My Sister s Bones Life is full of surprises You think you know your family You think you know your best friend You even think you know yourself Then suddenly everything changes and the connections that kept you safe

  • Title: My Sister's Bones
  • Author: Cathi Hanauer
  • ISBN: 9780385314343
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Life is full of surprises You think you know your family You think you know your best friend You even think you know yourself Then, suddenly, everything changes and the connections that kept you safe can disappear in the blink of an eye Billie Weinstein sees things most people don t see Her sister Cassie has always been her touchstone, the person she turns to for advLife is full of surprises You think you know your family You think you know your best friend You even think you know yourself Then, suddenly, everything changes and the connections that kept you safe can disappear in the blink of an eye Billie Weinstein sees things most people don t see Her sister Cassie has always been her touchstone, the person she turns to for advice and guidance, the person whose opinion means the most to her But ever since Cassie left for college, she s seemed different withdrawn, obsessed with studying, and she barely eats Billie can t talk to her parents about it they act as if nothing is wrong refusing to see the changes in their older daughter Now Billie has become Cassie s confidante, the only one Cassie trusts enough to tell the truth to, and Billie is suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar and disturbing role one that drives her to make choices that will forever change the way she looks at the world.A poignant story of serf discovery, My Sisters Bones explores the shifting landscape of family, friendship, and love through the eyes of a young girl possessed of a wisdom far beyond her years In Billie Weinstein we meet a character as funny, vivid, and endearing as any in recent memory, and watch her transformation as she achieves freedom from the seemingly unbreakable web of family ties Cathi Hanauer writes with the voice of a natural storyteller, capturing perfectly the pain, joy, and pressures of moving toward adulthood, and reminds us of how hurtful and astonishing this process can be.

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    One thought on “My Sister's Bones”

    1. the title of this book makes it sound more harrowing than it is: sure, there is some emotionally devastating content, but the eating disorder narrative is only one strand of many here, and the central theme of the book is the narrator coming of age emotionally and sexually while negotiating a complicated family dynamic in which her father is an overbearing control freak who has to be right about everything. i was pretty impressed with this book and its attention to class, place, and ethnicity as [...]

    2. I devoured this bookIt's been a long time since I've picked up a book and read non-stop the way I read My Sister's Bones by Cathi Hanauer. There are so many things I liked about it, but it was primarily the excellent, utterly readable writing. There is nothing excessive--each word counts in this first person story of Billie Weinstein and her struggle through family life as a sixteen year old girl. I assume this story takes place in the 1970s, given all the references, yet because it is written i [...]

    3. In certain ways, I could really identify with Billie, the main character in this book. Billie struggles to find her place both within her family and among her peers. She must deal with issues that are common for teenagers as they grow up and get ready to move from high school to college, but faces the additional stress of her older sister Cassie's anorexia. How Cassie's illness affects all of the members of the family is a primary focus of this novel. All in all, this is a good story and a very [...]

    4. I checked it out because it said it was about a high school girl whose older sister develops anorexia when she goes to college. Well, hello there flawless story, come to me! Except the only thing that stayed with me afterwards was my intense loathing for the scenes in which the main character doles out two kinds of jobs, along with her virginity just for the hell of it. You're what's wrong with current literature, basically.

    5. Well-written prose but I don't feel the author presented a new story or even an improved version of an old one.

    6. Teen Novel?? Yet another book that I couldn't get to the end - just didn't care about a single character or how they ended up!

    7. This story was engaging. I found myself trying to find time to read to find out what happened. Unfortunately, nothing much did.

    8. What do you do when your older sister suddenly becomes anorexic? The heroine of this story is a very likeable and brave young woman who has problems of her own, but manages to be kind and helpful with other people's problems as well. I enjoyed this book, even though the setting and events were sometimes stretching my ability to suspend disbelief. There is a lot of truth about families and about eating disorders in this novel.

    9. Hanauer paints a story of two teenage sisters, one with anorexia but told from the point of view of her younger sister, Billie. Billie is 16 going on 17 and dealing with all the typical things 16 year old girls deal with: boys, friends, family, finding yourself, fitting in, etc. However, I cannot stress enough that Hanauer tells this story so beautifully that you feel every emotion with the characters; what would be a mundane scene actually has you sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipat [...]

    10. This was quick and 'readable'. So I finished it. I did not stay tuned due to my investment in the characters, however. I think there was too much going on, and yet, nothing felt like it carried the weight it should have. We're told about all of Billie's emotions, but we never feel them. The storyline involving the sister was the most interesting to me, and was usually shuttle to the back burner, so we could focus on important teen issues. Which, ok, Billie is 16, so that's all part of her life. [...]

    11. I read this book in high school, and ever since then I've listed it as a favorite book. I was reading it right around the time I'd gotten my hands on Incubus' "Megalomaniac" album, so when I listen to that I think of this book and vice versa. (Just in case you're looking for a soundtrack.) Since I first read it, I've read the book a few more times, the same copy in the same library where I originally read it. I have searched for it in book stores, but have never been able to find it in store. Bi [...]

    12. On the one hand, this was pretty readable so there must have been something redeeming about it. On the other hand I felt a bit lost. The book is about the sister of an anorexic girl in the NJ suburbs and her junior year in high school, what happens, how her family deals with the anorexia (not well) - but the first thing to throw me is the setting. At first I assumed it takes place around the copyright, sometime in the late 1990s. It's not until we're at least halfway into the book that it's appa [...]

    13. This was a frustrating read, only because I wished the father was real so I could punch him. In spite of this, I really liked this book and read it in one sitting. If you're looking for a story about how a family pulls together as they all deal with one member's battle with anorexia, this isn't the book you're looking for. Instead, we live 16 year old Billie's life for a few months and feel her frustrations with being a teenager and realizing her parents are flawed human beings. She seems to be [...]

    14. A little "fluffy" for my taste - it must be geared more towards a teen audience. I couldn't believe that the parents were so clueless about what was happening to their daughter. I was even madder that the father, who is a medical doctor, let her leave the treatment program early. How does he expect her to recover? I felt that the facts presented about an eating disorder were forced to the reader's attention through the younger sister, Billie. She was the only one aware of what was happening to h [...]

    15. This one's told from the point of view of the sister, Billie. She is sixteen. Her high-achieving beautiful sister Cassie is at college where she changes, becomes obsessed with the state of the world, and stops eating. Billie feels she’s the only one who sees what’s happening to Cassie. But she’s fighting her own adolescent troubles, convinced she’s not pretty, the only virgin, etc. Their parents put Cassie into a private hospital but the treatment doesn’t work and Cassie is surrounded [...]

    16. Hard to read because of content at times. Human story written in from the first person perspective of an adolescent girl coming of age in a family household where her older sister is struggling with anorexia. Difficult and shocking to read at times, but enlightening. Brings to light the scary world in which most adolescents live. Reminds you that they are still just children, at risk and running around in an adult world with decisions many times beyond their comprehension.

    17. The family dysfunction here is so real, so tragic, and ends on something of a hopeless down beat. I ignore the mob b-plot, it's annoying and adds nothing. But the way Billie goes from her father's brutal driving critique, to losing her virginity is heartbreaking. As is the verdict, "when it's your own family, you never see it." And most of all, on older/younger sister relationships, Billie's realization, I miss how Cass was before [healthy] but now, she needs me.

    18. I kept going back and forth with this one, some parts I really liked, some I thought were just okay. A quick, easy read, kept me reading. I thought the characters could have been more well-developed, didn't feel like I "knew" them or could anticipate their behaviors at times. A good depiction of a teenager trying to sort things out and decide who she will be separate from her family.

    19. The stories of two sisters whose lives were turned around. One was so confident in the beginning became someone nobody enjoyed being around, while the other one rose on the social ladder. However, both have to come together to find answers to the problems they both have. I liked that story, but I wish there was more meaning or emphasis on the older sister's affects on the family.

    20. I really liked this book, and it's certainly popular with teen girls at my school. It's not just another anorexia book, and I appreciate that the ending doesn't sugarcoat the complexity of this disease. However, I felt the author added subplots (mafia!)that were distracting and diminished the story's true plot.

    21. This is an amazingly "big" book for one so short. The author's writing is simple, but elegant, and the main character, Billie, is engaging and real. This is not a book about anorexia; rather, it is about familiesd needsd wantsd controld expectations. It's about human frailty, and human strength. It is so much more than the sum of its parts, and I loved it.

    22. Loved this book. I loved the main character, and the story was just so real-I feel like it could definitely have actually happened (although some things i definitely would not like to happen in real life) Cathi Hanauer did a lovely job of creating dynamic, interesting characters that really make you feel something.

    23. I would actually give it a 3.5. I thought the overall story was good, but felt additional subplot and character development would have tied everything together better and would have created a fuller, more cohesive story.

    24. This book was kind of a yawn. Over-achieving girl goes off to college, turns anorexic, family deals with it. Oh, and it's set in Jersey. I think one of my main turn-offs was that in my head everyone sounded like the cast of "The Sopranos". It's a quick, if somewhat corny, read.

    25. Excellent fictional account of how one sister's emerging anorexia nervosa impacts the narrator (younger sister) and her entire family. Young adult fiction, but great for that age and up. Illuminating, well-written, painfully honest.

    26. This book hits too close to home to say I really liked it. It is an accurate portrayal of a young woman with anorexia nervosa. If you are watching a family member go through this, it is gut-wrenching to watch and impossible to understand the choices that are being made.

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