Mrs Gorski I Think I Have The Wiggle Fidgets David doesn t know how he ends up in such situations At the time it just seems like a great idea His teacher Mrs Gorski has had aout enough he can tell by the way her voice changes when she speaks

  • Title: Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have The Wiggle Fidgets
  • Author: Barbara Esham Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • David doesn t know how he ends up in such situations At the time, it just seems like a great idea His teacher, Mrs Gorski, has had aout enough he can tell by the way her voice changes when she speaks to him This time, he believes that he has come up with the best idea yet The perfect plan to make everything better Endorsements The Mainstream Connections Children David doesn t know how he ends up in such situations At the time, it just seems like a great idea His teacher, Mrs Gorski, has had aout enough he can tell by the way her voice changes when she speaks to him This time, he believes that he has come up with the best idea yet The perfect plan to make everything better Endorsements The Mainstream Connections Children s Book Series conveys a message that could have been lifted straight from a psychology research journal there is than one way to de ne being smart As these stories illustrate, for every person, large and small, there are skills that are relatively difficult to master and others that seem to come naturally These books emphasize the important empirical conclusion that just as regular exercise makes the body stronger, so, too, does practice and the effort to improve academically with all the struggle, fatigue, and initial failure that it entails allow people to capitalize on the malleable nature of human intelligence Dr Samuel R Sommers, Tufts University Professor of Psychology Your books are delightful I can t wait until they are published so that I can share them with our twice exceptional clients I love the way you transform negative reactions of parents and teachers into affirming strategies that support everyone involved I especially enjoyed the way David used his creative problem solving skills to brainstorm all the ways he could handle his Wiggle Fidgets Your books for children are de nitely needed I believe that they will make a real difference Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D Director, Gifted Development Center, Co Chair of the National Association for Gifted Children NAGC Task Force on Assessment she serves on the American Psychological Association Task Force on Giftedness This is a wonderful book Each story shows children that success is about effort and determination, that problems need not derail them, and that adults can understand their worries and struggles My research demonstrates that these lessons are essential for children Dr Carol S Dweck, Stanford University Professor of Psychology I applaud Barbara Esham for nding a way to teach young children how to be mindful In so doing, she sets the stage for their greater well being as adults Dr Ellen Langer, Harvard University Professor of Psychology Katie s dad can t spell Max can t work under time pressure Carolyn may never master cursive writing and David wiggles They are typical of many students who struggle with some aspect of school They are also lucky because each of them nds understanding or acceptance of their particular learning pro les Whether it s the realization that famous people have sometimes been different learners, a teacher who understands that creativity counts too, or the ability to identify coping strategies, the four students put a human face on what it means to struggle in school and how essential it is to have partners in persisting for success Katie, Max, Carolyn, and David are good news for students, parents, and teachers who want to understand what it means to learn outside the traditional lines of school Dr Carol Tomlinson, University of Virginia Curry School of Education Program Coordinator for the Educational Psychology and Gifted Education Program.

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      335 Barbara Esham Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
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    2. So many children have the "wiggle fidgets" but that doesn't mean they can not do well! This book is great for both students and teachers. Knowing about different learning styles and feeling the emotion of the characters help teachers to better understand their students. For those students who struggle with the "wiggle fidgets", they are not alone. I love how this book shows the struggles and the success of a young boy who struggles to focus and pay attention. In a humorous manner, Barbara Esham [...]

    3. Summary:This book is about David, a young boy who has the "wiggle fidgets", better known as ADD or ADHD. He often has ideas that seem great in the moment but end up getting him into a lot of trouble after the fact. Mrs. Gorski, his teacher, is frustrated with David and his inability to pay attention in class. David decides to come up with a plan to get rid of his wiggle fidgets and to be able to focus in class. Themes:Themes for this book would be learning differences and overcoming challenges.P [...]

    4. A great read for small children with ADHD. It was memorable for my busy son. He loved the positive message.

    5. My son related to this bookHe moves alot. And he related to this book alot. So far this is his favorite book. Thank you for such an amazing book

    6. From the inside flap and the back of the book:I don’t know why I do what I do!I can always see the mistakes I make – after I make them. But before they’re mistakes, they just seem like great ideas! I wish I could stop myself. I wish I would think a little more before I test my great ideas. I wish I didn’t get on everyone’s nerves . . .David doesn’t know how he ends up in such “situations.” At the time, it just seems like a great idea. His teacher, Mrs. Gorski, has had about enoug [...]

    7. What can be said about this book? This realistic fiction children’s picture book can be relatable to all children, especially if they required to sit still for extended periods of time and as a result, this book captures the reader’s attention. Although this book does not specially say that the main character, David, has a disability, David tries to brainstorm of ways that he can fix his serious – but common – problem. At a meeting with his parents and his teacher, Mrs. Gorski, David sha [...]

    8. Esham, Barbara (2008). Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets. Maryland: Mainstream Connection Publishing. Parents' Choice Award 2008Reading Rockets 2008 Recommended ReadingPicture Book Soak This story is about a young boy named David, who get in trouble a lot at school because he can never sit still, is always distracting other students, and doesn’t pay attention because he is always distracted. When his parents are called in for a meeting he overhears that his father had the same pro [...]

    9. David has the wiggle fidgets. He often cannot sit still in his chair, he has to be fiddling with something and he doesn't often follow directions because he becomes sidetracked by a great idea. When he makes yet another mess his teacher announces that there will be a parent-teacher conference. David knows this is bad news. So he spends his entire Saturday coming up with solutions. When he presents his solutions to his teacher and parents at the conference, they are all amazed. His teacher even t [...]

    10. This was another great book from Mainstream Connections. I love the elements of teaching and learning that were presented. As a pediatric therapist who has served in the school setting, I can say that I am quite familiar with the wiggle fidgets. I love that David took responsibility for his actions and that he was able to actively contribute healthy, helpful ideas as part of the solution. It was good to see that he was not labeled or ostracized. It was also good to see his teacher, as well as hi [...]

    11. This is a short, but effective book about ADD. It is beneficial for both parents and children, and will perhaps help a child (and parent!) feel that he/she is not alone in this situation and there are things that can be done to remedy the challenges). It really isn't a matter of a child being contrary and NOT wanting to listen, it is indeed a chemical problem that must be dealt with medically and psychologically, while empowering the child with tools to improve and engender confidence in him/her [...]

    12. Cute story. Good concept, too; a problem is presented, and a reasonable solution is found, but the child who had (or WAS) the problem came up with his own solution, once the teacher and his parents listened to him. It might be a good idea for every teacher to read this. The agency responsible for this book is Mainstream Connections. They are developing a collection of "every day geniuses" books for teachers. Their stated purpose is "to expose the broader definitions of learning, creativity and i [...]

    13. David keeps getting in trouble. He doesn't know why he does. He just can't help it. He gets distracted or he just has to know something. David talks to his dad about this and his father tells him that it sounds like he has a bad case of the Wiggle Fidgets. David's father also says that he had them when he was younger still gets them sometimes now. David comes up with some ideas that might help him so that he doesn't get the Wiggle Fidgets in school. He tells his teacher and they plan to put his [...]

    14. A great book! Mrs. Gorski, I think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets by Barbara Esham is a 5 star book!!David cannot stay still, he fidgets all of the time and is a distraction in class. It's not that he's trying to be a distraction; he is really trying to be good but just can't seem to help himself.This book is told from David's perspective and is really good at making us understand why he does the things he does. David comes up with lots of things that might help him pay attention.A 'must read' for an [...]

    15. In this school story, a young boy struggles with paying attention and sitting still. The condition is not labeled and the behavior is not considered a character flaw. When the teacher has a conference with the parents, the student suggest some solutions that might improve his learning outcomes. The teacher is open to his ideas and praises his problem solving abilities. That is how it works in every classroom, right? Well if you can think of an exception, at least now there is a story to start co [...]

    16. We love this book! It describes my son perfectly. This is one of the many books my son and I checked out from the library recently on the subject of ADD. After reading it, he immediately went to make his own box of cures. He's excited to learn what he can about his Tourettes and the ADD and OCD that come along with it. We are working together to make his fast moving mind work with what we need him to do every day.

    17. I absolutely loved this book. If a child is experiencing symptoms of ADHD or just having difficulty focusing in the classroom, read this book to them or have them read it, and they'll be amazed at how similar they are to David (boy in the story). It's a great book for future special education teachers to read to help them better understand how some of their students might feel during school and what is happening inside their heads.

    18. I loved this book. I read it out loud to my kids, but as I read it I was thinking it would be a great resource for kids newly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. It's a boys self discovery of things that can help him focus in class, which he calls "cures," things like timers, reminder cue cards, body breaks etc. All the while, the boy is presented as a bright child with great thoughts & ideas! Great book!

    19. I think that this book would be found most inspiring to teachers. I love that this book gave a perspective of a child who has a hard time in school because they cannot allow their brain to focus on the task at hand. Any teacher should read this book to gain an understanding of the different learning styles of their students.

    20. This was a short, cute little book that I thought sent a great message to parents and teachers for how to deal with fidgety children. It even gives kids ideas of what to do with their own fidgety-ness and it also shows how things like this are completely normal.Overall, I recommend this to fidgety kids, their parent and especiallyl teachers!:)

    21. This is a very cute book that describes a student who has "wiggle fidgets". I think one of the things I like best about this book is the fact that David, the main character, figures out what he needs to do to cure himself of the "wiggle fidgets" that are always getting him into trouble. This is a great read for any elementary student.

    22. 3.75 starsThis is a very interesting way of talking about ADHD or just kids who have the "wiggle fidgets" In a cute way it offers tips and ideas to deal with it in story form.I very good resource for parents and teachers!

    23. This childrens book for kids is Fabulous!! What a positive fun educational book for adults and children alike!! Anyone who has difficulties with focus this book has some good adaptations we could all use. It also has resource sites. GREAT JOB!

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