Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace Reading Order Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue Molly Fyde and the Land of Light Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace In the conclusion to the Bern Saga Mol

  • Title: Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace
  • Author: Hugh Howey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reading Order 1 Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue 2 Molly Fyde and the Land of Light 3 Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions 4 Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace In the conclusion to the Bern Saga, Molly and her friends are reunited while two wars erupt An entire universe hangs on the actions of Parsona s crew, and not all of them will survive.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ↠ Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace - by Hugh Howey ½
      366 Hugh Howey
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Fiction Book] ↠ Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace - by Hugh Howey ½
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    One thought on “Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace”

    1. I made it to the end of the Molly Fyde saga, and was disappointed by the final book. Hugh Howey has produced some great works (all of Wool, the first book of this series), and I will absolutely continue to read his boks, but this was a rare miss.After developing a really fun, ambitious, and expansive universe, set of characters, and plot Howey needed to tie it all together in this climax. Unfortunately, he spent a large chunk of the book doing flashbacks to develop the backgrounds of characters [...]

    2. I was both sad and excited when I read Fight for Peace a last book in the Molly Fyde series. I really loved this series and now very unhappy that this is the end. On the other hand my addiction to these books led me to ignoring all the other books on my "to read list", which is really no good. So that is why I'm just a bit excited that I finally free to move on to something else. But really Hugh Howey writes such an addictive prose, it's ridiculous!Most of the action is taking place on the plane [...]

    3. Possibly.eranWoolIdea for the end of Wool - book crossover! Molly & crew land outside the silos, become super best friends with Juliette, then they all go out for space ice cream.

    4. This was the perfect ending to the perfect series. There were a lot of extremely complicated, multi-layered things going on in this universe, and somehow all the threads got tied up in a satisfactory way. All the mystic time-travel-y underpinnings of the series became a perfect closed loop that actually made sense. Aside from an exciting plot, the prose really sings. _Molly Fyde and The Fight For Peace_ also successfully dealt with the thorny problem of what to do with your young characters who [...]

    5. The penultimate novel in the saga of Molly Fyde and the Bern, this book not only finalizes the Bern Saga but also provides perspective on several key players' pasts. This gives a greater understanding to why the characters react the way in which they do, and plays a role in how the final push against the Bern threat is handled.Perhaps the weakest part of the story are some of the flashback chapters - while the background provided by the first two sets is intriguing and engaging, the third set is [...]

    6. Very satisfying ending to this series. All the characters and plotlines come together as Humans and Drenards join forces to stop the Bern. Not all of the characters survive which was sad but gave the story a much deeper feel.I would have given this final book 5 stars except for one aspect that has been noted by other reviewers. Interspersed in the book are four long flashbacks giving us revealing looks at the back stories of several main characters. I thought the sections were excellent--the pro [...]

    7. The Molly Fyde books suffer or make you suffer a little. Conceptually, these should be YA books. Howey is a master at creating a universe and wrapping a plot and multiple story lines into a clever arc. His writing, however is messy and confusing. I found myself irritated at the array of flashbacks throughout the last book.I get the impression that at the end Howey is patting himself on the back and saying "look how clever I am, how I tied up all the ends", and yet instead I sit here and think "w [...]

    8. It was a little bit better than the 3rd book. It seems that the scenes and character of Cole are shallow and purposeless which might explain why all the battles with him are mind numbingly boring. It still didn't do a good job at plot advancement. If the wasted story was replaced with more on character development, it would have been a more interesting read. The ending was good so it that's why I gave it 2 stars.

    9. I really enjoyed how the series wrapped up. I have to admit I was confused quite a bit throughout this book but I think my sleep deprivation caused that. I'm actually looking forward to rereading the entire series.

    10. Disappointing Compared to First TwoThe first two books of this series were masterfully written, and memories of them kept me going through the last two. The character arcs did all come to (mostly) satisfying conclusions, and were very well done. They felt coherent and realistic.The most glaring problem with this book was the one other reviewers have commented on: the backstory. It felt out-of-place, and seriously derived from the tension and pacing of the book. I was full of excitement to see ho [...]

    11. I put off finishing this last book in the series because I didn't want it to end and I knew that some of the characters I loved might not make it and that some might disappoint me But don't get me wrong, it's definitely a great read just like the previous books be prepared for some sorrow though

    12. I'm not sure what the plan here was All the flashbacks are something I would have expected from the first book or two, not the final in a series. That said, the feeling of general completeness that the flashbacks deliver (versus shuddering cut frames of different plot lines, as seen in book 3) made this book marginally more readable than the previous installment.The ending was a solid--if cliché--wrap up to the series.The names, though. The names were never explained, and that still annoys me.

    13. The plot was all over the place. If the entire story line for all 4 books had bits of it re-arranged this might have worked better. The last book was just too much too quickly.

    14. Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (The Bern Saga Book 4) by Hugh HoweyI've said it before and I'll say it again I love the Molly Fyde series. The books just keep getting better. They also keep demanding more attention to the details. We've been watching Molly Fyde grow throughout the series. We're learning more about her family-some we seem to be left to guess at, If I have one complaint about this the fourth book, it would be that there were a lot of things I'd have liked to know that there ju [...]

    15. Combined review for books 1-4. Would rate 3.5 if I could.Reads almost exactly like a Heinlein juvenile, except a female lead and a much nastier body count. With all the characterization problems of a Heinlein juvenile, and iffier science.

    16. This last book in the Bern series was interesting. The series wrapped up well with Molly and her friends overcoming insurmountable odds to save the day. It reminds me of the old Saturday matinee adventures, but I digress. I really enjoyed the back story on the wadi, but felt some of the other flashbacks broke the story up in a way that wasn't necessarily conducive to a smooth reading experience. There was some interesting information, but some character backgrounds were more interesting than oth [...]

    17. Yea for Molly Fyde! Yea for Hugh Howey!This concludes my Hugh Howey reading marathon. Since I discovered the endlessly amazing Wool (YOU MUST READ IT!!! NOW!!!) I've read nothing except Hugh Howey books. 6 Silo stories (Now on my Greatest Ever shelf), The Hurricane (loved it), The Plagiarist (loved it), Half Way Home (well written but preachy--mad me mad), I Zombie (Gross, didn't get past page 5), and 4 Molly Fyde stories (Totally Awesome). I guess you could say I'm a fan. Or I'm obsessive. Both [...]

    18. I was really hoping to end this series with a better rating. The first novel in the series was a solid 4, the second was a qualified 4, the third got a 3 I am a bit sad to give this final one a "middle" 3 only. After the great Wool and Shift, I was disappointed by Molly. The third book made me start to care less about the main characters, and keeping them separated for so long in this fourth book just made things worse. I kept thinking "let's get this thing over with" as I was reading. I also fe [...]

    19. 3.5 stars to this book, 4 stars to the series as a whole. I loved Hugh Howey's universes. How series end can usually make or break the whole series. I am happy to say that I was satisfied with the end (Although I hear there may be another book). I think the series had a pretty good balance between an overly happy ending, and extremely dark and unsatisfying ending. One thing I didn't like about this book though, and to a lesser extent the series, was being constantly uprooted from the current sto [...]

    20. Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace was a good "wrap up" book to a good saga. This book had a lot of flashbacks for most of the main characters, so you got a feel of how they all came together. At times, I had a feeling that Walter became the main character of focus of this book, and I suppose with all his mischiefs and how he seemed to get even the ones he loved in trouble, it was only fitting. I had mixed emotions about him in the end, I just think he was a confused guy that was always looking [...]

    21. Unanswered Questions I thought this was the last book, apparently not. The fights are very predictable and convenient coincidences happen all over the place. The inserts of back story did not add a lot to the story. While I am a little disappointed, it was good to see the characters through their individual ordeals. It was satisfying that each of the important characters played a major part in the end. The character growth is really good. Most loose ends have been tied up nicely so I can’t see [...]

    22. Although I've read all the Molly Fyde books in this series I still really struggle with how I feel about these books. I really liked Edison and Anlyn but Molly and Cole kind of got to me sometimes. I thought the different planets that figured into the story were awesome and really we'll drawn out, except for Lok, which happened to be the main planet for this book and which was extremely boring. The idea of having the Bern look almost exactly human was a neat twist but it was a bit under develope [...]

    23. So sad this is over! Book 3 of the Bern Saga was a bit slower paced than the rest and now I know why: to prepare you for this one! I really enjoyed the background information woven into this installment. It made previous incidents make so much more sense. There were definitely plot twists I want prepared for though. And the demise of certain characters felt reminiscent to the shock of GoT deaths. There are still a few things that don't make sense to me, but then again, Hugh Howey always writes o [...]

    24. A fitting conclusion butAs much as I love Hugh Howey's books, this one strained credibility in many places - even for science fiction. It reads almost as though the author needed to wrap everything up by a certain deadline, and wasn't too concerned with how things hung together as a result. The behavior of one of the key characters was completely implausible at times. The whole thing seemed to drag - it was an effort to plow through some sections in order to finish. That said, there were also ma [...]

    25. Great bookI just started reading a lot this last year and a week ago I added this collection to my reading list. Once i started the first book I couldn't put it down. I have read all of them in a week. The whole series keeps you right there with Molly and wanting to reach out and help her take on the galaxy. It is well worth your money and don't just get the first book because when you finish you will want to get the next one to find out what happens. So get all of them at the same time so you d [...]

    26. A satisfying conclusion to a classic space-opera series. One of the great successes of this series is, like "Wool" - the author's devotion to strong female protagonists. In the Molly epic, we have not only the teenage pilot extraordinaire of the title, but also Anlyn Hooo, the Drenard princess-who-was-a-slave, and Cat, a Callite member of the Lok based Drenard Underground, and the mysterious Bern Seer. Hand in hand with their male friends, lovers, and colleagues, these powerful women help to lit [...]

    27. AhMolly Fyde should be the YA hero of the yearThis series is so much more interesting than vampires and zombies. She portrays a strong independent young woman with values, and I love that. The entire series is well written, with action that keeps the pages turning. I could never find a stopping point! And the supporting characters are all fully fleshed out and credible, and I had strong feelings about each of them! (Dang Walter!) I loved the Wool series so I was familiar with Hugh's writing, but [...]

    28. The series was pretty decent with lots of different catastrophes which kept it exciting. However, I hated the way this 4th book started. Honestly, the first 11 chapters were barely worth reading. Tons of authors write a current chapter and the next chapter is all about the past, so on and so on. But this was too much. This part could have been two chapters max. Then we get around to the real story and suddenly we're back to several chapters of the past again. It seemed like only 1/2 the book was [...]

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