Death Angel Perennial New York Times bestselling crime novelist Linda Fairstein explores the rich and little known history of New York s City s Central Park in her latest Alexandra Cooper novel Death Angel When

  • Title: Death Angel
  • Author: Linda Fairstein
  • ISBN: 9780525953876
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perennial New York Times bestselling crime novelist Linda Fairstein explores the rich and little known history of New York s City s Central Park in her latest Alexandra Cooper novel, Death Angel.When the body of a young woman is discovered in Central Park, the clock begins ticking for Assistant DA Alex Cooper and Detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace to find the killePerennial New York Times bestselling crime novelist Linda Fairstein explores the rich and little known history of New York s City s Central Park in her latest Alexandra Cooper novel, Death Angel.When the body of a young woman is discovered in Central Park, the clock begins ticking for Assistant DA Alex Cooper and Detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace to find the killer who has breached this haven in the middle of New York City Is the body found in the lake, under the unseeing gaze of the Bethesda angel, the first victim of a deranged psychopath, or is the case connected to other missing girls and women in years past whose remains have never been found Just as the trio gets their first lead, the investigation is almost derailed when Mike and Alex become embroiled in a scandal As Alex attempts to fight the accusations leveled against her and Mike, she follows clues that range from the park s most buried literally secrets all the way to the majestic Dakota, which has experienced its own share of tragedies When another young woman is attacked in the park, a new question arises is this enormous urban park a sanctuary as it seems to the thousands of New Yorkers and tourists who fill it every day or is it a hunting ground for a killer with a twisted mind Once again, Linda Fairstein will thrill both longtime fans and new readers with an explosive page turner filled with a shocking realism that only she can deliver.

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    One thought on “Death Angel”

    1. I have finished reading the fast-paced Death Angel by Linda Fairstein. This is the first novel I have read by her but this isn't the first novel she's written. Death Angel is 15th in the Alexandra Cooper series. Alexandra is an Assistant DA for the Manhattan Special Victims Unit (yes like Alex Cabot on Law and Order). The latest case she's been called in on involves a girl found dead in Central Park in one of their ponds/lakes under the watchful eye of the Bethesda Angel.Mike Chapman and Mercer [...]

    2. Right off the bat, please note, I am a fan of Linda Fairstein's books/novels. I know a lot of reviews have mentioned the story line between Alex and Mike, being too much in this book. However, I disagree. After reading all the Alex Cooper books, it is about time Linda plays a little more deeply between Alex and Mike. This doesn't mean things will work for them, but it is fun to finally see the two of them "admit, flirt" a little bit more to their true feelings.The story line with a death in Cent [...]

    3. A young homeless girl, dubbed "Angel", is found dead in Central Park and the trio of Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper, Detective Mike Chapman, and Detective Mercer Wallace investigate. The three professionals are friends as well as colleagues and enjoy joking, dining, and playing "Final Jeopardy." In addtion - being free of other romantic entanglements - Alex and Mike allow their long-simmering, low-key attraction to take a tiny step forward. Though the familiar characters in the series a [...]

    4. A lot going on in Linda Fairstein's Death Angel. A young girl's nude body is found in the Ramble. She's probably homeless, since many youngsters live in that part of Central Park. It's a "dog" of a case, and Alexandra Cooper is surprised that the DA and her boss, Pat McKinney allow her to keep it. That is until she learns that her best friend, Det. Mike Chapman has a stalker. A high powered one at that. A batshatty judge that he'd been assigned to as a part of a protective detail. Judge Pell wan [...]

    5. A very good read and mystery although not one of those big surprises as I got closer to the conclusion, I could almost guess what would be happening but it was a fun read and kept me interested straight through. Linda Fairstein's main character, prosecutor Alex Cooper, is a tough, gutsy gal and while I like her a lot, she could easily become too much and behave in a manner that I wouldn't have expected of someone of her experience (and before anyone says it, yes, I realize that even supposedly s [...]

    6. After a body is pulled from a pool in New York's Central Park, ADA Alex Cooper must overcome personal problems to catch a sexual predator. Meanwhile, Detective Mike Chapman has to deal with a jealous female judge that he had a brief affair with. The two also deal with a decade old cold case involving the disappearance of a rich three year old girl.

    7. Another mystery that I’ve read in the last two weeks that had two different major plots and would have been SO much better if they hadn’t. At book 15, Fairstein’s series is starting to show its age. I really haven’t enjoyed it like I used to for at least a couple years and honestly this one almost went back to the library unread several times. Plot one – a murdered young girl found in a lake in Central Park. This was actually good up until the end.Plot two – Mike’s being stalked by [...]

    8. Fifteenth book in this estimable series, and a particularly good one. Readers of Fairstein know that each book is themed around a specific and historic locale within New York City (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rikers Island, and so on.) Here we focus on Central Park, and there's lots to learn in this multi-layered mystery. Really enjoyable getting the social history lesson while also following the plot.The body of a young woman is found floating in The Lake, not far from the fabled Dakota apartme [...]

    9. More than anything else, I love Linda Fairstein's books for the in-depth information she gives about Manhattan. I could plan a trip around her books alone.This outing finds the characters combing through Central Park for clues in the death of a young woman whose body is found in a body of water under the statue of an angel. The information about the park is wonderfully intriguing and I have to admit to looking some of these things up later!Linda Fairstein is not the best technical writer, but sh [...]

    10. There are authors whose fictional works are some of the best trip guides and historical background guides to the settings of which they write, and Linda Fairstein never fails in he presentation of fascinating facts about New York City. Each book in the Alex Cooper series opens up an area or landmark of NYC to the reader, revealing secret tidbits that somehow become integral parts of the story. And, there is always great story to unfold and enjoy.In her fifteenth novel in this series, the area of [...]

    11. This is a fine book. Although I have a few critical comments, they are in the context of a strong series written by a professional--Ms. Fairstein is professional both as an author and as a sex crimes prosecutor.That said, this book veers hard toward a regional cozy. Lots of romantic tension. The setting is Central Park, a New York landmark, so the book should appeal to New Yorkers. For the rest of us, the writing sounds like research download about the Dakota, the Ravine, Sheep's Meadow, and the [...]

    12. Well as always I've learned a LOT and in depth about NYC as well as being taken on a unique murder mystery. This time it was about Central Park. I had NO IDEA that it is TOTALLY man made!! /And/ that there is a buried village under it!! An act of imminent domain it seems. And we learn a little more about how the Rich and Famous (Robin Cooke anyone?) live. Keep up the good work Ms. Fairstein and most of all thank you again for your career as the ADA Sex Crimes Division though I do not live there. [...]

    13. This is a very pleading return to form for Fairstein after her previous book Night Watch , was OK but not one of her better works. In Death Angel she gives us all our favourite characters doing what they do best. Although you do have to wonder at times how with two of New Yorks best cops looking out for how Alexandra Copper gets herself into and usually out of so many life threatening situations.

    14. The nude body of a young woman washed up in The Lake near the Bethesda Angel in Central Park. She had been dead for at least two weeks but placed in The Lake only two days before she was found. She had no identifying marks or other information to help determine who she was or how she got there. Three valuable and unusual items, old silver replicas of some of Central Park’s best known features, were found near that area. New York City Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper and Detectives Mik [...]

    15. Combining a grizzly murder, buried secrets and the luscious layout of New York’s Central Park prove to be a good match for author Linda Fairstein’s latest Alex Cooper thriller, DEATH ANGEL.Narrator Barbara Rosenblat does an excellent job giving distinct voices to the returning characters of Fairstein’s series, as well as new ones. Her cadence pulls you in holding you captive as she vocalizes the depth of Fairstein’s words. Rosenblat has you gasping for breath right along with the charact [...]

    16. Fairstein’s last book wasn’t as good as her prior ones. It just didn’t have the strong story or good tension of those other books. Fairstein had just lost her husband around the time she was writing it so she was entitled to a pass. She’s back on track here.The Central Park murder of a homeless girl leads to the solving of the disappearance of a three-year-old child almost fifty years earlier. Meanwhile, both Alex Cooper and Mike Chapman are dealing with a problem that could derail both [...]

    17. I always learn something about New York when I read Fairstein. This time it is the history of Central Park and the Dakota Apartment building. Prosecutor Alex Cooper and her buddy police detective Mike Chapman are on the scene for the murder of a young woman in Central Park. In trying to identify the young woman and her killer, Alex and the police wend their way through the characters that inhabit the park, including homeless addicts and youth. They find there are hidden cubbies and caves where s [...]

    18. I wanted more park, less Falcon Crest.Interesting opening scene, body found in Central Park Lake, under a famous angel statue, which means you start gearing up for some informative and in-depth NYC history, all super good, then BAM! 100 pages of ridiculous soap opera drama starring the scintillating Alexandra Coopah! With everyone tossing their heads and snapping at each other, slapping each other for sass, stalking out of places, like--What? What? No! Stop it! Go solve the damn murder! Body! Mu [...]

    19. Death Angel, by Linda Fairstein, b-plus, Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat, Produced by Penguin Audio, Downloaded from audible.In this entry to the Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper series, Alex and her homicide detective partner, Mike Chapman, are trying to solve a murder where a young woman is found brutally murdered with no clothes and no identifying marks, so no one knows who she is. But Alex thinks her murder holds the same MO as murders committed by a man she tried for murder a few [...]

    20. I might have given this one 2 1/2 stars but couldn't quite bring it up to three stars. It's been awhile since I read an Alexandra Cooper/Mike Chapman/Wallace Mercer book. So I can't speak to what I remember of the characters from before. But, frankly, with "Coop" being the central character in the book I found her to be pretty vague. I got no sense from this novel of her personality, she was just someone who acted at times in one way and then in other times unexpected ways. I couldn't define her [...]

    21. This is the fifteenth crime novel featuring 38-year-old Alexandra (“Alex”) Cooper, 38, the prosecutor in charge of the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan District Attorney’s office.Alex has been called to the scene of a murder that took place near the Angel of the Waters statue in Central Park. Summoned as well is her friend and police SVU detective Mercer Wallace, and homicide detective Mike Chapman. Because the crime has taken place in Central Park, the police need to scan the park for cl [...]

    22. I actually just read three of this author's books in the Alex Cooper series. Killer Heat, Silent Mercy and this one, Death Angel and I have to say I found all three disappointing. Alex Cooper is supposed to be an Asst. NYC DA and the head of the Special Victims Unit, yet she is treated like a helpless female by several men, particularly her boss, DA Paul Battaglia and the male lead, Detective Mike Chapman. She is often pooh-poohed for her thoughts and ideas by both these men. Basically, she is t [...]

    23. While the plot of this novel was a bit stronger than Fairstein's last few books, the writing was distractingly bad in many places. "Her great good looks"?!? "The cool water refreshed me instantly--as both a drinking source and a foot bath." Stilted and unnatural, this type of writing repeatedly detracted from the pace of the novel, along with terrible dialogueo sentences after a doctor refers to the re-assignment of patients to other hospitals during Hurricane Sandy as a diaspora, Alex says, "So [...]

    24. I gave this book 5 stars more for the historical info rather than the storyline. One of the thing I enjoy most about the Alex Cooper series is the historical info about NYC that Linda Fairstein weaves into her fictional storyline. I learn something new with each book. This particular one centered around Central Park. The Dakota featured prominently as well. Even if you've lived in NYC all your life, I bet you'll learn something new from Fairstein's research. I was a bit disappointed with the Coo [...]

    25. After the disappointment of the last couple of Linda Fairstein novels I had vowed never to buy any of her books again but when I read that this new novel would be set in Central Park I couldn't resist and I'm so glad that I relented and bought it.Death Angel has all the elements that have made me love Linda Fairstein's books - Coop, Chapman and Mercer and most importantly all of the well researched historical facts about New York which make them seem so authentic.I couldn't put this book down an [...]

    26. Not one of her strongest, yet there is a lot of interesting lore about Central Park in this one. Weak points are too much back story about the main characters, not essential to the plot and avid readers of the series already know about Alex Cooper, Mercer and Mike. Also Fairstein reverts to the classic heroine in peril scenario several times in this book which weakens Alex Cooper's credibility as a street smart advocate for women. Strong points are the details about New York, Central Park in par [...]

    27. I enjoyed all the NYC history. I felt like there was a lot of background on the characters that I didn't know (this is a late entry in a series) which made the relationship parts of the book (which were extensive) confusing and not very interesting. The crime did not get a lot of focus and seemed a bit tacked on to the history and the interpersonal intrigue.

    28. Love, love, love this series. This is #15 and didn't disappoint. This one deals with deaths in Central Park in NYC. A lot of history about the park. It made me want to visit.

    29. Finally, Fairstein is back with her fast paced, information packed story lines. I'm hoping Luc is gone for good because the last two books were horrible.

    30. I think I need to stop reading these. Mike Chapman's assholery and Alex's bland acceptance of it are just too much for me.

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