Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators Series Three young boys Jupiter Jupe Jones Peter Pete Crenshaw and Robert Bob Andrews solve baffling mysteries The series ran from to and comprised books

  • Title: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators Series
  • Author: Robert Arthur William Arden
  • ISBN: 9780394840055
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three young boys Jupiter Jupe Jones, Peter Pete Crenshaw, and Robert Bob Andrews solve baffling mysteries The series ran from 1964 to 1987 and comprised 43 books.

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    One thought on “Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators Series”

    1. These books were so formative I cannot begin to describe it. They're the reason I'm such a sucker for crime and mystery - although this taste has mostly, later on, translated into the movies and shows I watch. Still, I have a deep rooted love for this genre, and this series is a large part of the reason. There was just something magical and compelling about random kids solving weird, sinister crimes and having a great deal of fun doing it. To my quiet, ignored, melancholy self it was a safe-have [...]

    2. My brother gave me The Secret of Terror Castle as a gift. That evening I started to read. And I haven┬┤t stopped till now. This Serie woke up my inner man. :)

    3. A really good set of stories.Especially the stuttering parrot.A clever storyline that kept you going until the end.

    4. This is a fantastic series. I have read all but one of the 43 books, which is why I didn't take the time to list every single one individually. The basic premise is three boys have their own detective firm they run out of a trailer hidden in a junkyard. They solve crimes of any sort, big or small. They've run into everything from haunted houses to screaming clocks to live Kachinas. The books are well-written, funny, and sometimes contain unexpected twists. One reason I liked them so much was bec [...]

    5. This series of books was my all-time favorite reading up into about the seventh grade. The title includes Alfred Hitchcock but he really isn't a part of the stories and the books are nothing like the Alfred Hitchcock movies that were on TV. What was fun was imagining a hideout like the three investigators had where they repeatedly took on cases in similar fashion that people would come to them to have a mystery solved. The boys, three of them, had well defined characteristics that were used to m [...]

    6. As a kid, I have absolutely enjoyed this entire series. I loved every mystery and I just cannot put it down whenever I open one, even now!

    7. (This review is for the whole series.) This was my favorite series as a kid. I read all 40-something books at least two or three times and did several school book reports on them.

    8. THIS SERIES, MAN. I loved these books so much--we couldn't even get them at our library, so we got them on loan or drove to a different library. I wish I could find mysteries like these as an adultwhy am I so picky. *cries forever*

    9. The three investigators series has 43 books, all of which have their own charm. All the authors who contributed to this series have stood up to the mark. The books never disappoint you. Every book is a treat to the readers. While I read these books, I was so involved in them I would have no idea of what happened around me. There were times when I stayed up the whole night just so I could complete the book. The idea of the author to create characters who searched for mystery and thrill, instead o [...]

    10. This series started me on reading. I had near failing grades in reading and writing through the middle of fourth grade. My teacher insisted that I read one of these books that she had checked out of the school Library for me. That was it, I was hooked. The Three Investigators is a fun and imaginative set of books. Their is enough reality built into the storyline such that it allows the young reader to identify with the main characters. The plots always moved right along and the mysteries to be s [...]

    11. These were some of my favorite books as I was growing up. The earliest books by Robert Arthur are the best. The later ones vary in quality. Subsequent versions of the series, one where they rewrote the books with a fictional character taking the place of Alfred Hitchcock and one where they presented the boys as teenagers, were both sad shadows of the original books that could be described, at best, as mundane. But the earlier books had a unique charm, memorable characters, and a rich atmosphere. [...]

    12. I read all these books when I was in school. They are one of the many reasons I am such a bookworm! I've been looking for them for years! I found them on and now my next orders are going to be pretty awesome! Can't wait to read them again. 20 years later!

    13. Excellent mystery series; the kind in which the kids actually use their heads to solve the crimes. The earlier books, written by Robert Arthur, are the best.

    14. These books are what started me wanting to read, not just for school but for fun!!! I wish they we're still in print for my kids to read now!!!

    15. Read these during my early teenage years. All I can remember is I liked them! Kinda like the hardy boys but better in my opinion.

    16. This my first books. I read about 20 books from the series back in elementary school. They were my first introduction to my favorite genre

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