the police right away, but hey, it's fiction, and this series always reminds me of my first full time boss, and her friends. This fulfills [...]

    6. I enjoyed this one, because we spent a fair amount of time with one of Sarah's more human, and humane, family members. Really enjoyed Emma Kelling - great character - and her wonderful household, including Mr. and Mrs. Heatherstone. Fun story, good twist enjoyed this much more than than Kelling & Bittersohn #4.

    7. Excellent series. This one was great fun. I knocked one star off of this one because Max is out of the country, leaving Sarah to solve the mystery herself.

    8. Sarah Kelling Bittersohn has been enlisted by her Aunt Emma to paint the backdrops for her Pirates of Pleasance group's performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Sorcerer in The Plain Old Man, the sixth book in Charlotte MacLeod's Sarah Kelling/ Max Bittersohn  series.Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation

    9. #6 in the Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mystery series. Finalist 1986 Anthony Award for Best Mystery.Producing a Gilbert & Sullivan opera requires a special kind of madness, and the Kelling family is large and peculiar enough to undertake an entire company by themselves. For years now, Sarah Kelling's Aunt Emma has supervised these annual productions--from The Pirates of Penzance to The Mikado --and this year she has invited her cast of relatives to rehearse The Sorcerer in her stately ma [...]

    10. While Sarah didn't get much play in the previous book in this series, Max gets little here, I guess to make up for it. While Max is out of the country, Sarah stays with her cousin Emma. Emma is mentioned in previous books, but this is the first time the reader really gets to meet her, and what a wonderful character she is. The mystery was easily solved before the unveiling, but the mini-romance more than offsets it. I adore these books. No one is too old to find happiness with someone else.

    11. I wish more of these books were available on Audible. The reader is good, and I have gotten over my initial disappointment that she wasn't told to use a Boston accent. (There are too many rrrr's in her speech!) I blame the director. I'd forgotten how good these little mysteries are. It's so nice that they are finally available on Kindle, too! I recommend that you read them in order, of course.

    12. This book was grand fun. The coziest of mysteries -- no direct blood and gore, lots of wry humor. Since the background of the story is an amateur production of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Sorcerer, there are MANY quotations from the songs in that play. G&S fans, beware -- you, too, may find yourselves looking for a recording of the play, so that you can sing along with the characters!

    13. While the last book was all Max and no Sarah, this one is mostly Sarah and only a smidge of Max, right at the end. It mostly works, mostly due to how utterly terrific the extended Kellings who play a part in this one, which finds Sarah helping out with an amateur Gilbert and Sullivan production. Of course there is murder and art theft and various bits of mayhem and it's charming and fun.

    14. This book is all Sarah and no Max. I'm finding it slow going and kind of dull. She spends a lot of time thinking about who the culprit is. A lot of timeNope, it didn't get much better. I hope the next one is better or I'm moving onto something else.

    15. This book was set in the same busy family only this time they are having a play and a painting is stolen. This was a slow book and the pace was painful. I had actually figured out the murderer and their about half way through. Not the best I have read by this author

    16. Entertaining enough but I don't think this is the best in the series. Max is absent until the last scenes and his presence is missed. Sarah's aunt is putting on a play and murder and the theft of a painting interfere.

    17. I lost this library book. Someone at the Columbus Renaissance is enjoying a lovely mystery while I have to confess my sins to the Summit County Public Library.

    18. sarah kelling mystery. sarah is on her own without max at family operetta when a painting disappears. mayhem and hilarity.

    19. A lovely cozy re-read for me, to ease me through my first & second weeks of my new job. Very nice to come home to, and read before bed.

    20. Another enjoyable Sarah Kelling/Max Bittersohn book. This one features only Sarah, as Max is away on business.

    21. Good mysteryDifferent than usual of this series missed the witty exchange between max and Sarah but Sarah did great on her own.

    22. Reliable fun although less inspiring than earlier in series as she has fewer obstacles to overcome. DPL e book via totalboox

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