Fundraising the Dead At The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques fundraiser Eleanor Nell Pratt solicits donations and sometimes solves crimes When a collection of George Washington s letters is lost on t

  • Title: Fundraising the Dead
  • Author: Sheila Connolly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, fundraiser Eleanor Nell Pratt solicits donations and sometimes solves crimes When a collection of George Washington s letters is lost on the same day that an archivist is found dead, it seems strange that the Society president isn t pushing for an investigation Nell goes digging herself, and soon uncovers aAt The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, fundraiser Eleanor Nell Pratt solicits donations and sometimes solves crimes When a collection of George Washington s letters is lost on the same day that an archivist is found dead, it seems strange that the Society president isn t pushing for an investigation Nell goes digging herself, and soon uncovers a long, rich history of crime.

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      325 Sheila Connolly
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    One thought on “Fundraising the Dead”

    1. The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques is the last place you would expect a dead body. After Nell Pratt, a fund-raiser for the Society, finds their archivist dead, she starts a series of events uncovering things some people would do anything to hide. The most suspicious thing about the death, which the police labels an accident, is that it seems connected to some missing valuable historical documents.Fundraising the Dead is hardly a mystery since you are told almost right away [...]

    2. Fundraising the Dead, this is the first book in the Museum Mystery series and as someone who loves antiques and museums, I was really excited about this book, but I really struggled to get into it. Nell is a fundraiser at the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society and hours before a large event, she is cornered by Marty, a Board Member, who says that part of her family’s legacy is missing. Soon Nell discovers that there is more stuff missing and things get worse when the only other employee who know [...]

    3. If you have ever worked in a museum, if you have ever wanted to work in a museum, if you want to know what goes on behind the scenes at a have to read this book!Having worked for two different historical societies (and now at a historic site), this book was so familiar to me it was eerie. In fact, at one point I asked the person who lent me the book if the author had ever worked (or knew someone who worked) for the historical societies I worked for. I am amazed by how realistic this b [...]

    4. Eleanor "Nell" Pratt is the fund raiser and event coordinator for the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society in Philadelphia. As she is putting the finishing touches to that evenings gala to celebrate the Society's 125th anniversary she is confronted by Marty Terwilliger. Marty is a third-generation board member and related to all the old Philadelphia families. She informs Nell that valuable papers are missing from her family's recently and still uncatalogued collection of papers and items. Nell quiet [...]

    5. Enjoyed this book on the whole. A bit predictable, but not overly so, so that the development of the story is more smooth. Nell is taken in by her boss and "lover". While she originally thinks he is good for the museum and society, he is really ripping off the historical collections.This story does come to a satisfactory conclusion in the end, in terms, of the mystery. However, in term of the FBI agent in charge of investigating the missing collections pieces, and the "fund raiser" for the museu [...]

    6. I found myself really enjoying this book. It takes place in a private museum and involves the inner-workings of the museum and it's artifacts. The book was well conceived, well thought-out, and well written.The characters were likable and the location very comfortable. The mystery was very believable and opens the reader's mind as to possible crimes in our own favorite foundations.I eagerly await the next book. It will be difficult to top this one. However, I'm sure Ms. Connolly will not let us [...]

    7. I heard from quite a few people that they were disappointed with this book, so I was leery of even beginning it. I have read her Orchard Mysteries, and her Glassblowing series (under the name Atwell) and I have to say I enjoyed this book *much* more. She has a way to go before I truly 'like' the protagonist - she seems a bit wooden still, but other characters in the book were extremely likeable. I don't think it will ever be a top five series for me, but with a bit of work, maybe the top 10. I'l [...]

    8. The first 100 pages of this book were incredibly slow and boring. I work in fundraising and with the exception of the dead body, I felt like I was at work while reading the book. That is not a good thing. I didn't have a problem with Nell until she started describing her relationship with Charles. It all felt very cold. I get that not every relationship is perfect but when you're starting out a series, you ought to take pains to endear the main character to the reader. (Or make the book funny or [...]

    9. Nell is a professional fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, a gig that pays the bills and serves her passion; Nell feels the artifacts at the Society have deep reverence and values how much they mean to history scholars.But let’s talk about Charles. President of the Society, this guy knows which wine goes with dinner. Which piece of cutlery to use with which course. He can drive a Jag like he’s owned one all his life (and he hasn’t; he rents the damn thing), and he’s a ve [...]

    10. Nell Pratt is the Director of Development at the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society. Hours before her big fundraising event, a blueblood Board member informs her that priceless documents from the Board member's family collection have disappeared from the building. Then, after the gala, Nell discovers the body of the man who worked most on those documents, dead in an upstairs room. Is it murder? How will Nell get the documents back, and save her job? And is her relationship with her boss, the elega [...]

    11. Eleanor “Nell” Pratt is the fundraiser for the Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques in Philadelphia. She knows it includes old families with old money and documents worth millions, but when a collection of correspondence letters to George Washington goes missing and the archivist in charge of them is found dead in the stacks, suddenly Nell finds herself wondering why the society president isn't looking for an investigation. She soon realizes she will have to unlock this myst [...]

    12. If I was being objective, this would be 2.5 stars. But it's about a murder in a museum! How can I be objective about that?I don't read a lot of cozy mysteries, so not sure how to judge based on that, but for the museum nerd in me, I loved:--the very frank discussion of how hard it is to raise money--the extreme backlog of cataloging and keeping track of things--the smarmy director--the aggravating until you love her board member--the nerdy archivist (who is the one that gets killed)--the museum [...]

    13. As the founder and director of a small local history museum, I felt entirely at home in this environment. It's a good story and reflects what goes on in museums. It reminds me how we really need to get the rest of our collections catalogued, which is what we think about most of the time anyway. It's reassuring to know we are not the only ones with crates of donated materials we have not even had time to look at. It's a manual for museum operators with a story line to carry it along.

    14. I don't know whether I'm just having bad luck, or I'm fooling myself that I actually do occasionally enjoy cozies in the first place. I mostly finished this one because I find it hard to leave a book unfinished once I get a certain distance into it. Part of it was that, as someone whose job involves a lot of event management and fundraising, it just wasn't all that escapist for me. But really, the biggest sin of the book was just that it was boring. Everything took too long and there were just n [...]

    15. This was such a formula story, I knew in the first few chapters who the thief was. As soon as the FBI agent appeared I knew there would be some sexual tension, if not an affair; and about half way through the book I knew who the new president would be. I've never worked in a place that called so many meetings--how did they get their work done? I found the book slow and boring, but I kept reading hoping that I would be fooled in the end, but I wasn't.

    16. I liked this cozy mystery. The museum facts were interesting. I feel like now I know what goes on behind the scenes at museums as far as fundraising and cataloging their collections. I liked the main character as well. I'd be up for reading more in this series if it is a series. I'd be interested to see what else the author could share about the behind the scenes work of a museum.

    17. I enjoyed this book. It was a quick, read and is a different type of cozy because it resolves around the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society which is not the normal setting for these types of stories. Nell is someone I can relate to and I'm hoping she gets together with James. I will definitely be reading more books in this series to see what mysteries Nell has to deal with.

    18. Solid first in a series. A bit different because you knew at least one of the culprits from the beginning but it worked out nicely.

    19. I started listening to this book a while ago and the narrator was annoying. She just sounded annoyed throughout the entire book. I decided to try again as we were going on a road trip and needed something to fill the gaps when we lost radio signal or it was too dark to sightsee. Getting past the reading of the book the story itself is quite an enjoyable read. It focuses on Nell Pratt who works as a fundraiser for a Philadelphia museum/historical society. Nell is asked by Marty Terwilliger to pul [...]

    20. Love it when I find the perfect book for me at a point in time. I picked this up last year on a book buying binge since it was on my wishlist for some reason. Finally picked it up since I was in the mood for a cozy mystery and needed something with a brown cover for a color challenge that I'm participating in. From the very beginning I was hooked on this mystery set in a Philadelphia museum. Nell is in charge of development which basically means she is a fundraiser. Now that I work for a non-pro [...]

    21. This was such a joy to read. Just what I needed to relax. A look at Pennsylvania history I never knew about, a fun plucky professional fundraiser/amateur sleuth, and a murder tied together with the theft of multiple priceless historical artifacts. A wonderful read. Nell Pratt rang so true as a character, and as I know many people involved in nonprofits I could really relate to her. Personally I'd love to get coffee with her sometime if she ever materializes in real life. I guess I'll just have t [...]

    22. I would rate this at 3.5 if I could. I just can't give a four and I feel bad giving it a 3. The book was a very slow read for me. I enjoy reading museum mysteries but it seemed like some parts of the story just dragged on. I was able to figure out one of two suspects near oh, the first 1/4 of the book? I don't know if the "budding romance" thing is common in cozy mysteries, but if I were to read the next book in this series, I already know how it would start.I liked the story enough, but, it jus [...]

    23. As a person in the museum field this book speaks to me. It includes a mystery, a smart and capable heroine, and museums so what is there not to love. Sheila does a good job laying out how museums work for the average person and I really enjoy her writing style. The fact that the registrar ends up being murdered made me laugh out loud because I'd love to be a registrar in a museum one day. I better watch out, lol!I'm very happy Nell is getting the recognition she deserves and I can't wait to read [...]

    24. I noticed that this was a museum mystery #1. I hope she doesn't bother writing #2. Or if she does, she learns how to plot her story reasonably and make her characters believable. It book was classified as a mystery, but the whole of he mystery was in the last tenth or less of the book. It was almost an anti-romance novel, but again not a very good one. I recommend you don't bother reading it and definitely don't waste your money buying it if you are so inclined to like buying all the books your [...]

    25. As silly as the "cozy mystery" genre is, I have to finally admit to myself that I kind of like it. My initial scheme had been to find the oddest premises for them and then read them in jest, but then I came across this series that is SO specifically tailored to me that I just had to read it in earnest. I worked in a museum for almost 11 years, and in the development/fundraising department for nearly half that time, so I am totally the target demographic for this series. Sheila Connolly absolutel [...]

    26. I was delighted to discover another great series by Sheila Connolly, I love her Orchard series and this one is off to a good start. I like Connolly's series because you can learn a lot while you enjoy I good mystery. I also find her heroines to be interesting women with there heads screwed on straight, not some one who would do something not to bright just to move the story along. I am eagerly looking forward to book two!!!!!

    27. Sorry, but the setting is the only thing that mildly redeemed this book. The Historical Society and the items within were the only things that kept this sinker afloat. The mystery was beyond obvious (and cliched) and the characters were very dull and unlikeable.

    28. I just couldn't get into this book. I don't know what it was but I didn't like the characters and the setting, although it should have interested me because I am a history fanatic, just did nothing for me.

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