Always Leave em Dying Sheldon Scott LA ex marine PI narrator white haired pounds regains consciousness in an insane asylum On Sunday protective Mrs Gifford hired him to find missing pretty daughter Felicity

  • Title: Always Leave 'em Dying
  • Author: Richard S. Prather
  • ISBN: 9780759205895
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sheldon Scott LA ex marine PI, narrator, white haired 205 pounds 6 2 regains consciousness in an insane asylum On Sunday, protective Mrs Gifford hired him to find missing pretty daughter Felicity 16, choir singer for cult of freakishly thin Arthur Trammel who resurrects himself Curvy auburn Dr Lyn Nichols lends a hand, car, house, and luscious soft body.

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      427 Richard S. Prather
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    One thought on “Always Leave 'em Dying”

    1. This book was silly and very rarely took itself seriously, which was its saving grace. The mystery was pretty weak and the unraveling of the tale was mediocre, at best. The problem-solving was so out-there and would never, on the luckiest of days, ever have the possibility of working. Regardless of these faults, the main character was fun and his P.I talk was bang-on. I could do with a little less talking down to professional women, but I'm almost 99% sure that was done tongue-in-cheek so it's a [...]

    2. I love the Shell Scott books. They're great retro fun. I devoured them in my 20's. Detective books with a wonderful sense of humor.

    3. This is one of the Shell Scott stories, first published in 1954. It's the eight in the series, and it's not as funny as some of the later ones. I hadn't read this one before, although I've read several other Shell Scott mysteries. It is still an interesting read, but not quite as enjoyable for me as the later, slightly more looney ones I've read.In this book, Scott is hired by a woman to find her daughter, Felicity, who has disappeared overnight. The mother doesn't impress Scott, but when checki [...]

    4. Was free on Kobo, more Prather, untested, bookos/Sheldon Scott LA PI, narrator, white-haired 205 pounds 6'2" regains consciousness on a stretcher in an insane asylum. On Sunday protective Mrs Gifford hired him to find her daughter Felicity 16, vanished from her room the night before. She denied 3 months sick "stummick" could be pregnancy, and says two of three words left behind in note are nearby street intersection plus name "Dixon". Felicity sang in a choir for slick joyless "All-High" Arthur [...]

    5. I'm adding this in 2016, 8 years after i read this part in the Shell Scott series. It's the first I'd read of the series and recall i didn't care for the book. The mini-review entry into my book list is "3 Starts well. Then goes awry." After reading 11 more of the series in the past couple months, i wonder if my review would change? However, that thought is unfair due to a new perspective. Since reading this book I've read a lot of contemporary writing, which I had never done before. In comparis [...]

    6. It's the first time I've read a book by Richard S. Prather and I would say it's not really my cup of tea. Shell Scott is an old fashioned hard boiled private detective who loves anyone in a skirt. He spend most of the time running around (literally) chasing bad guys and good looking women. The story is far fetchedople seem to get killed like flies and he walks right up to his target in a crowd, even though the police are supposedly looking for him. It's got a very retro feel but seems out of syn [...]

    7. Searching for a missing girl, Shell Scott does battle with Arthur Trammel, leader of a California cult. Always Leave 'em Dying is what it is: Fast-paced but featherweight, absurd but entertaining. I cannot deny that I enjoyed my first Shell Scott experience, but I cannot say that I crave another.

    8. Got this one for free as part of the kobo book club - not my cup of tea. It's not that I don't like detective novels - I do like Sue Grafton's series, but this one just didn't do it for me. Shell Scott isn't my kind of guy :)

    9. This book was fine BUT I found myself going come on you have to know what was going to happen Now just prove it and move on instead of all the silly running around JUST to realize what was knowen long time ago.

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