The Gentlemen s Hour Boone Daniels lives to surf Laid back ultra California cool the former cop turned PI begins each day with the Dawn Patrol a close knit group of surfers best friends who not only ride waves togethe

  • Title: The Gentlemen's Hour
  • Author: Don Winslow
  • ISBN: 9781439183397
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Boone Daniels lives to surf Laid back, ultra California cool, the former cop turned PI begins each day with the Dawn Patrol, a close knit group of surfers, best friends who not only ride waves together but have one another s backs out of the water It s the life Boone loves, all he wants To him, There s no such thing as a bad day at the beach So when one of their ownBoone Daniels lives to surf Laid back, ultra California cool, the former cop turned PI begins each day with the Dawn Patrol, a close knit group of surfers, best friends who not only ride waves together but have one another s backs out of the water It s the life Boone loves, all he wants To him, There s no such thing as a bad day at the beach So when one of their own is murdered especially an icon like Kelly Kuhio, a local hero and another surfer, a young punk from the Rockpile Crew, stands accused, the small world of Pacific Beach is rocked to its core Boone knows he can no longer ignore the painful truth that violence is seeping into the surfing community But when he agrees to help the defense, the outrage he courts from the community, and the Dawn Patrol, is than he ever anticipated He s risking losing the relationships that define his life just when he needs them most As Boone digs deeper into San Diego s murkier side, delving into places the city s reputationconscious establishment would rather he left alone, it becomes clear that than a murder case is at stake He soon finds himself out there alone, struggling to stay afloat as the waves get rougher and rougher and deadly It s The Gentlemen s Hour and it could be Boone s last.

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    One thought on “The Gentlemen's Hour”

    1. I thought surfers were supposed to be laid back? This is the second book featuring the surfing private detective Boone Daniels. An ex-cop turned PI, Boone seems to be the epitome of SoCal surf culture with a lifestyle that revolves around spending as much time as possible in the water with his surfing pals, the Dawn Patrol. Boone gets roped into a job that he doesn’t much want by Petra, a lawyer and his kinda sorta girlfriend.Surfing legend and beloved community activist Kelly Kuhio, also know [...]

    2. "Violence on the beach is very uncool."- Don Winslow, The Gentlemen's HourSan Diego Surf Noir, Take Two.I'm enough of a Don Winslow fan after The Power of the Dog and The Cartel to seek after al of Winslow books's. There is a cost and a benefit of going back to read earlier books of an author you admire.Cost: The books, invariably, are a bit weaker. This is usually the case. Writers grow, develop, and yes they too eventually slump. But this one follows the typical arc of a writer's carrer. This [...]

    3. Pretty much the only positive I have to report from this second Boone Daniels surfing PI novel is that it was an easy read. Beyond that it kinda sucked. It's a generic trope filled crime novel complete with two different cases becoming interlinked as the investigation gathers momentum, but the major crime as far as I'm concerned is that Boone Daniels is a moron, one of the dumbest private detectives I've ever read; he takes every clue at face value, tells just about everyone he meets every detai [...]

    4. Winslow's book is the perfect balm for winter. The protagonist, Boone Daniels, is a laid-back surfer, who does just enough private investigation work to pay the bills. The book is worth reading for the surfbonics alone. For the uninitiated, Winslow will deliver snippets and sometimes even stretches of dialogue in surfbonics, and then, he'll provide the translation. This is a very entertaining read. For those readers familiar with Steve Martini's excellent Paul Madriani series, Winslow's Boone Da [...]

    5. Cowboys on surfboards. That's my thumbnail for Don Winslow's The Gentlemen's Hour, the second of two novels featuring San Diego surfer slash private investigator Boone Daniels (the first is The Dawn Patrol). I put "surfer" first for a reason. Boone's the California version of an Alaskan Bush pilot. No matter what his day job is, brain surgeon, governor, master mechanic, when you ask him what he is, his first response is always "Pilot."For Boone, the PI business just keeps him in board wax. This [...]

    6. There's always an intrinsic coolness in Don Winslow's novels, whether he's writing his series with PI Neal Carey, chronicling the battles between drug cartels, or following a group of surfing friends, as he does in his terrific book, The Gentlemen's Hour. It's a combination of his vividly drawn characters and their often quirky-yet-authentic dialogue, as well as his ability to make you feel you're watching the action unfold in front of you. The Gentlemen's Hour is a follow-up to his 2009 novel, [...]

    7. In the cover blurb for this book, Ian Rankin writes that Don Winslow is "so good you almost want to keep him to yourself." Far be it from me to argue with Ian Rankin, but I would modestly suggest that Winslow is so good you want to shout it from the rooftops."The Gentlemen's Hour" is the sequel to Winslow's The Dawn Patrol, featuring surfer/private eye, Boone Daniels, and again, the story is set against the backdrop of the San Diego surfing community. When a surfing idol is brutally and senseles [...]

    8. I'm not normally a go by the author-type-of-guy, but I'm totally a Don Winslow fan. I love his books, his high energy, straight to the point like a bullet that hits its mark, cool ass writing style. I also love that most of his books take place in and around southern California, I love the offbeat, yet feel very real characters he creates in his books—and this book didn't disappoint one tiny bit since it was typical Winslow at his best. The Gentlemen's Hour is a fast paced, whodunit, but not a [...]

    9. A worthy follow-up to the first book in the series The Dawn Patrol. Boone Daniels is a great character and though the plot was a bit creaky I found it quite entertaining. Listened to the audio version which was read by Holter Graham.

    10. Lumping together Dawn Patrol and Gentlemen's Hour; Initially I was a little put off reading Dawn Patrol. Hey, I live in San Diego, I'm not a surfer but an ocean swimmer and have the love of the beach thang going, I consider flip flops and board shorts proper church attireSo why am I still so uncool? Then I just chilled and took pleasure in all the surfspeak, recognizing all the local spots (I even got a history lesson or two out of it) and enjoyed it for what it was. I liked Gentleman's Hour bet [...]

    11. The second Boone Daniels book (sequel to "The Dawn Patrol") possesses a lot of the strengths seen in that book and in "Savages": tight plotting, great SoCal/surfer dialog, and terrific local color. Daniels, surfer bum and private investigator, hangs out with a bunch of other surfers (one a cop, one a lifeguard, one a computer geek who works in a surf shop, etc.). He gets involved, against his will, in two cases that test his friends' loyalties to him, at the same time that they move him closer t [...]

    12. If you're a Don Winslow fan (like me) and you enjoy the adventures of Boone and Johnny B, then you'll have a great time with this one. Anything is better on a flour tortilla from the Tortilla Factory in Santa Rosa. Cheers, y'all

    13. I've been hearing a lot about Don Winslow since the movie Savages came out recently. I had also heard an interview on NPR. So I started with that book, but have to admit it was a little rough around the edges for me, and didn't get too far into it.Winslow is known for profiling the SoCal climate and lifestyle. The Gentleman's Hour is the sequel to his book The Dawn Patrol, but can be read on its own. This book is not as dark as Savagages, but still gives the reader the flavor of life lived on th [...]

    14. I looooved The Dawn Patrol but my biggest complaint was that it had an extreme tonal shift that left you a little woozy (insert clever surfing/wave metaphor here).The Gentleman's Hour is Winslow's second look into the Boone Daniels universe and everything is tighter: dialogue is snappier and funnier, the tone does shift but it is a solid progression, the plot is more labyrinthine, sure, but also more intriguing (and, admittedly, less disturbing) and the world is a little more fleshed out and vib [...]

    15. Epic. Macking. Crunchy.There's no other way to describe this book. The Gentlemen's Hour, Don Winslow's sequel to The Dawn Patrol, follows the continuing adventures of surfer/PI Boone Daniels, and is every bit as engrossing as its predecessor.When surf legend Kelly Kuhio (K2) is killed, a local law firm approaches Boone to help with the defense. All of San Diego is out for the killer's blood and Boone is on their side; he wants nothing to do with the case. But Boone's girlfriend Petra Hall (intro [...]

    16. Boone Daniels is the archetypal California surf-bum, whose laid back personal hides a powerful intellect. He is a former cop turned private investigator, who quickly gets involved in some cases that alienate him from longtime friends. First comes a matrimonial case where a rich friend of Daniels asks him to follow his wife, suspecting infidelity. Then comes another case that haunts him, a fellow surfer and man of great humility and dignity in addition to being a friend of Daniels is killed by a [...]

    17. Don Winslow has to go to be up there with some of the greats. The dude is a stud when it comes to writing these type of novels. As I read this book I felt like I can go out and surf and hang with Boone Daniels. I wasn't really into the Neal Carey series and I think that may be his weakest of the bunch. They weren't horrible but I just couldn't get into it. I think Don Winslow should get a raise and just continue writing amazing stories.

    18. The difference between Winslow's surfing detective tales and his 'Savages' tales: The surfer stories DON'T make me wish I'd never met another human being and that California would burn down before exploding and that I was blind so I'd never read about these horrible characters. I guess I'm trying to say I liked Gentlemen's Hour quite a bit, and Savages suuuucked. Boone Daniels and his crew are cool characters who make you want to read more. The others, not so much. COME AT ME BRAH!

    19. Don Winslow forces you to care about his characters, with this second outing - surf bum turned PI 'Boone' is cast in a different light but ultimatly shines through what is a dark story. Lets hope we see a third novel involving Boone and the Dawn Patrol.

    20. I couldn't put this book down! great characters, sense of place and a glimpse into the So Cal surf culture. Almost 5 stars but it wasn't a life changing book.

    21. Boone Daniels, a laid-back ex-cop turned private investigator with a talent for detection and a passion for surfing, was first introduced in Don Winslow’s previous novel The Dawn Patrol and, in The Gentlemen’s Hour, once again finds his personal and professional lives clashing together with deadly consequences. With available work for a private investigator at an all time low, Boone’s life revolves around his regular surfing sessions. While The Dawn Patrol took its name from the early shif [...]

    22. Don Winslow’s best book (and my favorite) is The Cartel. I was disappointed in The Force, his latest book. The Gentlemen’s Hour is a good read. It is the most recent and perhaps last of his Boone Daniels books. It was first published in 2009. He has also written a series of books about investigator Neal Carey. Winslow says that he writes every day from 5:30 to 10:00 in the morning and then hikes six or seven miles before returning to work. He generally works on two books at a time, moving to [...]

    23. I should have known something was awry when Jose' Jesus Camargo flew in from East LA to drag me out of school in San Jose', Missourah. Deluded with drugs, denial and near catatonic shock though it just seemed like another weird ride. We did not speak but took a single toke of the polio bud and listened to a mix tape of our favorite songs from the hazy days we all spent in California. We motored down to Kansas City and into the hospital parking lot with the helipad and smoked one last time before [...]

    24. Notes for Me: I'm still reading through Don Winslow's work. There is a marked difference between his earlier work, like this book, versus the later heavy volumes of "The Cartel" or "The Force" that read more like historical crime novels. It was an effort getting through this one. I don't really care for his protagonist, Boone Daniels--a drifting surf bum who occasionally picks up PI work. Recently I was reading an interview with James C. Hall where he admitted he had never liked his chief protag [...]

    25. Very disappointed with this book. It pales into insignificance against the 'Cartel', 'The Force' and 'The Winter of Frankie Machine'. One of the attractions in Winslow's novels is his dialogue. It usually crackles along. In this book it was laboured and contrived. The characterisation was not up to his usual standard - characters poorly created and two dimensional. The plot and it's rollout at times was almost laughable - chapter endings with a rogue sentence thrown in out of context to warn you [...]

    26. Surfer PI Boone Daniels is back in Winslow’s great follow up to THE DAWN PATROL. Girlfriend Petra asks him to investigate the boy charged with killing a surfer legend, making Boone’s friends believe he’s betrayed his bros for a “betty.” In true Winslow style, there’s plenty of mayhem going on behind the scenes that turns into one hell of a wave. Despite Boone’s chill surfer vibe, the events of the book shatter his world and leave the reader wanting more of these fantastic character [...]

    27. Daniels loses the support of his friends for coming to the defence of a dislikable rich kid charged with killing a local surf hero and community leader. A second case, taken on behalf of a acquaintance who's part of a group of middle-aged surfers, leads to shady real estate deals, ultra right nationalists and a drug cartel sadist. The hits keep coming (literally) for Daniels. Lots of surf talk, lots of violence, and a quick-moving plot. Recommended as a strong followup to the previous Daniels no [...]

    28. La seconda indagine di Boone Daniels è certamente migliore della prima: meno infodump sul surf, presentazione dei personaggi ridotta all'osso e un protagonista più serio e motivato. L'ora dei gentiluomini è un thriller solido e ben scritto, con ottimi personaggi, una storia ben congegnata e, dettaglio assolutamente non trascurabile, un gran finale. Peccato che Winslow non abbia proseguito la serie.

    29. The only reason I am giving this four start is because the writing was irregular. A lot of incomplete sentences, lack of transitions, jumping in between chapters etc. It wasn't difficult to follow, but it took a moment to decipher. It was a good story line though. The ending was great. I won't spoil, but man I enjoyed it.

    30. This is the second book featuring Boone, a former cop turned PI. This book was decent but like the first one, Dawn Patrol, runs a little slow at points. Kinda laid back like the surfing community depicted. But a good book with an interesting twist or two. Winslow is a good writer.

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