The Happy Room Drawn together by their sister s tragic illness each of the Mossman siblings must face the truth of their past As they reminisce about both good and bad memories of their childhood in Africa they di

  • Title: The Happy Room
  • Author: CatherinePalmer
  • ISBN: 9780842354226
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drawn together by their sister s tragic illness, each of the Mossman siblings must face the truth of their past As they reminisce about both good and bad memories of their childhood in Africa, they discover the God who never left them This life changing best seller is now available in softcover.

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    One thought on “The Happy Room”

    1. This novel explores the adult feelings & experiences of a set of siblings who grew up in a missionary family in Africa. Of course I can identify with some of what they go through (fortunately not the boarding school part of it!), & I'm glad I read the book--in one long sitting last night.I also appreciate the novel's focus on sibling bonds, which are hugely important in my family too--they are generally given short shrift in novels.As literature, this work isn't hugely successful; it's n [...]

    2. Palmer's story of three grown missionary kids confronting their past and their parents is at its best when telling their childhood stories of Africa and the missionary subculture in which they were raised. The story has trouble in the narrative present, in America, as the same children struggle with finding their own places in the world. Perhaps the story is not long enough to deal with this amount of complexity -- or perhaps we are not meeting the characters at the right point in their lives. T [...]

    3. I came to read this book in a rather unusual way. I picked it up with a group of other books in the Library's book sale room because of its color. The hardcover books were five for a dollar. I was attempting to use the colorful books as decor. I started out thinking of getting an orange stack, but there weren't enough orange books, so I started picking out rainbow colored books. That worked. I chose ten books.The Happy Room, happened to be the purple book. I read the first page of all ten to see [...]

    4. Chapter 1,2 and 3 Julia is in the garden waiting for a phone call that tells her is she is having twins or not. Peter is on the process of having his wife leave him and deb is in the hospital with anerxia. Peter and Julie go to see deb and they bring her flowers at the end of chapter 3 they bring up the happy room and it's the room where they were babysat on the boat. There parents would drop them off and pick them up all three of them did not like the happy room. As the book developed the three [...]

    5. No hesitation this is five stars! I first read Palmers Kiss of Adventure and realized I do not like adventure books. But liked her style and her incorporation of scripture. Picked up Happy Room at the library; not wanting to spend money on another book I might not like. This book is wonderful - believable characters, interesting story line, and as one review on the book said "this book will bring healing to many people who have kept their pain secret." I totally understand one of the character's [...]

    6. My favorite part of this book was Mr. Mossman's analogy of one particular African tribe's judicial process of fining a thief or a murderer. He took that and compared it to God's requirement for wrongdoing. While I was pondering on that, it then dawned on me that that analogy (sadly) was flawed. While it is true that one of the character's conversion came a bit too swiftly, it really hadn't. This person had been hearing the News all his/her life. It's only after understanding it a bit more, that [...]

    7. I loved it! It was well written. Fun, animated, characters!! It makes you appreciatewhat you have in your life! I loved how each person was able to tell their side of a situation through flashbacks of growing up. From being raised with missionary parents,who tried to make the best possible choices for their children, and the children asadults tell how they feel to their parents later in life. Its good for you to know if youare truly a Christian, and I loved how Julia explained that to her brothe [...]

    8. This is an amazing book, it is my all time favourite and has been for a very long time. It is just so touching and you get involved with the characters. It also teaches quite a few life lessons, and I would advice everyone out there to read it! Catherine Palmer weaves together a story of healing. It is about a family who throughout childhood, weren't always together. They were always separated, but they finally got together and discovered the God who never left them. The Happy Room is a moving s [...]

    9. I read this book for my book group-Catherine Palmer is a new author for me. It was interesting to me to read what I assume is the reality of lives of missionaries. As a parent, I don't believe I could have sent my children to boarding school, especially in an environment that made them so very unhappy, although it was obvious by the end of the book that they recognized some of the value they had gained from the experience. However, they all lived with the wounds from their childhoods for much of [...]

    10. I read this wonderful book in 2 days. An interesting look at sibling dynamics, parents and faith. I think anyone who grew up in a Christian home at some point has to look at their childhood and their walk with God and decide if it their own or their parents faith passed down. Everyone has baggage from childhood. The Mossman children have to face it in the midst of a tragedy. This book deals with hard topics without being too heavy. No tears, just touching.

    11. A Quick read but found it difficult to really enjoy. Covers the topic of anorexia well but the rest of the storyline is too churchy for me. Part of the siblings issues relate to their parents having put God's work before family. The dialogue lacked a lot, I didn't feel it flowed well at all or was believable conversation between siblings. I did finish the book,moreso to see what happened to the sister who was ill. I have to say one of my least favorite books that I have read recently.

    12. After reading most of Palmer's books, I believe The Happy Room is her crowning work. Palmer draws heavily from her experience as a child of African missionaries to tell the story of siblings neglected in the name of God's ministry. Heavy with real emotion, the novel grips and doesn't let go. I was disappointed to see the book is not yet available in electronic format. It is, however, available in paper for the price of postage.

    13. This is a really good book to help anyone who has grown up in the church - specifically those who's parents have been in ministry. It will definitely be a good conversation starter and possibly a tool for healing for anyone still needing to work through hurts coming from a religious community. And even though it's fiction, it's based on a true story and serves as a testimony that God does heal and restore His children.

    14. I really enjoyed this book. It is really well written and easily relatable. My parents aren't missionaries, but I could still relate to Peter and Julia (at different times) with their doubts and questions about God and what they believed. Also, this book helped me write a story I was working on. I can definitely see myself rereading this book some time in the future.

    15. Catherine Palmer’s The Happy Room is both a moving story and a captivating portrayal of family dynamics. This novel has the ring of truth. Read it because it’s a fascinating story, but also because you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the lasting memories of childhood, and the expectations, hurts and joys of family life.

    16. This subject is so significant to those of us who move between cultures, but I was very disappointed in the quality of writing. It's too preachy and there is no sense of voice in the different characters even when first person is used. Long dialogs convey what would have been better expressed in a non-fiction article. I thought she could have done so much more with this story.

    17. I read this whole book in a day. I really enjoyed it. It is about a family who used to be missionaries in Africa. he three kids are grown now but still have scars from their childhood when they felt that their parent's ministry came before them.Nicely written and addresses real issues while still keeping respect for the missionaries and faith in Christ.

    18. My all time favorite. This book was written so well and as an Mk I can relate to the characters. I recommend ever Mk out there, every friend, spouse, and patent of an Mk read this book book but get your tissue ready!

    19. The title caught my eye in church. It turns out that I know many of the places described in this book and people who have had similar experiences. would recommend

    20. The dialogue in this book was that of a 5 year old. The story really could have been an interesting one if the author wasn't dead set on preaching to us. Anyway, it was awful.

    21. An interesting novel based on the experiences of three children who were sent to boarding schools while their parents were missionaries in a foreign country.

    22. Read it several years ago, and although it was a good read, I find it hard to rate it higher only because it was disturbing.

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