Book of the Dead When a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a retired couple from Iowa it seems like a freak occurrence But it s not the only one Similar sinkholes are opening all over the world even on the sea fl

  • Title: Book of the Dead
  • Author: Greig Beck
  • ISBN: 9781760082437
  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook
  • When a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a retired couple from Iowa it seems like a freak occurrence But it s not the only one Similar sinkholes are opening all over the world, even on the sea floor And they re getting bigger.People living near the pits begin reporting strange phenomena vibrations, sulfurous odors, and odd sounds in the stygian depths Then the petWhen a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a retired couple from Iowa it seems like a freak occurrence But it s not the only one Similar sinkholes are opening all over the world, even on the sea floor And they re getting bigger.People living near the pits begin reporting strange phenomena vibrations, sulfurous odors, and odd sounds in the stygian depths Then the pets begin to go missing.When people start disappearing as well, the government is forced to act Professor Matt Kearns and a team of experts are sent in by the military to explore one of the sinkholes, and they discover far than they bargained for.From the war zones of the Syrian Desert to the fabled Library of Alexandria, and then to Hades itself, join Professor Matt Kearns as he attempts to unravel an age old prophecy The answers Matt seeks are hidden in the fabled Al Azif known as the Book of the Dead and he must find it, even if it kills him Because time is running out, not just for Matt Kearns, but for all life on Earth With THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, Greig Beck conjures terror and dark magic in a sprawling, apocalyptic nightmare of a novel Highly recommended Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of V WARS and PREDATOR ONE

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    1. Gates of red granite so huge they could hold back an army. Now swung wide.Past them the Old Ones eternally slumber - dreaming, and still reaching out to us.And the Earth shall fall before they rise.All across the world, strange things are happening. Birds are committing suicide by dive-bombing the earth, moments later sinkholes opening up swallowing enter homes and people. And then people start to disappear, first within the holes, then near them. Professor Matt Kearns has heard this before, in [...]

    2. 5 StarsAll hail Cthulhu!!!““From the darkest core, they will rise. From beneath the rock, below the soft earth and slime, they will come. The Great Old One and its army. It sleeps, powerful, all knowing, and patient beyond time itself. Cthulhu shall rule again.” “Wow, I am an instant Greig Beck Fan. Book of the Dead is the perfect way to write a military science fiction book that has the return of Cthulhu as its main plot line. Beck pays homage to the legendary H.P.Lovecraft with this st [...]

    3. koeur.wordpress/2014/12/23Publisher: MomentumPublishing Date: December 2014ISBN: 9781760082437 Genre: FantasyRating: 2.5/5Publisher Description: When a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a retired couple from Iowa it seems like a freak occurrence. But it’s not the only one. Similar sinkholes are opening all over the world, even on the sea floor. And they’re getting bigger. People living near the pits begin reporting strange phenomena—vibrations, sulfurous odors, and odd sounds in the s [...]

    4. Description - Sinkholes are appearing all over the globe birds are falling from the sky and people are disappearing. When the government starts to investigate these phenomena they discover more than they bargained for Cthulhu is rising and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. "And the Earth shall fall before they rise." Review - I will admit I was excited when I first heard whispers (or should that be guttural squelching from shoggoths?) of this novel. Hardcore military adventure fiction [...]

    5. I hated almost every character. It was an okay read, but considering the topic, I was hoping for a five star experience. This was my least favorite Beck book so far.

    6. (I got a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)Enjoyable as a fast-paced read, with appropriate enough doses of action and gory descriptions—and I would definitely expect such descriptions to make their way into a story inspired from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. It's never easy to picture what's supposed to be "unspeakable horrors", and here I thought the enemies, the creatures, were scary, both because of where they came from and of the way they got rid of humans.Altho [...]

    7. Greig Beck's Book of the Dead is a well written Lovecraftian tale. It's got action, horror, apocalypse, beasties, and characters you might know if you've read his other books, (not the Arcadian but you won't miss him). I was very happy with this book, it's a sweet homage to Lovecraft and a good Greig Beck book as well.

    8. This was a fun read, but not without issues, particularly in the character and proofreading departments. Find my full review here.

    9. Originally published at West Coast Book Reviews.The Book of the Dead is the second adventure in which Professor Matt Kearns finds himself thrust out front and caught in the middle. I read The First Bird: Omnibus Edition, Kearn's first all-by-himself adventure, before starting this one and found I didn't have to. I enjoyed it too. I decided to make a list of the top ten things (in no particular order) I love to see in a book like this. To me, The Book of the Dead fits neatly as a horror, supernat [...]

    10. BOOK OF THE DEAD is OK. Well, it's better than OK, it's good. For me 3 stars means I liked it, but I have to admit that BOOK OF THE DEAD was my least favorite of everything that Beck has written so far. Nothing wrong with our hero, Matt Kearns, who was featured in the first two and the second most recent Alex Hunter novels, and who was the main character in the outstanding 5 star THE FIRST BIRD trilogy. He is likable, fallible and very smart without being a superman like Alex Hunter, "the Arcadi [...]

    11. I first came across this book when it was recommended by Mike Davis via the Lovecraft eZine. I've never been steered wrong before by Mr Davis' recommendations, and this continues the successful streak. He describes it on the eZine as 'Indiana Jones meets Lovecraft', and I could not agree more, athough I would add a dash of Wilbur Smith to that description.Sinkholes are appearing all over the planet, starting in the US and then spreading worldwide. Matt Kearns, language professor, is tasked with [...]

    12. This was the 2nd book featuring Professor Matt Kearns as the central character, and a much better book than the 1st offering. Once again we get reintroduced to a character from the Alex Hunter/Arcadian series. At the end of the book the author states that many of the ideas for this book came from the work of HP Lovecraft, and personally I feel that he has done a good job of things.Once again the characters are well crafted, the plotline draws the reader in without giving too much away, and the p [...]

    13. A thrilling tale of mythology, companionship, the fight to survive and most importantly, CTHULHU!!!! I really quite enjoyed the story and the pace of the book was good too. Lovely characters, some dry humor, overall I recommend!

    14. I discovered this book in the also bought items for No Such Thing As Werewolves. The cover was eye catching and I loved the name, so I clicked the link without any idea what to expect.The Cthulhu Mythos is something I've loved since I was a kid, and action adventure yarns ala Indiana Jones are right up my alley. I decided to do the audio version and i'm glad I did. The narration is great, and the story itself is wonderful.I could give you more details about the plot, but the real question is did [...]

    15. Good storyline but I had a little bit of trouble with the pace. I felt that it was slower than his previous novels. I had some issues with how slow the narrator was, but that went away once it was suggested to me to increase the speed of the book in Audible. I really liked the monsters in this book and it was good seeing Matt Kearns again. I enjoyed hearing about the ancient texts mentioned in the book and it was interesting seeing how they related to ancient prophecies. I think my favorite part [...]

    16. Loved it.Beck takes a man-made mythos, that of Cthulhu and the pantheon of elder gods he leads, and brings it blazing into the Twenty-First Century. Things that have only caused fear in legend and literature are now rising up to destroy the world. The characters are believable, the pacing is frantic, and the plotline is so incredible only a few authors could make it seem so believable. Beck is one of those authors. He has really hit his stride with Book of the Dead, and I cannot wait to see what [...]

    17. A great ride this book. Action, adventure, horrorrt Indiana Jones, part Stephen King, part Clive Cussler. A well- written, fast-paced book that is sure to appeal to many. In fact most of this book reads like an action movie. I'm not normally a fan of horror, but this book added the gross and macabre in with so much action it was pretty easy to read.

    18. When I first started this book I had a feeling of trepidation. The writing was somewhat stilted and characters not very drawn out. However, with a blurb on the front cover from one of my favorite horror authors --- Jonathan Maberry --- and a dedication to the father of horror, H.P. Lovecraft I thought --- how bad could it be?Glad I stuck with it as the last 2/3 of BOOK OF THE DEAD really picked up steam and was quite entertaining. The Book of the Dead has been depicted in much of Lovecraft's wor [...]

    19. This was a good book, for the most part.Some of it dragged but the action parts made up for it.Sink holes start popping up along Lay Lines across the world.Out of these odd 'animals' attack people and absorb them.There is an ancient books Mosul operative and U.S. military that won't listen to reason.e usual.Sean Mangan is a fine narrator.I was provided this book by the author,narrator or publisher.

    20. Rating: ★★★1/2This book varies from okay to good in its telling of the Rising of the Old Ones.The central story was interesting, a hunt to obtain the original Al Azif but along the way the revamping of the Cthulhu Mythos suffered greatly. This is a irony to this because at the end of the book the author, who tells how much HPL influenced him, includes an overview of Lovecraft himself and the Mythos.It seems more that this writer might have been influenced by Derleth in that there is a good [...]

    21. (I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I don't see very much fiction involving the 'Elders', so when I won this book, I was happy to have the opportunity to read this book.Despite having some confusion with some of the more minor characters, I did find this book drew me in. I had the feeling that I was only getting some of the story and that I'd missed the previous books involving Matt but I still liked him as a character and I found [...]

    22. The last book from Greig Beck that I have read, Gorgon, was a bit of a disappointment. I would say that this one is more on track. I definitely enjoyed it more than Gorgon. Alex Hunter is not present in this one though which I guess can be both good and bad given the last book. I would have liked Alex to be in it but, at least, we get the next best thing in the form of a certain female Israeli agent.This is a fairly enjoyable thriller / horror mix. It is definitely fantasy. In general it is well [...]

    23. Birds and insects go crazy, huge sink holes start appearing all over the globe. Then people start disappearing in to the sink holes. No one can explain what's going on until they get a tip off from some one in Siria who has predicted where all these sink holes would appear. They go and meet this bloke and he explains that he has deduced this from a copy of the book of the Dead and that it is a sign of the "Old one" rising from beneath the earth. These old ones also have a following of people who [...]

    24. "Shrug"So, I read Beck's first book in 2011 when I was hungry for good, cheap monster books on my new fangled kindle and whoa! It was good! The vast majority of monster books out there are trashy and ill edited with few exceptions like "Beast" and "Meg" and my childhood favorite "the relic" and what was on the kindle was either the same price for a paperback (for the "name" writers) or barely worth the ¢.99 (for the newbies). Greig Beck was a spark in a bog and I've enjoyed all of his novels. u [...]

    25. Most of the time while I am reading a book I have a little star chart in my head that goes up and down as the story proceeds. Sometimes, the chart changes are indicative of the overall story, and others it is because a single part changed my rating.In this case, I was well on my way to a solid four or possibly five star review. The story has excellent elements for the historical/action genre. Good research, unique plot premise, fast paced, good character development, and linear development. Merg [...]

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