Lady Knight Rhiannon outcast and female knight seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero in a medieval world of magic and misogyny Eleanor a wealthy widow has given up all hero of finding passionate love and h

  • Title: Lady Knight
  • Author: L-J Baker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rhiannon, outcast and female knight, seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero in a medieval world of magic and misogyny Eleanor, a wealthy widow, has given up all hero of finding passionate love and her perfect knight until she meets Rhiannon Aveline, a powerful priestess, needs a warrior for her secret mission of starting a holy war She binds Rhiannon with double edgedRhiannon, outcast and female knight, seeks a cause worthy of a chivalric hero in a medieval world of magic and misogyny Eleanor, a wealthy widow, has given up all hero of finding passionate love and her perfect knight until she meets Rhiannon Aveline, a powerful priestess, needs a warrior for her secret mission of starting a holy war She binds Rhiannon with double edged oaths and a magical sword A love affair worthy of troueroours songs clashes with loyalty, intrigue, ambition, and war, tangling the three women in a web that perhaps not even Rhiannon s sword can cut through.

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    One thought on “Lady Knight”

    1. It was a good book, at the beginning half. It had romance, action, suspense and drama. Unfortunately, for me, most of the other half of the story, kind of let me down. I was expecting something better than this, and the ending left a lot of questions to me. You will mostly like the first half, but you probably won't like the turn it makes somewhere around the half of the story. This is the first time I do not give a story that I read 5 stars. Hope to read a better story than this one from this a [...]

    2. TW – killing (she’s a knight and at war most of the time), rape, mentions of rape, arranged marriage, victim blaming, love spells, misogyny, slurs…I think I got all of it.Good Points: Written by a lesbian about a lesbian! Well, Riannon is a lesbian at least. Aveline is also a lesbian.Riannon is a bad ass knight! Who, eventually, everyone respects. She’s a war hero!Aveline is stone cold and lets no one fuck with her and no one get in her way.It’s really, really well written.The romance [...]

    3. Nice, enjoyed this a great deal. I used to read a lot of fantasy and this can stand with some of the best. Would be wonderful if this were the start of a trilogy as the world has been so well realised.

    4. I liked Broken Wings so much, I ended up picking this one up as well. This book is quite different. There's romance, but there's quite a bit of adventure, sorcery and all that other good stuff that you find in a high fantasy and it definitely has a dark edge to it . Rhiannon is a female knight in a feudal society where such a thing is unknown. Upon returning from a war in an another empire, she is swept up into plots and battles and finds herself drawn to a wealthy widow. There's quite a bit of [...]

    5. I was blown off by this book this book was wonderful!! I don't usually read these books but this book made me fell in love with both charactersot= A lady knight and a widow a beautiful one what are you still waiting for?Language- I always loved the medieval period and eventhough the language confused me I'm soo glad i picked this book to read.Characters- Rinnanon was my favorite, she is a lady knight who has a scarred face I admire her bravery and her fearlessness that is something I need to lea [...]

    6. I usually don't waste my time or embarrassment allowance on reviewing romance novels, but good ones (those that don't feel like a waste of my time) likes this sometime get to be exceptions. This book was a good read, as in there is not much to say about it. Solid characters in credible situations set in a fantasy world that offer few surprises. As a fantasy novel, this would have been too bland for 4 stars, but I get the feeling that had this been written as serious fantasy, the characters and p [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I want to give it five stars. I really liked both heroines. Though, if I have to choose between the I would pick Rhiannon as my favorite. But, the ending feels rushed. The story line about the crusade, Aveline and Cecily's marriage are left up in the air and I hear that the author isn't going to do a sequel. The romantic relationship between Rhiannon and Eleanor is very fulfilling, but I wish we'd got more of an ending for the two of them. They end up together, but th [...]

    8. I loved this book entirely. So much so I couldn't put it down, except when absolutely necessary. (I read it at work, and during class even xD) It has taken place of my favorite book so neatly, and I can't wait to read it again.That said, the only thing I want now is more. It truly deserves a squeal, as it ends pretty much at the precipice of a new beginning. One full of many questions.I really loved the way L-J Baker handled her characters. They all had a very strong personality, and were all de [...]

    9. L-J Baker has become one of my favorite authors of late. The character descriptions and voices are beautifully presented on the page, and few are without redeeming qualities or failings. No character in this book demonstrates this complexity like Aveline, an ambitious priestess cousin of the lead character, who easily provokes both admiration and disdain. Add this level of complexity to the two main characters, Rhiannon and Eleanor, and mix in a healthy dose of consistent, witty dialogue, and th [...]

    10. OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD! LADY KNIGHT! WITTY INDEPENDENT WIDOW MANAGING HER OWN ESTATES!! LOTS OF HOT LESBIAN SEX! A++ WOULD RECOMMEND!only thing(s) i did not like was a gross and awful marriage and a rape scene, but justice did get served and entrails were spilled on the ground!

    11. Two and a half stars, if GR would let me use halves.While the romance itself is lovely the rest of the plot/worldbuilding Sure is about how great the Crusades were and how people who worship different gods to you deserve to die horribly.

    12. Why isn't this like six books longThe love story is great. Riannon is great, as is Eleanor. Aveline skeeves me real hard, but she's an interesting and well written char. I think if it was longer the crusades plot line would be less ambiguous. I want more.

    13. This book, objectively, is worthy of only 1 stars. But in honor of Lady Eleanor being so very charming with her intelligence and witty dialogues, I gave it a bonus.First, the praises. Half of the book, when the focus is on Rhiannon and Eleanor's interactions, is truthfully a great pleasure to read through. The ladies are beyond likable and so is their romance. The dialogues are especially nice and well-done, I like how the speech is mostly very formal, yet never stiff, they flow naturally into c [...]

    14. L-J Baker is a very good writer. The style is rich with historical inflections and takes place in the gritty era of knighthood during the crusades. This isn't one of your fairy tale stories, instead being more realistic and real-world, not glossing over the darker aspects of our antiquity.The romance is believable and grows between them at a perfect and wholly believable pace, reaching completely satisfying heights. In fact, the first sex scene was so non-standard and satisfying--and had my hear [...]

    15. Warning, there are rape triggers in this book so avoid it if you're sensitive to that.As for my book review, this is a well written book with plenty of character and depth. Rhiannon is a great hero character but Eleanor is FANTASTIC. I absolutely loved her and rarely see someone so resolute. What's torture is that the two, Rhiannon and Eleanor, can't be together for SO longor worse, they come together and then are split apart.***SPOILER ALERT***It's also absolutely tragic what happens to Eleanor [...]

    16. I don't really have a shelf for historical fiction, because I don't read a lot of it, but this felt more like that genre than just another fantasy novel. Even though there's magic and gods I don't recognize, there's also a pretty accurate depiction of a sort of medieval England/Europe with knights, and the crusades. Well, I'm certainly no expert but it felt more real to me than a lot of fantasy I've read lately, and it was pretty gritty. The only glaringly not real thing was, of course, the enti [...]

    17. This book is a lesbian romance set in the European Middle Ages (or some imaginary place similar to it). The protagonist is, well, a "lady knight." A big, tough, chivalrous dyke who is often mistaken for a man, but who struggles with the baggage of being a woman in a man's world. Her romantic interest is a twice-widowed woman of great beauty, intelligence, and charm. Both must contend with an ambitious priestess (also lesbian) and a female monarch. When I first picked up the ebook and noticed two [...]

    18. Surprisingly not that bad. I was extremely skeptical beforehand, because of the cover, summary, and usual quality of such stories.Someone mentioned that the story takes a bad or dull turn at the half mark, but I actually liked that not-at-all-surprising turn of event. It was, in my opinion, a realistic difficulty to surmount for our main characters, very much in keeping with the priestess conniving schemes. Although I deplore the resolution of it in the last two chapters. The unnecessary and, to [...]

    19. (Reposting review since I accidentally deleted it *_*)This book for me was like an out-of-the-blue pick so I did not have much expectation, but man, was it a good read! First of all, it was a well-written book. L-J Baker really had dawned me with her brilliant word arrangement and the overall rich variety of vocabulary. Secondly, I love the two main characters, especially Riannon, and their interactions and connections with each other seemed very real. Though the ending was a bit rushing (it wou [...]

    20. Lady KnightOverall, I'd say it was a pretty good book,if you can get past the historical language. At times, it was exhausting to read, it took me a while to finish it. I usually find issue with author's who are unable to apply the correct language for whatever time period they're writing about. Not the case here, this author was on the money historically, as far as I can tell, I'm no expert. That being said, this could work if you're looking for more of a historical romance. Not sure if I'm up [...]

    21. Strong 3 and a half stars. I actually need to comment for the first time just to say that. I'm not big on romance and not big on renaissance style fantasy, and those things hampered it a bit so really 3 and a half stars is tremendous, it was about as good as it possibly could be to me given the hurdles it faced.

    22. I quite enjoyed the first few chapters of this book, but I quickly became annoyed with the heroine Rhiannon. I don’t mind a heroine that is down trodden and ‘put a upon’ as long as they start to fight back, unfortunately for most of this book she is just pathetic, as were most of the other characters.

    23. This book is a classic example of Mimika's Law [all media that has wlw in it is also rascist]. I loved the first 50% of this book, with it's slowburn gays and it's adorable characters. But then, the subplot of "crusades against the Brown Infidels" and (view spoiler)[rape (hide spoiler)] really ruined the book and I finished it feeling icky and awful.

    24. Gift from my girlfriend liked it very much, about the love of a lady and her chivalrous butch knight

    25. The ending is rather abrupt but I guess the book has to end somehow. Other than that this is a solid book

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