Smart Dog Amy Prochenko has spent most of fifth grade avoiding both the bully Katilyn Walker whose bark is as bad as her bite and Sean Gorman the only kid less popular than Amy As if life isn t hard enough

  • Title: Smart Dog
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9780440416104
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amy Prochenko has spent most of fifth grade avoiding both the bully Katilyn Walker, whose bark is as bad as her bite, and Sean Gorman, the only kid less popular than Amy As if life isn t hard enough, along comes Sherlock.After escaping from a research laboratory, all Sherlock wants is to be an ordinary dog But Sherlock is anything but normal he can talk And when he askAmy Prochenko has spent most of fifth grade avoiding both the bully Katilyn Walker, whose bark is as bad as her bite, and Sean Gorman, the only kid less popular than Amy As if life isn t hard enough, along comes Sherlock.After escaping from a research laboratory, all Sherlock wants is to be an ordinary dog But Sherlock is anything but normal he can talk And when he asks Amy for help, she says yes But Amy may have bitten off than she can chew Soon she finds herself tangled up in dangerous schemes and hanging out with people she never would have before For the first time, thanks to Sherlock, Amy s popular Even better, Sherlock is the best friend she s wanted But Amy s not sure she can save him Will this dog ever have his day

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      386 Vivian Vande Velde
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    One thought on “Smart Dog”

    1. Funny, exciting and deeply original, Smart Dog is a book that all ages of readers can enjoy, especially if you love animals.

    2. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Smart Dog by Vivian Vande Velde. I grabbed it on a whim, because we needed another read aloud book for my 4 and 5 year old boys. As it turned out, they were hooked along with me, my husband, and my 9-year-old daughter. My boys have a problem with intense conflict, so a lot of the books they like are a little slow. However, this book was gentle enough for them and interesting enough for me. They missed some of the interpersonal conflict between 5th [...]

    3. the story is about a girl that she is walking to school and bumps with a dog she but she didn't stop walkingen the dog started to talk then the girl stopped she got a little bit scareden the dog found out that people wanted to open his head to find out why he talk's.I would recommend this book to people the are in love with animals because you can see the young girl save a dog.

    4. I liked this book okay. I got bored reading it and it didn't appeal to me. I still thought it was fine, though, because it was funny and cute. I think that Vande Velde did a good job writing this, but it could of been much more exciting.

    5. January book review Smart dogVivian Vande VeldeThe book Smart dog is about a girl named Amy , who gets bullied by the most popular girl in 5th grade, until she was one day walking to school and comes across a black and white beagle who was looking quite lost. Amy had always had a passion for helping people and animals so she stopped and said hello, not knowing that the dog would start talking to her. The dog had told her that he was in trouble and was wanting to know if he could have some help f [...]

    6. This book is about a dog that ran out from a lab and is able to talk. He took a part in changing Amy’s life. Amy was never brave enough to stand up for herself in school, but after the dog came she was finally brave enough to stand up against her class bully. This is a very good book because it describes a girl’s life and the problems she has to go through. She can relate to any other girl in real life. Reading this book should influence other people to stand up for themselves when they are [...]

    7. Amy isn't exactly enjoying 5th grade since she's become the target of popular Kaitlyn's endless bullying. One day on her carefully timed walk to school (so she doesn't arrive before her friends, but doesn't get there late), she is stopped by a talking dog that asks for her help to escape from the university's animal research lab, where the scientist in charge wants to dissect his brain. Trying to keep this dog (F-32 or Sherlock) safe is more of a challenge than Amy expects, and leads to consider [...]

    8. Sherlock is a dog who has escaped from a university lab where gene splicing and neuron stimulation have made him intelligent and able to talk. Fifth-grader Amy and her friends find that keeping the dog's identity secret from grown-ups results in all sorts of unforeseen and hilarious complications.Smart Dog doesn't quite measure up to Vande Velde's best (A Hidden Magic, for example), but I still found it an enjoyable read. Sherlock and his rescuers are likable characters, the school bully gets he [...]

    9. I rally liked this book because there were words that were challenging but it wasn't too hard. The writing was pretty powerful it told how a girl and her friends will stop at nothing to help f-32. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a heart filled story. Also to anyone loves dogs and a challenging yet not to challenging book. I think that this book could have been made for all ages. The genre of the book is an animal centered realistic fiction. If this book was part of a series I wou [...]

    10. this book is about a dog who was a beagle he was in a lab being experimented on by scientist he got loose and a girl finds him on the street and brings him to her home she finds out that he can talk write type read and do like anything a smart man could do all except dog stuff and one day a scientist (one who worked on him )he trys to get him but in the end they take the dog and fix him back and gives tthe girl the dog back. i think thats right

    11. I love Vivian Van Velde booksCompanion's of the Night, Never Trust A Dead Man, Being Dead, etc. This book was terrible. It was a nice idea, but all the characters had no dimensions, the dialogue was sub par, and you could pretty much see the end from the first chapter. It makes me wonder if this would be a sufficient book for a struggling reader,but then I wouldn't want them to suffer due tothe plot falling short.

    12. Amy Prochenko is not a popular girl like Kaitlyn. Until she meets F-32, aka Sherlock, an unusual dog. He's cute and smart, and he can talk. He escaped from a lab where they were going to dissect his brain. Amy vows to hide him, and does a lot of crazy things to do it, including making friends, telling lies, and moving Sherlock around. Amy learns what a real friend is, and finds herself at the same time.

    13. 2.5 stars.10+Fifth grader Amy finds a dog. But not just any dog. Sherlock is a lab experiment. He talks and has human average intelligence. Maybe even slightly aboveSherlock was pretty darn cute and he wasn't around as much as I would have liked.Overall, a short enjoyable but nothing terribly special offering from VVV.

    14. Just remembered this book -- it was my favorite for a long time!! Would recommend to any kid. :) It's warm-hearted and smart, and the main character felt like she could be my best friend. I wanted to be her, too (and who wouldn't, with a talking dog for a friend?!)This book bravely tackles tough issues like bullying and animal testing (heavy stuff), but it's optimistic, too.

    15. My friend Natalee and I read this book together in the fourth grade, and while I never forgot how much I loved the story (I could even remember names and specific sentences), I kept forgetting the title. But now I've finally found this book again and I'm going to tell everyone to read it! It's a great book for elementary-age kids.

    16. 2.5 Cute and fun. An interesting story. But I don't remember much about it or that I enjoyed it quite as much as the couple of other novels I read by the same writer. Recommended to kids who like stories about animals.

    17. This was a fun read that helped me take my mind off my mind-numbing days at work. Great for kids, especially kids that love animals. Reminds me of Underdog in some respects with its own imaginative edge. No flying here. Just a super smart dog and likable characters.

    18. she really did not know whatm to do with her homework. then she bought a pet dog day it smartly did her homeworkat day onn,she revised her work with her pet dog.

    19. Very fun book about a talking dog and a somewhat unpopular 5th grader who struggles to find her place in school. I read it in a day. Younger kids would love this book.

    20. I liked it ! The book is about a girl named Amy and finds a dog that is smart. I would recommend this book to people that like dogs and fiction.

    21. this book was pretty good. Better then I expected. The story was really good, but the end kind of lacked something, and it seemed kind of rushed to the end. I felt like i wanted more.~Audrey

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