A Visible Darkness With his first novel The Blue Edge of Midnight Jonathon King was praised for his powerful storytelling San Diego Union Tribune for his stunning and superb writing Pittsburgh Tribune and for addin

  • Title: A Visible Darkness
  • Author: Jonathon King
  • ISBN: 9780525947141
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With his first novel The Blue Edge of Midnight, Jonathon King was praised for his powerful storytelling San Diego Union Tribune , for his stunning and superb writing Pittsburgh Tribune , and for adding new dimensions to the modern crime novel Michael Connelly And, in a starred review, Publishers Weekly compared King to James Hall, Robert Parker, and James LeeWith his first novel The Blue Edge of Midnight, Jonathon King was praised for his powerful storytelling San Diego Union Tribune , for his stunning and superb writing Pittsburgh Tribune , and for adding new dimensions to the modern crime novel Michael Connelly And, in a starred review, Publishers Weekly compared King to James Hall, Robert Parker, and James Lee Burke Now, in A Visible Darkness, King delivers another gripping, unforgettable story Max Freeman is seeking refuge from the familiar demons of his former life as a Philadelphia police officer, in his secluded shack deep in the Everglades But his self imposed isolation is inter rupted when he receives a desperate call from his best friend, attorney Billy Manchester There has been a recent string of suspicious deaths all elderly women, all from a poor neighborhood, and all with sizable and recently sold off insurance policies which the police have been unable, or unwilling, to investigate Billy believes something sinister may be at work, and so, to help his friend, Max must reluctantly pry where he s not wanted, and act like the cop he s trying to forget he was To discover an unseen killer, Max will confront not only the dangers of a forgotten Florida cityscape, but the unexpected and dark corners of his own past as well Filled with twists, turns, and a breathtaking evocation of a rarely glimpsed underside of modern America, A Visible Darkness confirms Jonathon King s place at the forefront of a new generation of crime novelists.

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    One thought on “A Visible Darkness”

    1. Following his Edgar winning debut novel, The Blue Edge of Midnight: A Max Freeman Mystery, Johnathon King delivers a deliciously intense and engrossing story inA Visible Darkness . However this intensity differs because the reader knows who the killer is from page 1, but why is Eddie killing the elderly matriarchs of African American families? The second mystery of Manchester and Freeman matriarchs is slowly revealed showing the same symmetry and dichotomy of the main question, why. Marrying his [...]

    2. I'm always a big fan for a P.I. tale. In this one, I like the Max Freeman protagonist as a transplant from Piladeliphia to the Florida Everglades that sets up an intriguing contrast between his former profession as a gritty cop and his current status as an edgy private detective. The prose stays sharp and clean. For some reason, AVD reminds me of Stephen Greenleaf's private detective. Good stuff.

    3. A VISIBLE DARKNESS (Unlicensed Investigator/Ex-Cop-Florida-Cont) – VGKing, Jonathon – 2nd in seriesDutton, 2003- HardcoverMax Freeman is an ex-Philadelphia cop now living in an Everglade swamp shack. He occasionally does investigation for his best friend, attorney Billy Manchester. In this case, Billy suspects someone is killing elderly black women who sold their life insurance policies to investors. Although the police have declared the deaths to be natural causes, Max soon agrees that thin [...]

    4. The books in this series reminds of some really good chicken wings. Very tasty just not much meat on the bone. Kings writing style very closely matches that of Michael Connelly and that is a good thing. The story lines in this series of books has been very solid so far. I would really like to see King attempt to write a novel of perhaps another 100 pages in length. I feel this would add that much more to an already very Goodread. I did skip this book and read the third in the series before readi [...]

    5. Max Freeman is seeking refuge from the familiar demons of his former life as a Philadelpha police officer. But his self imposed isolation is interrupted when his best friend attorney Billy Manchester calls him. There has been some suspicious deaths- all elderly women from a poor neighborhood, and all had sizeable and recently sold off insurance policies. Which the police have been unwilling, or unable to investigate. Billy suspects something sinister maybe at work, so to help his friend, Max mus [...]

    6. Loved the booke main character is pained from his past and tries to live a secluded life in his very sparse cabin in the Florida Everglades. He reluctantly agrees to help a friend solve a local mystery. I enjoyed the storyline and the whole atmospheric setting of the book.

    7. This one ended too quickly for the second novel in the series. I'm anxious to hear what others think about it?

    8. This is the second in the series of a new found character that is growing on me. Will definitely continue with this author and character---Max Freeman.

    9. I really like this mystery series. The first one is entitled The Blue Edge of Midnight. Always happy when I find a new series that I enjoy!

    10. Nice development of the main characters. Another entertaining storyline. I think I'm going to enjoy this series. If you like Michael Donnelly give these a go.

    11. This was a proforma mystery, read many versions before. Big city cop get shot, goes on disability and moved to small town where he gets drawn into a murder investigation. The only saving factor was this book didn't take long to read and I would not have finished it had it not been the choice of my bookclub.

    12. The Max Freeman story continues in book two. Someone is murdering elderly African American women for their insurance, but making it look like they died of natural causes. Along comes Max and his southern Florida friends to investigate. Another very well-written book in this series.

    13. A pretty good mystery novel about black older women who have cashed in their life insurance policies and then suddenly die of "natural causes." The writing was plodding and the action slow, with short bursts. I liked the characters but didn't feel invested in them.

    14. I did not know that this was a series until I looked it up; for those who keep track, this is Max Freeman #2, and it is well enough done that I may look around for some of the others.Reading between the lines, the first book must’ve been about Max Freeman’s life as a Philadelphia police officer, a career which ended when he took in disability release after being shot in the neck by a teenage criminal he was attempting to arrest — or, alternatively, involves an earlier adventure in the Ever [...]

    15. Another series I have read in the past. this is the second of the series, so I will have to find the others. I enjoyed it is a book that results in my wanting to visit the Keys a bit more.o the insects and such are not real thrilling aspects! But, he is descriptive, and I love the character of Billyey are a bit like bookends to one another in their differences, yet the friendship is compelling and a fun to watch unfold. They are clearly are on the others' "side" and hold each other accountable. [...]

    16. This is the first novel I have read by this author and it didn't disappoint.Elderly ladies are getting murdered in Max Freeman's area and his old boss Billy Manchester calls Max in to help with the investigation.At first they think its a run of the mill serial killer with a modus operandi of killing elderly women but what they uncover is more sinister and seedy, all these ladies had life insurance policies so is this motive enough to lead to murder?Cue the entrance of a vagrant "junk man" who is [...]

    17. A few years ago I read this author's first novel and though only mildly impressed felt I might try another some time. This, the second book, is a distinct improvement and demonstrates a much surer hand than the first. The characters of King's `detective', amateur sleuth, Max Freeman and his lawyer buddy, Billy Manchester are firmly established and their relationship plausible whilst the descriptions of the Florida flora and fauna are easy on the ear and reminiscent of James Lee Burke's Louisiana [...]

    18. So far all thats happend is that theres this man that thinks he is invisible and investagator talking about his past. Nothing exciting has happened yet. The part that im reading now is that they are still investagating a crime but its something recent and there trying to find out what happened and who did it. Its starting to get good. What happens is the dectective tries to find this man who has been killing and raping old women. When he finally finds him its the man that they always call invisi [...]

    19. A Visible Darkness by Jonathon King This is the second book in the Adventures of Max Freeman. Max is the typical anti-hero, and both books are fairly quick reads. These are the only two criticisms I have of this series.The books are honest and well written, but not as flashy as other crime novels. Personally, I think this makes the books more satisfying. You feel Max is someone you could possibly know.I’m really enjoying this series and plan to read all the books.

    20. "A Visible Darkness" by Jonathon King - An excellent book. It is the second in the series and every bit as good as the first. A gripping plot and memorable characters make up this awesome suspense filled mystery.

    21. Jonathan King won the Edgar for his first Max Freeman book Blue Edge of Midnight and for once it was deserved. He continues his high standard of writing and story-telling in this the second Max Freeman installment. There are so many "series" out there that it is sometimes hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. This is definitely the former and I will be looking forward to the rest of the series.

    22. Read this a week after the first one in the series. I was disappointed that there was not much time spent in the Everglades with this novel (although I can certainly see how that setting limits plot.) Author has easy, clean writing style that makes for quick reading. I'll look for the others in the series. Max and Billy are good, interesting characters.

    23. I continued to work my way through this series. I liked it a great deal probably because I am a sucker for a series, a mystery and anything set in Florida. Also, I recently went kayaking in the same area this series is set in, so that made it interesting as well.

    24. Old ladies dying wouldn't usually arouse too much suspicion, except in an insurance company. Max Freeman is engaged by an insurance investigator to assist in discovering what happened and just why so many of the insurance company's insured are cashing in their policies.

    25. Didn't like as much as the first one but still good. Parts of Freeman's life is explained. Some rough language and content but this book dealt with drug dealers and was based on reality. I have no doubt it could have been worse.

    26. Wish I were reading these in order because if you don't they are very intertwined and give away the other books. Liked this one a lot even though I know what happens in future stories!! Travis McGee you could read randomly!!

    27. This is one of those stories where the reader knows who the killer is all the way through and is simply reading about the process that the good guys use to catch the bad guys. I'm a bigger fan of thrillers that obscure the antagonist until the end, making one part of solving the mystery.

    28. Very good second entry into this series as Max helps his friend Billy check out suspected murders for insurance. Good characters, well developed story, and good procedurals make this a winner. Recommended.

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