Her Sister s Shadow An emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement Renowned painter Lilli Niles is at home in her North London flat when she receives an unexpected

  • Title: Her Sister's Shadow
  • Author: Katharine Britton
  • ISBN: 9780425241745
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • An emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement Renowned painter Lilli Niles is at home in her North London flat when she receives an unexpected call from her elder sister, Bea, who s at the family homestead in Whitehead, Massachusetts Bea s husband has just died, and she d like Lilli to fly home to attend the funerAn emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement Renowned painter Lilli Niles is at home in her North London flat when she receives an unexpected call from her elder sister, Bea, who s at the family homestead in Whitehead, Massachusetts Bea s husband has just died, and she d like Lilli to fly home to attend the funeral There are reasons Lilli moved all the way to England to escape her older sister, reasons that have kept them estranged for decades But something in Bea s voice makes Lilli think it s time to return to the stately house in New England she loved as a child, to the memory of the beloved younger sister they both lost With Bea fragile than Lilli remembered, maybe she can finally forgive Bea for a long ago betrayal that has simmered between them for nearly forty years.

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    One thought on “Her Sister's Shadow”

    1. This is cheating, because I wrote it. But I really do think it's a great read and I hope you'll give it a try.

    2. I was lucky enough to find a copy of this book at a local thrift shop. I did not want to leave my reading of this book. Is there such a thing as an age appropriate book, or books for adults instead of for children? This was a nostalgic visit to the 1950's, 60's, and present. Such a beautifully woven story that flows like a placid river with no bends or tributaries.amless. The author describes the seaside town of Whitehead in a typical manner. Yet, it becomes more intimate as the author brings to [...]

    3. This is a story about four sisters. Lilli always has felt like she's lived in her eldest sister, Bea's, shadow. Lilli literally escapes to London to begin a new life after a few events that will change all of the sisters' lives for forever. This book is really about the events that change our lives for forever. In many ways, Lilli can't cope with everything she witnessed and she feels like she's not getting what she wants or deserves out of any of her relationships, romantic or otherwise. She ne [...]

    4. I really enjoyed Her Sister's Shadow, particularly the New England setting, and was so immersed in the lives of the sisters that the pages just flew by. At times I was annoyed with Bea and Lilli and at other times I felt so sorry for them for all the wasted years they were estranged. What I found really intriguing is how they each perceived their self imposed role in the family from childhood , how that shaped their destinies and how they felt about that role so many years later. Her Sister's Sh [...]

    5. Thank you Good Reads for the opportunity to read this lovely book as an advanced readers copy!This story is beautifully written. Katharine Britton does a wonderful job of describing developing the complexities of the relationships as well as describing the time and place. The character development was phenominal. There are so many complexities between the relationships of those in the book showing all of the love, guilt and growth of the characters. This is one of those books that is compulsivel [...]

    6. Sometimes all you want is an interesting story - believable, compelling and well written with a few surprises along the way. This book ticked all those boxes and more. Bea and Lilly are sisters with a complicated past that threatens to hinder any type of reconciliation, but as the story twists and turns all becomes possible. Good travel read.

    7. It's tough to be too objective as Katharine is a good friend. Her debut novel is wonderfully written, a solid story that explores (true-to-life) family dynamics, and was very enjoyable to read. I can't wait to see what she writes next.

    8. Description- An emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement. Renowned painter Lilli Niles is at home in her North London flat when she receives an unexpected call from her elder sister, Bea, who's at the family homestead in Whitehead, Massachusetts. Bea's husband has just died, and she'd like Lilli to fly home to attend the funeral. There are reasons Lilli moved all the way to England to escape her older sister, reasons that have kept them [...]

    9. It’s been nearly 40 years since Lilli and Bea have been in the same room, but when the sudden death of Bea’s husband brings them together again will it be enough to help them mend the past? Both harboring memories of years gone by, but time and age changes perceptions. Bea, having remained in their childhood home has remained the fixture of their family though people and places have changed. Lilli has moved on, managing art galleries and living out and about in the world with her own version [...]

    10. Complex family dynamics. Innocence. Tragedy and then tragedy again. This was a good read from beginning to end.

    11. I won this book in the Giveaway and here's my review:This book is about a woman named Lillianne Niles who recieves a phone call from her sister, Elizabeth "Bea", who she hasn't seen in over forty years, telling Lilli that her husband Randall has died suddenly. Leaving her London flat to go see Bea in her old childhood house in White Head, Mass. brings up unwanted memories of the past and the betreyals of people she loved most. While at White Head with Bea we read of her inner turmoil and how sh [...]

    12. This is a beautifully written story of the bonds among sisters, exploring their strength as well as their fragility. We see the story through the eyes of the protagonist, Lilli, one of four sisters raised on the east coast. Due to their mother's flighty, "artistic" nature, the eldest child takes on many of the responsibilities of raising the younger girls. As tragedies befall the family, she exclusively fulfills the mother role. Conflict, manipulation and secrets both hidden and shared between t [...]

    13. I recently finished this aptly named debut novel by new author Katharine Britton. The main premise of the book is a story of sibling rivalry between two sisters. The younger one, Lilli, has always felt that she was living int he shadow of her eldest sister, Bea, who she viewed as perfect, a goal she herself could never attain. As in many books of this type, though, Bea is not as perfect as she seems, and she certainly doesn't see herself this way. As the story unfolds, you find a wonderful story [...]

    14. Her Sister’s Shadow by Katharine Britton is aptly titled given that Lilli Niles has always felt like she is living in the shadow of her “perfect” sister Bea. Bea takes on a guardianship role when Lilli is about 15 after their father dies and their mother loses touch with reality. Lilli resents her “perfect” sister’s hold over the family and is even more angry about how Bea lords it over her when she wins crew races and is considered perfect by her mother. Couple all of that resentmen [...]

    15. Review by Judy: Katharine Britton’s debut novel, will strike a familiar chord in the hearts of readers who have struggled through life hiding family secrets and nursing grudges and resentments that should have been put to rest years earlier.Lillie Niles, third of four daughters of a widowed mother who cannot deal with the realities of her life, shakes the dust of White Harbor from her feet but not from her mind. Unable to view Bea, her oldest sister, as anything but controlling, she considers [...]

    16. Loved this book.Her Sister's Shadow is told in alternating tenses. It is 2009 and Lilli has returned home to attend her sister's husband service. She hasn't seen her sister, Bea, in almost forty years and really doesn't want to see her because of the troubled past they have. We get a glimpse into the past, 1966 and Lilli at 15 years old. It is obvious to me that getting this look into the past will reveal events that make the 2009 make more sense. Already, I have discovered things that have surp [...]

    17. This is a great book. It started a bit slow for me but soon I was pulled into the story and engrossed in the family mystery. It was obvious that there was a great deal of tension and hostility between Lilli and Bea and I was anxious to find out about the cause. The chapters go back and forth in time and the story is “revealed” masterfully. It is not fast paced but it is definitely a riveting tale. I found that not everything was as obvious as I had assumed.The characters in the book are wond [...]

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed this story about 4 sisters and the different places our lives go based on decisions we make, whether they be good or bad. Lilli hasn't gone home since 1968 or so and now it is 2009. Her sister Bea that is 9 years older than her calls to say that her husband, Randall passed and would Lilli come home for the funeral. Lilli does, but it brings many memories back, most being terrible but not all. What it does for everyone heals hearts quite a bit in the end I think.This book took [...]

    19. How do you bring psychological depth into the tale of a family that never gets below the surface? Katharine Britton does it in Her Sister's Shadow with skill and integrity, weaving past and present into a web of intricate interactions, missed signals, misunderstandings and stiff upper lips. Lilli, her main character, is too well bred to show the hurt and grief, anger and heartbreak she suffers from her many losses, even to herself, until, in her sixties, she comes back to the home and family she [...]

    20. Her Sister's Shadow by Katharine Britton omg hw can i say this bout this book this book is so freaking amazin sad yes bt shockin when i read the beginnin i thought bea was the pain in the butt i alwayz thought she was tryin 2 ruin lillia's life bt i was wrong she was protecting her the whole time and reading the middle bout izzy was really puzzlin when lillia and bea describe izzy i thought hmm maybe she is lillia's daughter which i was defintly right hw hello duh it keep describing that izzy mo [...]

    21. The other reviews discuss the plot - so I won't. You get the idea. When I began reading I felt sorrow. Here's a story that shows life nearly from beginning to end, as the main sisters are 58 and 67, then we go back in time to early teens and twenties, then back again to present. Katharine Britton writes a tight story full of secrets and longing, unfulfilled dreams and accomplished goals. Her Sister's Shadow reveals my own youth, hopeful longings and misguided direction as I'm now in my fifties a [...]

    22. Her Sister’s ShadowKatherine BrittonMay 8, 2011I received a copy of this book from ' "First Reads" giveaways. This book is really hard to put down once you start reading. Katherine Britton draws you in and keeps you interested, lots of emotion, feelings and characters you want to learn more about. The story is told in two time frames, current day and the past, 50’s and 60’s when the sisters were much younger. The walk into the past helps us understand who the characters are and their relat [...]

    23. This book was about the role of sisters in our lives. Initially, I wasn't too excited about the story because it begins being told by sisters that are already in their 50's, experiencing hip problems and memory issues. (I felt like this was a story that was too old for me.) However, the story switches each chapter from the present to the past when the youngest sister in the family dies in a terrible boating accident. It is the story of one sister's (Lillie) need to find a way to forgive herself, [...]

    24. Betrayal leads to loss, subsequent resentment, and eventual estrangement. Two sisters experience events that tear them apart, sending them in different directions, living oceans and decades apart.Unfortunately, as too often happens in life, it is a funeral that brings them back together. Finally, however hesitantly, one sister reaches out, and the other sister tentatively returns home. Both it is both sisters who need the healing of reconciliation. In the end, they realize they need each other. [...]

    25. This book deals with a very complicated family dynamic while focusing on two sisters and the reasons behind their 40 year estrangement. The book is not badly written but I found myself frustrated at times by the character's behavior, specifically, their inability to express themselves to one another. I just couldn't accept after having come to know them through the story, that they would behave as they were written and it made the middle part of the story drag for me. However, the end comes upon [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book from ' "First Reads" giveaways.This is a book that is really hard to put down once you start. The author draws you in and keeps you there, with a lot of emotion and feeling and characters you want to learn more about.The story takes place current day but rotates with the past as the author takes us down memory lane to help us understand who the characters are and describe their relationship.I believe Her Sister's Shadow is ultimately about family and all the love, [...]

    27. I really liked this book. It was a great story about families, relationships and how the thoughts and ideas you attribute to others is not always correct. Lillianne has been estranged from her oldest sister for 40 years and now must come back and face the ghosts of the past. This was well written and I loved how it switched back and forth between now and the late 60's. Interesting to read how these sisters were estranged each thinking the knew what the other thought about them and how things end [...]

    28. 4/5 I really enjoyed this book. A story of family and how each one deals with a series of terrible events. It's true that we bring these things into our aduthood and if unexamined they can continue to impact us for the rest of our lives. For LiLi, she has the chance to go back and see things in a different way. The real strength of this book was in the characterization. The characters acted and spoke true to who they were. The resolution was true to each of the characters. Take some time to get [...]

    29. I'm surprisingly pleased with this debut novel. I bought it on a whim after browsing a catalogue for books that I was going to select for the library I'm working for. Upon seeing that it's available in ebook, I bought it from Kobobooks (after checking its rating at first).The writing style is very descriptive but not overly descriptive that will bore you to death. It's more like picture painting, with subtle hints and pleasant twists. I really like it, and hope to read the next novel by this au [...]

    30. The book took a bit for me to get into. A lot of depressing matter to occur to one single family, it seems. At times, I felt annoyed with the main character, Lilli, who seems to be not sure whether or not she can grow up outside of her own family. Although she moves away to London, far away from her older sister, Bea, she never gets a chance to grow up. They threw in a few twists, but not enough to be rooting for any of the characters. I was a bit bored with the cliche of the sisters rivalry tha [...]

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