Death at the Chateau Bremont The first installment in a sumptuous new mystery series set in Provence featuring chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque who must team up with his old flame Marine Bonnet to solve a mysterious pair of mur

  • Title: Death at the Chateau Bremont
  • Author: M.L. Longworth
  • ISBN: 9780143119524
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first installment in a sumptuous new mystery series set in Provence featuring chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque, who must team up with his old flame Marine Bonnet to solve a mysterious pair of murdersThe latest book in the Verlaque Bonnet Mystery series, The Curse of La Fontaine, is available now from Penguin Books When local nobleman Etienne de Bremont falls toThe first installment in a sumptuous new mystery series set in Provence featuring chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque, who must team up with his old flame Marine Bonnet to solve a mysterious pair of murdersThe latest book in the Verlaque Bonnet Mystery series, The Curse of La Fontaine, is available now from Penguin Books When local nobleman Etienne de Bremont falls to his death from the family chateau, it sets the historic town of Aix en Provence abuzz with rumors Antoine Verlaque, the charming chief magistrate of Aix, suspects foul play, and when he discovers that Bremont had been a close friend of Marine Bonnet, his on again off again girlfriend, Verlaque must turn to her for help.The once idyllic town suddenly seems filled with people who scould have benefited from Bremont s death including his playboy brother Francois, who s heavily in debt and mixed up with some unsavory characters But just as Verlaque and Bonnet are narrowing down their list of suspects, another death occurs And this time, there can be no doubt it s murder.A lively mystery steeped in the enticing atmosphere of the south of France and seasoned with romance as rich as the French cuisine that inspires it, this first installment in the acclaimed Verlaque Bonnet Provencal Mystery series is as addictive and captivating as Provence itself Longworth s voice is like a rich vintage of sparkling Dorothy Sayers and grounded Donna Leon Bon appetit Booklist

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      260 M.L. Longworth
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    One thought on “Death at the Chateau Bremont”

    1. This book combines two of my favorite genres: mysteries and books about people who drink at lunch in the middle of a workday. And if that second category isn't a real genre, then it should be, because I enjoyed the peephole into contemporary life in Aix as much as I did the whodunit aspect of this book. Also love the complicated, flawed protagonists. I just wish there were a few more books in the series for me to read next; I love a mystery, especially on vacation (and especially one that isn't [...]

    2. More like 2.5 stars. The actual mystery was good, but most of the book didn't even have to do with it. There was a lot about the importance of enjoying good French wine and good French food, and there was also a lot about longing for lost relationships and the French countryside. This is all fine and dandy for a different kind of book, but I wanted a mystery.

    3. I always think it's funny when a first book in a series says "A __________ Mystery," on the cover, as it seems so cheeky. It's THE _____________ Mystery at the moment, folks! Death at the Chateau Bremont says "A Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery" on its cover, and that's about it--there's a paragraph about the author and a Booklist review excerpt that compares Longworth's writing to Sayers and Leon--a stretch, I'd say. Penguin Mystery Originals is clearly trying to Launch Longworth with a capital L! T [...]

    4. First Line: The attic light was burnt out.Antoine Verlaque, chief magistrate of Aix-en-Provence, France, is called upon to check into the death of a local nobleman, who fell to his death from an attic window in his château. Although it looks like a simple case of accidental death, Verlaque suspects foul play and asks Marine Bonnet, professor of law at the local university, to help him with his investigation since she grew up with the dead man and his brother.They've barely begun their investiga [...]

    5. Maybe my expectations were too high; I read one rave review. While the setting in Provence was interesting, the two lead characters -- a female law professor and her former love, the local juge -- are tiresome, the pacing is slow, and the writing is surprisingly clunky considering that the author has written for a number of magazines. A disappointment.

    6. Filmmaker Count Étienne de Bremont takes a fatal fall from the window of his family's château near Aix-en-Provence. Local judge Antoine Verlaque and his ex-girlfriend and law professor, Marine Bonnet, investigate the case. M.L. Longworth clearly has a love for this part of southern France, and succeeds in bringing Aix and its surrounding area to vivid life. I'd happily read a travelogue from her. Ultimately, though, Death at the Chateau Bremont is rather disappointing. The plot's a bit clunky [...]

    7. First Sentence: The attic light was burnt out.When Étienne de Bremont is found dead having fallen from an attic window in his family’s chateau, it is thought to be a suicide. Or was it an accident? Or was it murder as even the broom in the attic contains no finger prints and a once-heavy suitcase is now empty. When the decidedly murdered body of Etienne’s brother, Franҫois, is found in the château’s fountain, the case becomes much more complex for Magistrate Verlaque as he also needs th [...]

    8. "Death at the Chateau Bremont" is technically a mystery, but it read like a travelogue about Aix, France with a mystery going on in the background. There was no urgency to the mystery, so I felt very little suspense. The characters were varied, complex, and flawed. The story was mainly about how Judge Verlaque (who's not the courtroom type of judge) and his ex-girlfriend are still attracted to each other despite how Verlaque is constantly critical of her. While realistic, I was rooting for them [...]

    9. This series was recommended to me after I recently read one of Martin Walker's mysteries set in France. Death at the Chateau Bremont is the first of a series that is set in Aix-en-Provence and features the chief magistrate of Aix, Antoine Verlaque, and law professor Marine Bonnet who was a former lover of his and, it seems, may become a current lover. The author of the series, M.L. Longworth, is a reporter and magazine writer, who has written in - among other venues - Bon Appetit magazine. That [...]

    10. Such a very, very French mystery! Not surprising, since it took place in the south of France. It had the flavor of a novel written originally in French, but I don't think it was. By this I mean that there was not the sometimes overly studied explanation of the French law enforcement and judicial systems which seems to come up in most novels written for and by English speakers. In fact, although this is the first in the series,one feels a bit like one is somewhere in the middle. The two main char [...]

    11. Enjoyed the French food, cigars and setting of the mystery but found the characters difficult to distinguish at first. Lots of UST (Unresolved sexual tension) between the sleuths but often their motivation for being in a particular area was not clear. Interesting little cameos of characters and places, but lacks the smooth transitions of the Martin Walker 'Bruno' mysteries.

    12. This is another intriguing new French mystery series. I have been enjoying mystery series set in France lately, and this one caught my eye when I saw that it was set in Aix-en-Provence. It is a contemporary police procedural. The main character is a cigar smoking, bon vivant Judge by the name of Antoine Verlaque. Verlaque has just recently been appointed chief magistrate of Aix in Provence. He is called to the sudden death of a young nobleman in a mostly deserted Chateau Bremont. Etienne Bremont [...]

    13. I enjoyed this murder mystery by M L Longworth. There are plenty of suspects and very interesting characters. Judge Verlaque is very engaging if somewhat flawed, and gets his man or woman in the end. I will buy some more titles in the Provencal Mystery Series.

    14. This was entertaining enough but not something I'm likely to read again. The story itself was intriguing and the descriptions of food, wine, architecture and countryside were thoroughly enjoyable. The let down really came with the characters and primarily the main character. It seems that it would be difficult to write a character of the opposite sex and in this instance it wasn't entirely successful. Verlaque was just not believable. Nor Marine's attachment to him; despite any reminiscences to [...]

    15. I bought this book mainly for its setting, Aix-en-Provence. I wanted to see what ordinary life is like for the Aixois. In that respect, the book gave me what I wanted. That's the only reason I gave it three stars rather than two.But as a mystery, and as fiction, it was disappointing. There wasn't much to the mystery, and when they did solve it (there were two murders), it wasn't very interesting. More importantly (to me, at least), was the amateurish quality of the writing. A good editor could h [...]

    16. 3 plus rating.I agree with the reviewers that say this book bogs down in travelogue and descriptions of food; however, Provence is likely to be our next big vacation destination, so I enjoyed the descriptions of the places, food, culture, and people. The characters are the typical somewhat rebellious main character smarter than the others detective, with a loyal sidekick, a clueless boss who has to be managed, and a smart ex girlfriend who gets involved in the investigation of murder. Even thoug [...]

    17. Can't recall where I read about this mystery series set in Aix, France, but it sounded worth checking out and I wasn't disappointed. Started with the first one and enjoyed the interplay between "Le Juge" and "La Professeur". The setting In southern France is evocative and the suspense builds to a satisfying conclusion. The author, a long time American resident of Aix, said she doesn't use violence, which suits me just fine. I will look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    18. I wanted to like this book. I actually read quite a bit of it, but in the end, the fact that I liked none of the main characters was too much. The setting in Aix is both omnipresent and doesn't add much of anything to the book, or the plot. Descriptions of excellent meals never really made me long to be back in France. A disappointment.

    19. This mystery hit my sweet spot: set in France, lots of local color and food, and good mystery with realistic characters none of whom are alcoholic. I'd definitely read another. Plus I learned about gougeres and am inspired to try to make them.

    20. I read the first three books written by this author out of sequenceis being the last one read. This book misses the charm of the others but happily, I know that the author's relationship with her characters is building and their personalities are coming alive. Looking forward to book four!

    21. The setting was great, and the central characters were great!But I found the plot to be a bit too "kitchen sink." It felt as though Longworth couldn't really decide who she wanted the killer(s) to be. We started with an interesting family-based murder, left that behind for a mob hit (or multiple mobs?), and then tried to find something in the middle. What we ended with was a wild goose chase, too many characters, too many main plot points that became sub plot points and vice versa, and all in a [...]

    22. I read this on the recommendation of a friend. Verlaque has as much charm as an ash from one of his expensive cigars. He prides himself on being a snob and irresistible to women - once he fixes his “stare” the most beautiful women will run to him and bask in his presence while he rubs his fat stomach in contentment. The story was lame and loose with facts. In the version that I read, Verlaque stated on page 175 that “ Czar Nicholas’s widow, Alexandra, was among the first wave of Russians [...]

    23. This a murder mystery set in Provence. I didn't hate this book, I found many parts of it to be quite enjoyable. I didn't really connect to or care for any of the characters, but I still enjoyed the story and the twists and turns. There was a lot of wasted pages though, with the author focusing on the detective's snobbish behavior and attitudes towards virtually everything. I'll probably pick up one of the sequels to see where the author goes with the characters. Its also fun to Google the cities [...]

    24. Not a great read. Antoine, chief magistrate, is clearly a mans man and seems to treat women unfairly. Is former girlfriend, Martine, is obsessed with him even though he treats her badly. Is this book more of a bad romance book then a poor mystery? It seems forever before the author gets to the point then throws in the purpose of the book all at once with so many angles that the reader has a ho-hum attitude.

    25. I liked this book, and since the library has the sequels I may continue the series later. The story was good and I enjoyed the characters, but there were some parts dealing with law enforcement that didn’t seem believable. Like a cop letting a random woman who just happens to know a judge interview him on a murder - yeah, that wouldn’t just causally happen. However, those small part didn’t really distract me - just made me snort. Still, a very good book!

    26. 3 1/2*. This was such an oxymoronic book - Verlaque is described as this guy who is so amazing and all and the character I read about is a jerk most of the time. In fact, almost all of the time. There is supposed to be loads of frisson between Verlaque and Bonnet, and yet - what a history. Anyway, the story was OK and the twists were OK. Maybe this is first book teething pains and the next one makes more sense from a character development perspective?

    27. I so wanted this book to be better than it was because I like the characters and the setting. But the story is clunky with odd deep dives into history or food lectures, poor dialogue, and inadequate plot development. It's as if the author just wants to show off their knowledge of France and get the book done fast instead of well.

    28. I enjoyed this book which reminded me of my trip to Aix and to Nice. I like the main characters enough to purchase the next book in the series to start immediately. I prefer murders done off the pages, so this book filled this requirement for me.

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