The Official Pok mon Handbook This handbook provides everything needed to become the world s greatest Pokemon trainer or master Every character is detailed with their statistics techniques secret facts and training tips

  • Title: The Official Pokémon Handbook
  • Author: Maria S. Barbo
  • ISBN: 9780439103978
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • This handbook provides everything needed to become the world s greatest Pokemon trainer, or master Every character is detailed with their statistics, techniques, secret facts and training tips.

    • Unlimited [Crime Book] ☆ The Official Pokémon Handbook - by Maria S. Barbo ✓
      371 Maria S. Barbo
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    One thought on “The Official Pokémon Handbook”

    1. When I was younger and there were only 151 pokémon, I would sit and draw from this book. Reading about all my favorites would trigger my imagination, and I'd be dreaming about all the adventures I'd have with my team. 15 years later, and I'm still a pokémon fan.

    2. So y'all remember those bookfairs we had in elementary school? Those were the greatest man. They were like paradise for little book-loving me. We got cataglogs and I'd just go "OMG I WANNA BUY EVERYTHING!" But the thing I wanted most--at least when I was seven--was this freaking book. I was so happy when I first go it, I literally spent hours pouring over it trying to find out stuff about my favorite Pokemon, and then me and my sister would play like we had real Pokemon--that or pick up tall sti [...]

    3. When I was in middle school I bought this book while on holiday in Wales just when Pokemon was getting popular. I would read it and re-read it every day drawing my favourites and coming up with random poke adventure stories with my sister. It was a great little introduction to the franchise for kids like me and my sister who were dreaming of finally getting the game for birthday/christmas or for intrigued parents wanting to know what all the fuss was about. Lots of fond memories

    4. Wow. THIS BOOK. <3 I borrowed this from my neighbor when I was eight years old and first getting into Pokemon. This is how I first learned all of their names. I loved this book. I was so happy when I found it again at an anime con swap meet, even though I don't need it anymore

    5. This is definetly a dorky, child-ish hobby I kind-of do and don't have. I haven't seen my copy since just now actually, but I remembered how much I just liked to page through to look at all the pokemon and circle my favorites. ^_^ That was probably around 2nd or 3rd grade. This really for people into pokemon and/or totally hard core gamers, fans etc.

    6. Neat :) Very awesome, as well as very inspiring, too. Plus, I must say, when it comes to things in the category of Pokémon, this book can be a very big help — especially when it comes to looking for a new Pokémon in the video games as well :) Plus, from my perspective, Togepi, being a baby Pokémon, is quite cute, as well as very neat to take care of, too. :)Also, just as taking care of a pet teaches responsibility to kids, in the Pokémon world, taking care of a Pokémon helps a Pokémon Tr [...]

    7. Not much to it, but an amazing insight to the Pokemon of Kanto, their moves, and their trainers!Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Poster???So many things incorporated into this small handbook.(view spoiler)[This handbook helped me a lot. Especially when playing Pokemon Red, Blue, and FireRed!:D (hide spoiler)]

    8. Essential for the first generation Pokémon lover in your life ;) But really, a fun little resource if you're at all interested in Pokémon, and its art.

    9. This is a nice handbook for anyone who is looking to become a Pokémon master…literally. It has every single Pokémon with tons of information on each of them like their powers, weaknesses, strengths, etc as well as pictures and other cool stuff! This is a fast read, but also an in-depth one. It’s the perfect length, and because of the layout, it’s a nice book to be able to quickly look through for reference. For those who really like Pokémon, this is a good handbook to have on hand.2017- [...]

    10. This book has only the original 150 Pokemon and I'm sure back in the day all Pokemon fans had this one book. It pretty much had all you needed to know about every single Pokemon there was at the time.I remember when I first saw it, I had to have this book. It wasn't any money wasted either; as I repeatedly read it over and over again. I read every page, learnt what I could about all of the 150 Pokemon. I'd read it whenever I was playing Pokemon Yellow and read up about whatever Pokemon I had cau [...]

    11. I held onto money for weeks as a kid in preparation for my elementary school's book fair, where I knew I was going to buy this. I carried it with me everywhere for the next few years, flipping it open when I watched the show or talked to my friends or when I finished my classwork early. I drew Pokemon and characters alike from the pictures featured here (though I can't say I could see the resemblance). I wrote stories using this as a reference. It was a great book; however, I can't see it being [...]

    12. I still have my book. I used the list on the back of the book to mark off the pokemon cards I had, trying to complete the different sets. To this day I'm a proud owner of the Complete Pokemon Jungle Set Cards. I created pokemon decks with this, such as my ForestFire Deck (fire and grass) and my LightningBoulder Deck (Rock/Ground/Fighting and Electric). I own this book proudly and I love it dearly. Even if some pages are missing and it's ripped clean in half with the masking tape with scribbles o [...]

    13. My dad bought me this when I was in the midst of Poké-mania. And for the record, I was in my late 20's, not a teen at the time. This is a fun manual for fans of the fandom, though it's limited to the first 150 Pokémon only. But it came in very handy when playing the video or card game because it gives all the stats on each Pokémon, what they're strong against, what they're weak against, what level they evolve at, etc.Yes, I'm a geek at heart.

    14. I remember excitedly renting out this book from the library as a small child, and the eventual, crushing disappointment of knowing that it would have to be returned. This bore one of my favorite childhood memories - my mom taking the book to work with her the day that it was due for return and staying at the office until the wee hours of the morning, photocopying every single page to be stapled into a massive packet.It's still a source of good memories for me.

    15. Brilliant. Who didn't have this book? Mine has a shredded jacket that is no longer attached to the book and scribbles in pretty much every page as well as drawings of me and my Pokémon team. I always wonder how the writer of this book feels because she's just a children's writer who probably didn't care that much about Pokémon.

    16. This is basically an encyclopedia for pokemon. There are many ways that it could be used in the classroom. It could be used to teach students how to organize and sort things and how to use an encyclopedia to find information. The fact that it uses pokemon will engage the students and make the activity more fun.

    17. I was at the library and I found this book. Its all about Pokémon. Whats not to love? My brother and I poured over this book and took it out many times. It tells you the Pokémon's evolutions, what type they are, their height and weight, and special facts. If you are a new comer with Pokémon, you really have to read this.

    18. I read this cover to cover, over and over again as a child. I remember getting it for my birthday and spending months poring over the 150 Pokemon held in its pages. I just recently found it again amongst some of my old childhood books. It definitely transported me back in time. Lots of good memories.

    19. This book was on the bestseller list back in 1999. I also was interested in learning about all the Pokemon cards my daughter collected when she was young. This is a complex and cute idea for children.

    20. All pokemon books are so amazing it will sound that im a nerd so what i like you got a problem with that.

    21. I loved this book when I was younger. I still kick myself over the fact that I gave it away, but I'm still happy I kept the original Pokedex.

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