Storm from the Shadows Rear Admiral Michelle Henke was commanding one of the ships in a force led by Honor Harrington in an all out space battle The odds were against the Star Kingdom forces and they had to run But Michell

  • Title: Storm from the Shadows
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9781416591474
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rear Admiral Michelle Henke was commanding one of the ships in a force led by Honor Harrington in an all out space battle The odds were against the Star Kingdom forces, and they had to run But Michelle s ship was crippled, and had to be destroyed to prevent superior Manticoran technology from falling into Havenite hands, and she and her surviving crew were taken prisonerRear Admiral Michelle Henke was commanding one of the ships in a force led by Honor Harrington in an all out space battle The odds were against the Star Kingdom forces, and they had to run But Michelle s ship was crippled, and had to be destroyed to prevent superior Manticoran technology from falling into Havenite hands, and she and her surviving crew were taken prisoner Much to her surprise, she was repatriated to Manticore, carrying a request for a summit conference between the leaders of the two sides which might end the war But a condition of her return was that she gave her parole not to fight against the forces of the Republic of Haven until she had been officially exchanged for a Havenite prisoner of war, so she was given a command far away from the war s battle lines What she didn t realize was that she would find herself on a collision course, not with a hostile government, but with the interstellar syndicate of criminals known as Manpower And Manpower had its own plans for eliminating Manticore as a possible threat to its lucrative slave trade, deadly plans which remain hidden in the shadows Praise for the Prequel, The Shadow of Saganami These hugely entertaining and clever adventures are the very epitome of space opera Weber remind s the reader that a hero can be anyone who does his or her job with honor, commitment and skill Publishers Weekly The Shadow of Saganami may be military science fiction great David Weber s best tale in the Honorverse an action packed tale with a fully developed multiple cast The Midwest Book Review

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    • ✓ Storm from the Shadows || è PDF Read by Ð David Weber
      436 David Weber
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Storm from the Shadows || è PDF Read by Ð David Weber
      Posted by:David Weber
      Published :2018-05-15T21:08:42+00:00

    One thought on “Storm from the Shadows”

    1. I own many of Weber's earlier efforts. This one was a library read which pretty much confirms my assessment of what's gone wrong with Weber's writing lately.Big book, interesting developments in the Honor-verse plot-lines, but filled with stylistic and writerly choices that really depress me. Most of the book reads like a series of reports, not characters moving through a story. New characters are name-checked and have one physical attribute and one psychological attribute attached to them immed [...]

    2. This was a terribly repetitive drag. Read as one dimensional characters in far flung areas of the Talbot Cluster are gradually informed of exciting things that happened in other books. Read on as they have meetings to exhaustively discuss those things. Then read on some more as they summarise those meetings to people that couldn't make it. Every time I read "Let me explain" I wanted to cry. The only interesting scenes are battles covered at length elsewhere so you already know the outcome and I [...]

    3. Unfortunately my first review didn't "save" so this one will probably be quicker and less thought outI have really enjoyed all of Weber's Honorverse books as well as some of his other titles, up until now. This book was awful. Unfortunately it would be difficult to give examples of why this book didn't work without giving out spoilers but I will do my best. He stated in the introduction that part of the book would be retelling events in other books from different character's perspectives and it [...]

    4. This book represents, in many ways, Weber's sequel to At All Costs. In that regards, this book has been a long time coming. And, in many ways, it doesn't disappoint. But in some ways it does. The plot concerns the aftermath of the events in Shadow of Saganami and At All Costs and as you read it you can definitely see where the author is completely changing the enemy of the Honorverse from the Havenites to Mesa. This group, with a more sinister objective than the Peeps ever really had, continues [...]

    5. I went back to pick up the two trilogies woven around the main Honor series, so I'm still working my way through these to get to Mission of Honor - mainly because after At All Costs, I really wanted the repercussions of the Battle of Manticore, and when I started Mission of Honor, they were discussing another battle so I had to work backwards.Finally, chronologically at least, this book shows a bit of the post Manticore battle, but from Mike Henke's (and the fleet in the Talbot cluster).This boo [...]

    6. Storm from the Shadows is the sequel to the "Shadow of Saganami" story arc in the Honorverse. Weber has chosen (and explains in the Forward) that he will be telling the same events from different angles through the three story arcs (Honor, Saganami, Crown of Slaves).As such, SftS follows Mike Henke through her capture by Haven, parole and then deployment to the Talbott Cluster. Mike, and the other characters presented are written well, though they tend to self-monologue a bit too much for my tas [...]

    7. Yet another David Weber novel, "Storm from the Shadows". I'm still waiting for the sequel to "A Rising Thunder" (and I'll probably wait for a while since Weber came out with a fantasy novel this year) so I thought I'd check this one out. It's a side story of the Honor Harrington Universe. Honor's friend, the Admiral Lady Michelle Henke has been captured by the enemy and then returned in a prisoner of war exchange. But in the exchange the two sides make an agreement that Henke will not return to [...]

    8. First read November 3, 2010.This was good. Frustrating in that it felt as though it spanned about three of the HH series although it really was concurrent with #11, At All Costs and a bit beyond it. (Weber has the cheek to admit in an Authorial Note that he had planned to kill off Honor in #11! He'd better keep her onif only because she deserves it!). Mike learns something about herself andank godwe finally got to the action the whole story was leading up to. I thought I would expire with impati [...]

    9. It's a betweener book.Al the characters are familiar from previous books and this entire book feels like an effort to get them into the right places for the next story arc with the bad guy's changing to be "the alignment"Almost all of the big events in the book actually happen in other books and it's hard to escape the feeling that the entire cast of this book are sitting in the wings waiting to be cool.Feel free to skip this book until the 3rd book in this arc is available. Reading the follow u [...]

    10. Storm from the Shadows is a heavily flawed continuation of the Saganami Island series and Honorverse. Weber effectively sets up the next big conflict of the Honorverse and sews the seeds for the end of the Manticore/Havenite war. The focus on Michelle Henke was a welcome change from the first Saganami Island book. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the development of Abigail Herns and Helen Zilwiki from the first book of this sub-series, and I liked the new characters that were introduced there (espe [...]

    11. this follow the events in the Talbert quadrant during the climax of the Havenite war and Mesa Trying to start a Solarian-Mantacore war. The book does suffer from retelling a story that has already been told. Though we do get some interesting details from an area of the galaxy that doesn't really get covered as well in the main series, However it just isn't as good as the first series. Still if you read the Previous book this one may be worth your time, though i expect its value will depend more [...]

    12. Lost a star because of the increasing incidence of POOR EDITING. It's not punctuation, but the occurrence of incorrect homonyms, missing and/or extra words. There have always been a few, but in this volume it's become many, enough to be distracting!

    13. I have just finished reviewing another book, and in that review I stipulated once again that I tried to apply the star ratings on a bell-shaped curve, which means that most books fall within the 3-star category. I have to go a little higher on this one, even though it is a science fiction space opera novel, because it is just too good to be lumped with most books. It turns out that this is the 14th in a series; I have read a couple of the earlier books in the past, even though I very much dislik [...]

    14. Another in the long series of Honorverse books. This one is a sideline story, that is meant to fill in gaps in the main storyline. As such it has the downside of not always having a plot that is the easiest to follow breaking off from time to time to bring in things that are more in lines with the main story, then with what it taking place in this format. While it still works on the basic premise of deep character development, it also includes far to much math for a light reading. The battle seq [...]

    15. From Booklist This splendid continuation of the Honor Harrington saga takes its departure from both The Shadow of Saganami (2004) and At All Costs (2005). The Mantie commander on the spot (very much so, since she begins the novel as a Havenite POW) is Honor’s old subordinate, now an admiral, Michelle Henke. She is paroled to take home a proposal for peace talks between Manticore and Haven. In rapid succession, a Mantie officer attacks a planet protected by the Solarian League that is actually [...]

    16. Thank goodness for not having an income and not paying for this book at list price. How do you turn a 200 page story into 730 pages of Blather? Ask David Weber. He is becoming the master of Blather.So we know governments have meetings to discuss things. And that they engage in small talk. I hope you like that, since every bit of a meeting is discussed. Who attends, what they do, how they got the job, what their secret thoughts of, what their middle name is, when they pick their nose That is the [...]

    17. I'm a longtime Honor Harrington fan and even a fan of her sub-series', so it pains me to give one of her books a rating that is below a four. Normally I give Honor books five stars. But the reviewers are right about this book. Weber ruined it with talking, talking, talking. Holy crap, I know he's wordy and I actually normally don't mind, unlike many people. I know that politics play a big role in this series and it's important to lay the groundwork and see how things transpire. I actually like i [...]

    18. Update to initial review after finishing - I have really enjoyed the series and on advice to stay the course, I kept going. I will say that the book did pick up and move forward in the later portions, which definitely improved my overall appreciation of the book. I still stand by my initial review and say that the early portions are over burdened with discussion. Unfortunately he (Weber) continues this trend in later books, although not as heavily.With that I will up my rating too, based on rat [...]

    19. Having the opportunity to read what seems to be the final draft of this one, the 14th novel in the Honor Harrington saga which is the series in which I expect the most eagerly the next book - having it followed since its first installments 14 years or so ago - I have to say that for once Mr. Weber - true to his word and warning since this latest installment will consist of 3 novels that run in parallel with the last one presumably solving the situation - ends with a huge cliffhanger that almost [...]

    20. Too verbose and barely one battle. I don't read these just for military engagements but that is my favorite part. When the politics and different points of view add to conflicts they are enjoyable. When those same things only serve to bridge gaps in the plot and attempt to expand the scope they become overwhelming. Every discussion is so drawn out and beat too death. Every chapter is layered with inconsequential detail. That level of detail is welcome when it's balanced with some periods of inte [...]

    21. Re-read again in March 2016. The review below is from 2013. I liked it better this time around.Re-read this as background for some of the later Honorverse novels, since I didn't remember who had done what when. (view spoiler)[ For reference, this book covers the confrontations with Joseph Byng and the initial diplomatic response to the Solarians but ends before the confrontation with Sandra Crandall. It ends with the Mesan ships launching toward Manticore, which is a cliff-hanger. (hide spoiler) [...]

    22. I think this is, by far, the least effective of Weber's novels (and I will say that I am a HUGE David Weber fan). Very little action, a great deal of political machination, and thousands of words about how hypothetical warheads work. I kept waiting for the book to get exciting and for the 'payoff' scenes because, in every other Weber novel I've read, even if there's been a slow start, there's a point at which I get into the book and just HAVE to finish it.That never happened with this book. I ha [...]

    23. I've read all the preceding books in the Honorverse series before this one, so it is fair to say I am very familiar with Weber's works and writing and that I enjoy it. I really liked the first in the Saganami series. I thought it was a much-needed breath of fresh air into a very long series. I have seen a great deal of complaining in reviews that this book backtracks and covers ground covered in previous books. I do not mind this nearly as much. Weber uses this book to put us in the shoes of Mik [...]

    24. Chronology: SPOILS: Honor 11 (At All Costs). CONTINUED IN: Honor 12 (Storm ends on a cliffhanger resolved in Honor 12). See further notes below, as the time frame is broad.The story here largely follows Mike Henke, who hasn't really gotten much attention as a character except for some passing mentions in mainline Honor. She's a very capable character, and the supporting cast around her are interesting as well. Henke is quite aware that she's not Honor, but she finds herself in quite difficult si [...]

    25. This is one of those books that took me a while to get caught up in. But once I did, I was hooked. I read several reviews that pointed out how this book was basically a fluff book with a cliffhanger ending. *** Qualifier - I listened to the audio version which may have tainted me *** In some ways this is true. If you only read books to get the "exciting" parts but hate getting there, you might not like this book at all. But, on the other hand, if you love the world building plus fleshing out par [...]

    26. The story itself was fine and very typical of the series. However, a different narrator was used for this book than was used in previous books. I didn't mind the switch from a female voice to a male voice, since this isn't really an Honor book; it's just set in the Honorverse. I have listened to all of the books in sequence, starting with Basilisk Station and have to say that I enjoyed the performance of this one the least.The thing that bugged me most about this particular performance is the dr [...]

    27. Very sad to admit that one of my favorite authors has crossed over into the "I'll just skim this one, maybe" territory. But this book falls into that category. It covers the same ground (from a different view point) as At All Costs (another one I just skimmed). I'm sorry Mr. Weber, but, IMHO, you have dragged the Honor Harrington series on just a little too long. I no longer really care.That was my 1 star review from April 2009.What a difference a year makes:I gave this book another go after I f [...]

    28. Storm From the Shadows by David WeberI just read my review of Rising Thunder and sadly I am going to cut and paste and use some of the same words here. I loved the initial Honor Harrington books. She plays a bit part in this chapter of the continuing saga of Manticore. Haven and Manticore, Mesa and the Solarian League are all back. Rear Admiral Michele Henke is the main character in this book. It provides a different, not much different, perspective on the Mesa Manticore conflict.This book repea [...]

    29. Set in Weber's Honorverse, this book follows Read Admiral Michelle "Mike" Henke as she is captured by Haven, paroled to take a peace message to the Queen and promoted before moving to protect new members of the Kingdom from the Sollies.Weber's Honor Harrington series keeps expanding, introducing new characters and bringing back others, allowing readers a glimpse into all their lives. I don't know how he manages it, but Weber has kept me hooked and eager for more, despite being 16 books into the [...]

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