Feudlings in Smoke Watching helplessly while your baby sister saves the world alone It kinda sucks Will Delacour is one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live He s Guard to the Edren Prodigy his sister Ari But he

  • Title: Feudlings in Smoke
  • Author: WendyKnight
  • ISBN: 9781621352419
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook
  • Watching helplessly while your baby sister saves the world alone It kinda sucks.Will Delacour is one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live He s Guard to the Edren Prodigy his sister, Ari But he walked away from the war, refusing to fight in a cause he didn t believe in He was deemed a traitor by the powerful Family, and now there s a price on his head that leavesWatching helplessly while your baby sister saves the world alone It kinda sucks.Will Delacour is one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live He s Guard to the Edren Prodigy his sister, Ari But he walked away from the war, refusing to fight in a cause he didn t believe in He was deemed a traitor by the powerful Family, and now there s a price on his head that leaves him trapped in a prison of his own making And he can t even tell the love of his life what she means to him because of the magical war that still controls their lives.Instead of embracing his destiny, Will is forced to watch as Ari goes into battle over and over again, facing her enemies alone She might be okay with it, but he s not He doesn t believe in the war, but he does believe in her, and he knows his place is fighting by her side Somehow, Will has to find a way to be there when Ari needs him , even if it means he forfeits his own life in the process.

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    One thought on “Feudlings in Smoke”

    1. Wendy Knight draws us back into the world of Edren and Carules sorcerers. This time we get to find out more about Ari's brother Will and the special relationship that they have. While this is a novella Wendy's characters are well developed and thourghly enjoyable. I recommened all of the Feudling books. I enjoy Wendy's style of writing and I believe that you will too.

    2. **I received and ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**Okay okay okay! This series made it onto my top series of 2013 and why wouldn't it? In this novella, told in Will's POV, (who is Ari's brother - Ari being the main character in the other books) gives perspective on parts that happened in the first book and parts that weren't there that you didn't know about, and I absolutely loved it. Parts that were from the first book, Feudlings, included phone calls, visits, battles, [...]

    3. if you've read Wendy Knight's other Feudlings books and loved the brother/sister relationship between Will and Ari, you are going to love this companion novel! If you haven't read them yet, what are you waiting for?? This entire series is phenomenal! It's a great, clean read for young adults. And I loved that this one was short enough that I could pick it up and read it cover to cover in just a few hours. It made me not feel to guilty about all those dishes waiting for me in the sink! You will l [...]

    4. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair review.Let me start off by saying if you haven't read Feudlings first, stop right now and go read that. This isn't a standalone, it's a companion novella. You won't really have a grasp on anything unless you do. That being said I was so happy to find out that Wendy was doing a book about Will, the brother to Arianna, the Edren Prodigy and the protagonist of the Fate on Fire series. Being locked up in a rebel colony for the entire first book, [...]

    5. I was so excited when I heard that Wendy Knight was writing a novella about Will, Ari's Guard and older brother. He was the character that I wanted to know more about after reading Feudlings 1. Thank you Wendy Knight for writing Will's story. Much appreciated!It was fun to read about Will's reactions/thoughts to things that happened in Feudlings. I also enjoyed the romance between Will and Dani. So sweet! My favorite parts were the interactions between Will and Ari. I love their relationship! My [...]

    6. Feudlings in Smoke is great read from Wendy Knight. This starts out when Ari is 10, she comes to kill Will. When he calls her name she recognizes him despite the spell that had been cast on her to try to make her forget him. Fast forward to present day and Ari is starting yet another school, Will is unable to go out in the real world for fear of being killed. He does nothing but worry about how he is going to protect his little sister, it is his destiny to protect her. He is her guard but since [...]

    7. Loved this extra special look into Will and the fact that we get to know him so much deeper in this short story. We his thoughts and feelings on the world around him from his small community that he built. We also get to see more of his side of things about the war and Ari. Will reminds me so much of my own big brother that I could not help adoring him and this story made me like him even more. Awesome short story about the bond between siblings.

    8. I loved every moment of this book!! Every Feudlings fan does!! You won't be disappointed This book was amazing! Especially if you love Will's and Ari's bigbro littlesis relationship youre gonna love it

    9. Another awesome tale from Wendy Knight. I love the Feudlings world! This is a short story from Will's POV. Recommend to read the others first!

    10. This is a fun, short read told in the POV of Ari's brother, Will. I love the relationship that Ari and Will have, they have a wonderful sibling relationship, and I love how protective of Ari Will is. Really enjoyed seeing how much Will does behind the scenes to help out Ari during her battles and after. Great read for any lover of this series! And I definitely love this series! Wonderful characters!

    11. It's very interesting to see the build up of Feudlings from Will's point of view and to see how the events affected him. It also helps show the strong bond between Ari and Will. This was a good novella!

    12. A glimpse in Ari's Brothers worldAnother great read and insight into the world of the fielding. This is written from Will's point of view and takes place mostly in the same time frame as the Feudling book.Will is Ari's brother who has decided he doesn't want to fight any more which has made him an enemy of both sides of the fight. Being in hiding means it's hard for Will to protect his sister as much as he would like but it also means he can't tell the women he's in love with how he feels.I'm lo [...]

    13. I really like these novellas from the perspective of other characters in the series. Since the author can't cover the pov of all her characters in the novels, these add fresh insight. I admit to being curious about what Ari's brother and best friends are thinking and feeling, so this is fulfilling as I learned more about them. One cautionary note, they are not stand alone books. You've definitely got to be familiar with the series to understand what's going on.

    14. Loved getting so much perspective from Will's point of view. It showed how much he truly loved Ari and was committed to protecting her at all costs, even if it got him killed. We also got to see a little bit about what was going on with the war outside of the battles Ari was in. It made the who world the author created much more well rounded.

    15. This book is supposed to be from Will's point of view, unfortunately I didn't really get a sense of character difference. The style of writing was too similar. I felt like I was reading Ari's version/idea of what Will was thinking. I had similar issues with the other books, but since this was a solely Will I couldn't overlook it.

    16. Great companionThis is a sweet companion that fleshes out the sweet and desperate love a brother has for his sister and visa versa. While these two were well fleshed out in the main novels, and no one would have questioned their love and devotion, this just emphasized it. It also gave us a peak into Will and Dani's relationship. Excellent job!

    17. WILL'S POV!!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!I already have a brother but I wished he was more like Will. This was a really good short novella from his POV. The way he was so caring and protective over Ari was just so sweet. Loved him!Love this authors writing throughout the hole series.

    18. AmazingI like this book a lot because it gives light to other characters in the book. It's very well written. And the story is just plain amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who read the books! :)

    19. CuteCute short story based on Will 's experiences. I TOTALLY loved this entire series. Wish this had been longer though. I think Dani and Will 's story should be told completely.

    20. Dahh! This is the first book I have read in the series and I am craving to read more! I really enjoyed it!!!

    21. Feudlings IIAll the Feudlings books are excellent. I would say that my chief complaint is that there are no more. I will definitely read more of this author's books.

    22. I love reading all these little side stories to feudlings. Wendy has a way making her characters feel real and the bonds between them are amazing.

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