Blunt Darts Detective John Francis Cuddy is hired to find the missing son of a noted Massachusetts judge

  • Title: Blunt Darts
  • Author: Jeremiah Healy
  • ISBN: 9780671737429
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective John Francis Cuddy is hired to find the missing son of a noted Massachusetts judge.

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    One thought on “Blunt Darts”

    1. Published in 1984, this is the first book in Jeremiah Healy's series featuring Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy. Cuddy, a Vietnam vet who has recently been widowed, has also just hung out his shingle as a P.I. after being forced to leave his job as an investigator for an insurance company. He's been drinking too hard and is already a bit world-weary for a guy in his mid-thirties. But he's getting his act together again and is hired by a wealthy woman to find her fourteen year-old grandson who has [...]

    2. Glad I made the decision to go back to the beginning of this series (having read the fourth first) and confirm my belief that John Cuddy is a Boston PI that I will enjoy reading more of. In this intro to the series Cuddy accepts a challenging assignment to find a missing teenage boy, part of a prominent Boston family.The investigation is interesting, his method of operation is thorough and he puts himself in danger as he discovers the truth about a judge's family.These books are currently availa [...]

    3. Book DescriptionDetective John Francis Cuddy is hired to find the missing son of a noted Massachusetts judge. The boy had vanished. The lush Boston suburb didn't offer a clue, but 14-year-old Stephen Kinnington's old-money family did.My ReviewThis was a fun read of a debut novel which was written in the 80's and set in Boston with PI John Francis Cuddy who is a widowed Vietnam vet. The book has a first person perspective which Jeremiah Healy pulls off excellently with a nice sense of humor. It i [...]

    4. The first in the John Francis Cuddy series. A wonderful PI series that started in the '80's & takes place in Boston.

    5. This introduces Healy's private investigator, John Francis Cuddy. I recommend it to all who enjoy mysteries and a Boston setting.

    6. This is the first book in the John Francis Cuddy series, one of the most consistently well written and topical in private eye fiction.

    7. Solid first effort. Twist at the end. Such a shame he passed away last week. The Vietnam - scarred private eye set in Boston school of writing. I on to the third in the series.

    8. Tough guy, tough kid, tough breaks, a good plot, a good writer and a surprising ending combine to make a good story. Well worth investing some time and a few bucks.

    9. This was a great book. Short, good pace, interesting private eye. Story is set in Boston about mid-70s. Cuddy is hired to find a missing 14 year old.

    10. John Francis Cuddy has started a small private investigation service when he's hired to find the missing son of a powerful Massachusetts judge. Of course he's not hired by the judge, who doesn't seem to be working too hard to find the boy. He's hired by the boy's grandmother.Cuddy is Viet Nam vet still mourning the loss of his wife and soul mate. He's a good guy willing to do what it takes to get things done. This book follows in the footsteps of Spenser, which was the book generally credited wi [...]

    11. PLOT OR PREMISE:John Cuddy is asked by a grandmother to investigate the disappearance of her grandson, a prominent judge's son…even though the judge doesn't seem to want people looking for the boy. Cuddy goes looking anyway, even when a corrupt Sheriff tries to direct him away rather forcefullyWHAT I LIKED:A huge cast of characters, with a couple of the series regulars just beginning to be fleshed out a littleWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:A few of the characters were one-dimensional, fifth business to th [...]

    12. "Blunt Darts" is written from a first-person perspective, which I usually don't care for. But the author did a brilliant job with the book and it really draws you in. Detective Cuddy is a very fascinating character.The plot line in the story left me guessing until the end, which is awesome! I hate when a mystery is predictable after the first couple of chapters. I also loved the little bit of humor tossed in, like when Cuddy said he was thinking about farting just to lighten the conversation :) [...]

    13. I had read several later books and a slew of short stories in this series starring John Francis Cuddy and wanted to see how it all started.This story lacked the fine polish later ones had but that's to be expected in a first effort.Cuddy, jobless after refusing to sign a bogus claim for the insurance company he worked for and still a little off-kilter from the death of his wife, takes on the search for a missing 14-year-old boy. The only problem is it seems no one wants him found except for his [...]

    14. One of the best first novels that I have read. 14-year old boy disappears and PI John Cuddy must find him and determine what is happening. A terrific surprise ending anchors this well written episode. I have not read any other of Healy's books but I plan to do so to see if he continues in this excellent direction. Highly recommended.

    15. My star rating might be a little low on this, as I did enjoy it and, as other commenters here have said, it's a very decent first novel. A good P.I. story, but it doesn't stand out for me from many others. I do expect to read more of the series, though, as the character has many ways in which he could develop.

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