Drawing Lessons A sizzling new romance from Julia Gabriel What a sigh worthy tale The relationship between Marie and Luc is a slowly growing burn One that isn t an insta love relationship it builds with each lesson

  • Title: Drawing Lessons
  • Author: Julia Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9780988633889
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • A sizzling new romance from Julia Gabriel What a sigh worthy tale The relationship between Marie and Luc is a slowly growing burn One that isn t an insta love relationship, it builds with each lesson, making it much romantic There are twists and turns in this story that one will not expect, which is a delightful surprise Ms Gabriel does an amazing job of makinA sizzling new romance from Julia Gabriel What a sigh worthy tale The relationship between Marie and Luc is a slowly growing burn One that isn t an insta love relationship, it builds with each lesson, making it much romantic There are twists and turns in this story that one will not expect, which is a delightful surprise Ms Gabriel does an amazing job of making the reader want to turn every page and savor it InD Tale Magazine Gabriel paints white hot sex scenes Kirkus ReviewsWhen you re enrolled in the school of hard knocks Marie Witherspoon can t catch a break She s been dumped by her husband a rising political star in Washington, DC and humiliated by his gossip blogger mistress Just when she s picked herself up and dusted herself off, her ex changes his mind and calls off the divorce.Falling in love with your teacher can t possibly make things any worse.There s just one hitch Marie has rekindled an old hobby and her relationship with her new drawing teacher, French artist Luc Marchand, is way past the point of no return With her heart on the line, she s prepared to do anything to keep from returning to her old life.Or can it It s been twelve long years since Luc Marchand s life was shattered by a former student Forced out of academia, he s walled off his heart and his career Now he has a chance to revive both if his past doesn t destroy everything for Luc and Marie.

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    One thought on “Drawing Lessons”

    1. A well written, bitter-sweet romance, Drawing Lessons starts slowly and keeps escalating, drawing the reader along with Marie as she embarks on an adventure into art. Having lived the life of a pawn, Marie has been used and abused by both her husband and parents, all for the sake of political gain. She is window dressing, posed and displayed so that her husband looks good and can win votes. When Marie receives a gift of drawing lessons from her best friend, she is reticent and upon meeting Luc s [...]

    2. A writer I follow on Twitter once said that two-star reviews are an anathema to authors. The one-star they understand. But two? It's as if the book isn't bad enough to only earn one star but isn't good enough to earn more.Well, sometimes that's just the case.Marie grew up as the daughter of a high-ranking politician-turned lobbyist and philanthropy-running mother, and her marriage to an up-and-coming senator was largely arranged. Marie was okay with that, until her husband came home and announce [...]

    3. I keep saying that romance novels are not at the top of my reading list because I normally find the story lines shallow or strained -sometimes just enough of a skeleton to hold together all the grunting and groaning. That being said, for some reason, I’ve read several of this genre recently. I liked Drawing Lessons by Julia Gabriel. It did have a good story and well-defined characters in the male and female lead, Luc and Marie, Marie’s rat of a husband and her self-centered parents. Gabriel [...]

    4. I received an ARC of this book from eBook Discovery, and here is my independent, voluntary review: Drawing Lessons is the loveliest romance I've read in quite a while. It's tender, steamy, interwoven with angst and anger, and peppered with moments of danger. When dutiful daughter/wife Marie's ambitious politician husband dumps her for his mistress, she recovers quickly and is glad to move on - it was a Washington DC dynastic marriage, love had little to do with it, and her controlling jerk husba [...]

    5. **Received in exchange for an honest review**I've had this book for, forever. I started reading it the other night and I classed it as finished last night.BUT! I've decided to make another collection for such books like this.You see, It's not that the book was badly written or anything but it lacked that something that would normally grab me and suck me in.I got as far as Marie and Luc heading back to the wall where he kissed her and gave in.Marie is a soon to be devorcee of a congress man who's [...]

    6. Drawing lessons is a very captivating and intriguing story. Marie is the wife of a senator who filed for divorce and wants to marry his mistress but revoked it to save his electoral campaign without regard for her feelings. Marie met Luc in the course of the divorce and fell in love with him but they have to fight for their love against her senator husband. "I received this book for free from eBook discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review".

    7. This well written romance moved along at a good pace. The characters were interesting and likable. The story was more romantic because the relationship developed over time . I enjoyed reading this book and recommend. This is my first book by this author and I look forward to reading more of her work.

    8. Drawing Lessons, Julia GabrielReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance. Well, I told myself “ no more books Jeannie, not til that list is down” bute cover on this caught my eye. I’m an artist too as well as a reader, and it just drew me in. I rarely look at covers ( except to avoid any with Barbie pink and swirly gold writing!) but somehow this book wouldn’t leave me, and eventually I gave in and clicked “request”. I am so glad I did!!It’s one of those romances that [...]

    9. Julia Gabriel, Author: Drawing Lessons – Book 1 A love story with Luc Marchand and Marie WitherspoonSummary: A love story about a woman that finds passion and true love for the first time at age 30. The teacher is a sexy as sin artist and Frenchman who will teach her to feel and get out of her head. It is refreshing to see a story unfold with each lesson instead of jumping into bed after their first introduction.Marie Witherspoon is a 30 year old woman that has never felt passion or true love. [...]

    10. Marie is a 30 year old wife of a senator who is going through a divorce. Her soon to be ex-husband has never appreciated her and her parents expect her to be the perfect daughter. She feels trapped in a life she doesn’t want until her best friend buys her drawing lessons for her birthday. Luc Marchand is an artist who is hiding from past hurts painting portraits of the wealth to earn a living. He doesn’t want a relationship until Marie walks through his door for her first lesson. Luc allows [...]

    11. Julia Gabriel - Drawing LessonsMarie Witherspoon. Ex senator wife. 30 y.o.Luc Marchand. French. Artist. 37 y.o.Surprisingly good. Matured storyline, fully-developed character. The chemistry is there. The instant passion in the early story didnt shock me and bother me because of it placed in before we got to know both character. I usually resent an instalust book. But the way Luc seduced Marie, with as a matter of fact reason, left me breathless, no room to argue. Because hey, with that kind of l [...]

    12. I do not like this book for one reason only. It is also the reason why I quit the book after 8-9 chapters. I know it's stupid to totally disregard a whole over one reason but in my defence, this reason tops my "make it or break list" criteria list for books. I dont like this book is because of the whole "lets deflower the reserved chick" theme or as Luc likes to put it "Lure her out" of her "composed exterior" or"to peel back some of that reserve in his paintings, get her to reveal herself". I t [...]

    13. I Um'd & Aah'd for a while putting this on because it's not the type of book I usually read, but then I thought actually bugger that, it's a book and I'm reading again. So here are a few of my thoughts; the plot, while not great was good enough to keep me entertained and swiping to the next page. The characters were interesting enough for me to give a damn and want to find out what happened to them at the end of the story. I will admit to wanting to find out what happened to Richard et al b [...]

    14. I've read this story so many times and yet this wasn't the same story. I loved it from the very first page. It started off simple, then morphed into something complex, which was beautifully done. The thing I liked most about this book was that it actually had a well developed plot, even if it was a tad bit unbelievable at times. It wasn't one of those stories that just focuses in on the sex and on nothing else. But, oh la la, those scenes *fans face* I think the only thing I didn't like was Mari [...]

    15. A thoroughly sexy and entertaining read!I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last. Luc is a totally hot hero, a little damaged but enough to know when he’s found the woman he wants and what to do with her. Of course, he’s wary and knows he’s in danger of losing his heart, but he can’t resist Marie. For her part, Marie has some serious baggage to sort out…a cheating husband, and his vicious mistress, parents that only see Marie as a vehicle to help insure their political agend [...]

    16. I don't usually go for romance novels, but this one is well worth it. Marie and Luc must fight against enormous odds. I loved seeing Marie blossom into an empowered and strong woman. I adored her friend Nishi and her ability to be just what Marie needs when she needs it. Luc is clearly in need of love and he and Marie heal each other. The villain here, Richard, is the perfect husband to hate. I relished his embarrassment. I was drawn to this book by the cover and the author does a phenomenal job [...]

    17. This contemporary love story was very wonderfully put together. Marie is devastated after her husband leaves her and his mistress tells the world about them. Marie is young and depressed as this was not the way she saw her life going. She decides to take up drawing classes to keep her mind off of everything. Her French instructor is very hot! He also helps her to see the world in ways that she never would have before. Her eyes are opening up and it feels as if she is coming into herself and bein [...]

    18. This is not your typical book about love. Marie is married to a cheater who happens to be a senator. He is not redeemable. She has been given a gift by a friend for drawing lessons. There she meets Lux, a French artist. He takes her and shows her what live is all about. His past comes out and it looks like the end. But her husband, can we even say exere hasn't been a divorce yet, steps in and cause of politics wants her back, by any means. This is not a complete story. Just a HFN ending. Another [...]

    19. This book would make a great Lifetime TV movie. There is an unhappy woman that does not how unhappy she is until her best friend (rich, beautiful, exotic) gives Marie drawing lessons as a gift. The art insrtuctor is a sexy French man. I find him to aggressive and Marie very naive. Yet the story has a few unexpected twists. A decent romance book to read on a holiday.

    20. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Throughout the book I wanted to strangle Marie. I mean I just can't stand this type of woman. But as I got to understand the things she went thru I appreciated the way the writer let you know why she was so damaged and how she recovered. I ended up enjoying the writing more than the story line. Complex and filled with a range of emotions.

    21. this was the first book i had read from this author. the plot was well developed and the characters had depth. marie and luc are characters you can definitely fall in love with as you learn of their story! *won this book from librarything*

    22. Sometimes I just need to read a good, steamy romance! Well, this is ita whole new perspective on art! But don't read the teaser for the sequel, Chiaroscuro. It will ruin the perfect ending.

    23. Yawn Sorry but got to 66% and coulee carry on. Just bored me to tears. Started great, had good potential then snooze.ame.

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